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Forever Homes

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In the Parelli Dream Horse Program, all the horses start with a great pedigree and then progress from foals to first rides to the fourth level in the Parelli Program.

The Parelli Dream Horse Program has been in place for over a decade now and works in conjunction with our resident student school, the Parelli Mastery Program. Pat’s Dream Horses provide the Mastery students with the opportunity to hone their horse development skills under Pat’s direction while also giving Pat the chance to select his next super horse – i.e. Casper and Magic.

In order to circulate new horses into our Dream Horse Program, we have a forever homes concept that is more like an adoption process than a supermarket where you buy and sell horses. Our Dream Horses are available for sale to forever homes only and are here to help you have a better horse life!

Each dream horse sale includes a customized education plan at the Parelli Horse Psychology Center to get the partnership off to the very best start possible and to set both horses and humans up for success.

Education Packages

Education Agreement for Parelli Dream Horse Purchases

All of our Dream Horses are Parelli trained—Having been developed using the Parelli Program. We believe in developing horses with a great foundation, but also, empowering their new owners with education to continue their development. Therefore, we offer the following Education Packages with every Dream Horse sale.

Purchases in the amount of $25,000.00 & below:

  • No In-Person Education Package, but purchasers do get access to the Parelli Network and Levels Program (Levels 1-3).

Purchases between $25,001.00 — $74,999.00:

  • Up to 10 Days with Pat Parelli, and
  • Tuition fees for (1) PNH Course on the Parelli Campus.
  • Purchaser must coordinate with Pat’s Barn Management for scheduling of both the course and time(s) with Pat Parelli.
  • All offers expire within 1 calendar year from the date of purchase (i.e. the purchase date noted on Bill of Sale). Horse Board not included.

Purchases in the amount of $75,000.00 & more:

  • Education packages determined at the time of sale.


“I could not be happier to have Arrow is my life. The training and foundation she came with have saved me so much time progressing to higher performance, and she is the reason my horsemanship has advanced to level four. I have been able to play with cows, explore advanced maneuvers such as spins and rollbacks. She is very willing to try and give me her best.

Horses teach humans is exactly right. Arrow has taught me to not only be a better horseman but a better human. I love getting off of her on the fence, sitting there as she puts her head in my lap and wants scratches. She is awesome.

-Geri C

Sunday, my dream horse, is one of my biggest blessings in life. She has inspired me to become a stronger leader and a better partner for her. My horses live at my home, so I spend many hours daily around them.

Sunday’s ground manners are impeccable, from grooming, playing with her, riding, or just hanging out she is always a pleasure to be around. Pat says, “Horses teach humans, humans teach horses”. Sunday has definitely taught me more in a couple of years than I’ve learned during my entire horse life of 52 years!

- Penny H

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