Savvy Series Level 2 FreeStyle

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In the saddle, relaxation, and control with loose reins, and bridleless.


  • Saddling with Savvy
  • Introducing the Saddle
  • Saddle Like a Horseman
  • Cinching & Girthing
  • Pre-flight Checks with a Saddled Horse (from the ground)
  • Bridling
  • The Hackamore
  • Lateral Flexion: A Brake Check for Your Horse
  • Adding New Habits & Breaking Old Ones
  • Mounting & Dismounting with Savvy
  • Mounting as a Friendly Game
  • Dismounting
  • Active Reins Direct Rein: Moves the Forequarters
  • Indirect Rein: Moves the Hindquarters
  • Guiding Your Horse: Direct & Indirect Rein in Action Inactive Reins
  • One Rein Stop
  • Controlled Catastrophes
  • Preparation
  • Impulsion
  • Go & Whoa
  • Impulsion & Phases While Riding
  • Phases While Riding
  • Passenger Lessons
  • Follow the Rail
  • Riding as the Leader
  • The 9-Step Back-Up
  • Focus & Point-to-Point
  • Casual to Concentrated Reins
  • Bullseye Game
  • Sideways Game
  • Patterns
  • Follow the Rail
  • Figure 8
  • Weave

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Perfectly clear instruction!!

    I'm so impressed at Pat's clarity of thought and ability to communicate that thought and process to me. I'll have a question in my head and immediately he answers it. This is wonderful and I'm so glad to have finally bought this!! Thank you Pat from me and my mares!


    I just received my cd's today in the mail, I am so Excited to be able to watch them on the week end, Thank You.

    Kind Regards
    Kath Royal (Australia)

    All went well.

    Thanks for the DVD's, they are great to learn from!! All arrived safe and sound two days ago.

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