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A few years after meeting Pat Parelli, Linda cautioned him about burning out. With our mission being to change the world, there is no way we could do that single-handedly. Having trained teachers before, Linda proposed an instructor program and together they began training specialized Parelli Professionals in 1993. Today there are over 200 worldwide.


Parelli students look for Parelli Instructors they can trust, who they know are close to Pat and Linda, and are passing on the purest information from the Parelli Program.

Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is really important to inspire confidence in the student. When you feel supported and encouraged, you learn more easily and stay motivated.


Most students take lessons, workshops, and clinics to support and accelerate what they learn in the Parelli Levels Program curriculum as a member of the Savvy Club.

There are two ratings for Parelli Professionals, Instructors, and Horse Development Specialists, that you can select according to your needs.


All Parelli Professionals meet professional requirements set by Pat Parelli and his team, attend professional conferences, and are required to take Continued Education (CE). Above all, they maintain the spirit of Parelli and are committed, as a team, to help us on our mission to make the world a better place for horses and the people who love them.




Neil Pye

Neil Pye has been an integral member of the Parelli community for 28 years. Before accepting his current position as Instructor Emeritus and Global Ambassador, Neil taught as the highest-ranking instructor in the field, emceed and rode & presented in over 100 Parelli events, produced and directed many cutting-edge Intellectual Property products, and served as Dean of the Parelli Professionals Program. Neil, alongside Pat, lead the presentation for her Majesty the Queens birthday at Buckingham Palace in 2003.

When he first met Pat Parelli in 1991, Neil was a successful business owner whose natural leadership and communication skills caught Pat’s eye. In 1993, Neil and four other applicants were accepted in Parelli’s inaugural Course Instructors. From that point on, Neil’s influence and business savvy within the Parelli program became immeasurable. He was awarded his 5-Star instructor rating in 2002, reopened the Parelli Australia Campus in 2006, lead our expansion in Europe, and opened our office in the UK in 2006. He directed and led the filming and production of some of Parelli’s most popular and expansive educational products, including Colt Starting, The Game of Contact, and The Scale of Training. While on the TV front he produced our award-winning series Parelli Masterclass ‘Way More Than Riding’, The Horseman’s Apprentice Series just to mention a few.

In his current role as Instructor Emeritus and Global Ambassador, he continues to contribute to the growth of the Parelli Program and community worldwide. Neil Pye stands alongside Pat & Linda Parelli and remains at the heart of the Parelli program, you will continue to see him, presenting, teaching, emceeing and producing further products at an even higher level, his dedication to the continued progress of the Parelli Program, horses and the people who love them is inspiring.

Neil currently resides in Sydney, and is the Head Instructor at the Parelli Horsemanship Centre Australia, he and his wife Sue who is also a long term student, advocate, and supporter of the Parelli Program continue to support and contribute to the growth and development of students through events at their Centre.

Carol Coppinger

Carol entered into Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship from a position as a full- time Computer Systems Analyst with 20 years experience prior to her current status as a 6 Star Master Instructor, licensed to instruct since 1997.

As an adjunct to her then full – time career, she competed in both English and Western disciplines, including saddle seat, barrels and poles, jumping, trail obstacle, and obstacle driving. She garnered several World Championships to satisfy her goals, primarily in gaited horses, extending her training abilities to trotting horses. She excelled in young “show prospect rejects” producing world-class competitors and well-schooled trail/pleasure horses. Training to high levels, yet finding owners unwilling to make the same commitment to excellence, proved frustrating. She mounted an extensive search for a system that approached both the horse and the human. In late 1994,

Carol discovered Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship; a system allowing all owners to develop meaningful relationships with horses, achieving any level of horsemanship they could imagine. Throughout that time, Carol studied with Pat & Linda at the ISC, attending all instructor courses/ conferences and numerous colt starting/ difficult horse and Levels courses offered. She participated as part of the Savvy Team for the Eastern, Southern, and Midwestern Success With Horses Tour and has demonstrated with Pat and Linda at Equine Affaires, Equitanas, and Savvy Conferences. Currently, she teaches Levels 1, 2,3 & 4 clinics, camps, and workshops throughout the US from Florida to Maine and West to Alaska, as well as instructing at both the Colorado and Ocala International Study Centers.

Carol returns multiple times during the year to spend time with Linda and Pat and can be found at the Florida Center in the early months each year. It is the desire of Pat & Linda to “Raise the level of Horse-man-ship worldwide” and without question, Parelli is the Ultimate way to learn to Train your Horse!.

USA Instructors



Dave Ellis

FACEBOOK: Dave’s FB Page
PHONE: (661) 548-6611

L S Ranch
31315 Hot Springs Rd
Porterville, Ca 93257

Dave likes to Travel so “Have Parelli, will Travel” anywhere. He’s been doing it for over 30 years and still likes it. Just give him a call and he’ll work out the details for you.

Dave has been with Pat since 1985, pretty much the beginning. He’s heavily steeped in Parelli having been there when it was being developed. Dave is continuing to advance his Parelli skills by going out into the equine world and competing in various specialties.

He has won in Cowboy Dressage, Ranch Versatility, and has competed in Working Cow Horse. He has a small ranch in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California with his wife Jody Grimm, herself a Parelli Finesse Specialists, where they ply their trade whenever they are home with young horses, difficult horses, cattle and Parelli students that come by to ride with them.

If you like a Western flavor to Parelli, Dave’s your man.

See you down the trail






Kathy Baar

SUBSCRIBE: Raising the Baar Newsletter

PHONE: (303) 775-6201

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

Kathy Baar is a 5 Star Master Parelli Instructor, Horse Development Specialist, USDF Gold Medalist, author and Eventing competitor.

She has been involved in horsemanship, competition and instructing her entire life. She is currently based just south of Lexington, KY where she co-manages and operates Raising The Baar Farm. Offering Horse Development and educational clinics, camps and lessons.

Kathy is also available to teach in your local area and offers camps across North America.

John Baar

SUBSCRIBE: Raising the Baar Newsletter

PHONE: (303) 775-6201
ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

John Baar is a 5 Star Master Parelli Instructor and Horse Development Specialist.

He is currently based just south of Lexington, KY where he co-manages and operates Raising The Baar Farm. Offering Horse Development and educational clinics, camps and lessons.

John is also available to teach in your local area and offers camps across North America.

Tina Giordano



As one of the founding members of the Parelli Faculty, Tina was privileged to be chosen to live and teach at the Parelli Centers in Florida and Colorado under the tutelage of Linda and Pat Parelli. From there she transitioned into Tina’s goal as a Parelli Instructor is to help horses and humans develop a harmonious relationship in whatever discipline they are involved.

She brings her passion for teaching as well as the experiences and insights she gained as a Faculty member to all of her clinics.
For more information on Tina’s schedule, visit her website at
For more information on hosting a clinic in your area, e-mail:
Click the subscribe link above to join Tina’s e-mail list and be kept updated on clinics near you! Make sure you choose all the states you can travel to!

David Lichman

PHONE: (916) 648-1092


I travel all over the world helping people to get extraordinary results with horses. Teaching Pat’s system has taken me from Vancouver to Virginia and from Hawaii to Heidelberg. I have handled thousands of horses at hundreds of clinics, from every breed and discipline.

I have a special personal interest in the Gaited and Iberian breeds, in particular Tennessee Walkers and Lipizzans. See my links page for more information on these unique breeds. In 1991 I won a World Grand Championship on a Lite-Shod Tennessee Walker Pleasure Horse, The Artful Dodger.
Educational Material here:

In order to earn Premier Rated Instructor status, I studied for months at a time directly with Pat. Prior to the establishment of the International Study Center in Colorado, this meant traveling thousands of miles on the road. Since 1996 I have spent from one to four months each Summer at his ranch.

I’ve been teaching all over the world, helping students to find a better relationship with their horses, to have success at liberty outside the round pen and with multiple horses, and to find relaxation and posture that are fundamental to finesse. Join me at one of my events, or contact Cheryl at to organize your own day of lessons, workshops, or course. — DML

Jesse Peters








Kerri-Ann April

FACEBOOK: Like us on Facebook!

It was love at first sight when I got my first pony, (Shawnee) for my 11th birthday. My second pony came when my neighbors got tired of having their grandchildren bucked off and run away with. They begged me to take Cindy a wild Chincoteague pony. I played with her every day for a year before ever asking her for a ride. When I did get on her, we merged and were one and the same.

My first foal, Bombadil came as a result of breeding Cindy to a very nice Arabian stallion. Again I played with him daily. When the big day came for my first ride my family and friends gathered for the much-awaited event. We walked, trotted, cantered, changed leads, jumped, stopped, and backed. Anything I could think of we did that first ride. With Cindy’s second foal, Geminie, I repeated the same training lots of love: lots of play: lots of trust.

It wasn’t until I started looking into the competitive world that I realized that the experience of others was not the same as mine. I found no trainer or instructor that I was willing to submit myself or my horses to.

Then, in May 2000, in Louisville, Kentucky at Equitana, I saw an amazing horseman, who had an incredible relationship with his horses: Pat Parelli. He and his wife Linda with a dozen or so students were doing amazing things with their horses. I knew, on a deep intuitive level, that after 30 years of constant involvement with horses I had found an instructor whose skill with, and understanding of horses was extraordinary. And so I started my formal Parelli Natural Horsemanship Journey.

I have never looked back.

Let’s Journey Together!

Kerri April

Lauren Barwick

FACEBOOK: Lauren Barwick
PHONE: (352) 895-4048

3998-3000 NW 137th Pl
Reddick, FL 32686

Lauren Barwick 4-Star Senior Instructor, as well as Gold and Silver Medalist in Dressage at the Paralympics, understands the importance of building a foundation. And the best part of teaching for her is helping people with the fundamental levels. There are a lot of professionals who will tell you to Get your horse rounder, But how do you get your horse rounder?

Helping you to have a great foundation in Refinement, Finesse, and Dressage (Western or English), is what Lauren really excels in. It is very important to her as a teacher to help you establish this foundation. If you can ride perfect circles, collect your horse, and have good impulsion everything else comes easily.

Lauren decided to call what she does Bridging the GapTM Horsemanship because she lives in many worlds. She lives in the Horsemanship program; she is competing in Reining; she is preparing to compete in her 5th Paralympics in Dressage. Lauren is learning there is a huge difference between Western and English and yet they use similar principles.

What she wants you to know right here is that with Western, English, Dressage, Horsemanship there is no right or wrong. It just depends on what you want to do with your horse— what your individual goals are.

By her early 20s Lauren was working full time at a Movie Studio Ranch specializing in horses and learning about stunt performing. It was there that she broke her back. While feeding the horses a 100-pound bale of hay fell 10 feet and hit her on the back. From that moment on she was, as she says vertically challenged.

Lauren thought she would never ride again. However, with the help of many, she started pursuing what she was passionate about Equestrian-ism. Meeting Linda and Pat Parelli and following their Parelli Natural Horsemanship program gave Lauren a solid foundation and the competitive edge with which to compete and succeed.

Twenty + years later Lauren Barwick has attended four Paralympics, and four World Games in Para-Equestrian Dressage. Bringing home Gold, Silver, and Bronze Olympic Medals.

Lauren has been fortunate enough to be able to take her passion to the next level and teach both Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Dressage. This has allowed her the opportunity to share with many the incredible feeling that horses have to offer on an emotional, mental, and physical level.

Lauren invites you, Come ride with me

Amy Bowers


I grew up in Durham CA, on a family farm. I loved horses from day one. When I was six, I got my first pony. She was meant to be for all the kids on the farm, but after most of them fell off or got run away with, she was clearly mine. I didn’t care where she went as long as I was with her! She was my first instructor on the importance of an independent seat. My family also raised Belgian Draft horses so I have been involved in Driving horses before I could ride. When I was nine years old I started going to visit my uncle, Pat Parelli. I graduated from level one and started visiting him every summer.

On my 12th birthday, my grandmother gave me a horse named Prince. With Prince, I was able to bring my own horse when I went to study with my uncle. It was awesome getting to graduate from a pony to a real horse! When I was 14 I got my level 3, the youngest level 3 in the world. I started studying with Pat, even more, spending several months in the summer and a month in the winter. I also began teaching around my hometown in California.

When I was 17, I moved to work for Pat and Linda full time. I worked in Pat’s barn as a protege, went on tour, had lessons with Pat and Linda, played with their top horses, and had wonderful experiences with some amazing people and horses. While I was working for Pat, I met my husband Nate Bowers while he and his Dad were teaching driving to some of Pat’s top students. During that same time, I graduated my level 4 at the age of 20. Soon after, Nate and I were engaged and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to work on his family farm. On August 15, we were married in Pagosa Springs. Since then we have been helping students reach there Horse-Man-Ship goals, whether in driving or riding.

I have been very blessed to be able to travel all over the United States doing demos and sharing Parelli, I have studied with Walter Zettl, Craig Johnson, David and Karen O’Conner, Pat and Linda Parelli, Luis Lucio, Steve Bowers, and many others. I am now a 4 Star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist.

I am currently traveling across the US teaching Linda’s new revolutionary Game of Contact courses. I am one of a few certified instructors in the world. I also teach clinics and lessons to students of all levels at my home in Fort Collins, Colorado. My personal horsemanship goals are taking me and my phenomenal partner, Saphire, to eventing competitions in my area. I’m dedicated to getting our good better and our better best in this challenging field.

I am excited to share my journey with you and help you with yours.

Cezanne Decristoforo

Since 2001, Cezanne has had her own business starting, restarting, working with challenging horses, and giving lessons. Cezanne started riding 38 years ago. Her early interest in horses led to Pony Club participation and later eventing competition. Early on in her career, she worked under numerous professionals starting colts and was introduced to Parelli Natural Horsemanship in 1993. She participated in her first clinic with Pat Parelli, in Santa Barbara, CA in 1996. Then in 1998, she spent the summer at the Pagosa Spring Ranch as a working student and rode in Pat’s first level 3 course with many of Parelli’s Top Instructors today.

She achieved her Licensed status in 2000 and through her association with Linda and Pat Parelli have had the opportunity to study under many masters. She spent most of 2002 and 2003 at La Cense Montana studying with Ronnie Willis, and the same year learns some of the art of cutting with Leon Harrel. Then in 2005, Cezanne was involved in a charter program starting racehorses for Winstar Farms in Kentucky, where she also had the opportunity to ride with Ray Hunt. Cezanne has been actively involved with the Parelli program for 27 years.

From 2006 through 2008 Cezanne was privileged to be a protégé in Pat Parelli’s barn, where she furthered her colt starting interests, traveled with the tour team, and was able to study with classical dressage master, Walter Zettl. Cezanne worked directly with Pat and Linda at the ISC in Florida and Colorado. She was entrusted with the care and transport of Parelli’s horses while on tour throughout the US and international events. Then in 2011, Cezanne had the opportunity to study with Linda Parelli during the time when Game of Contact was being developed. The summer of 2012 was full of teaching at the ranch in Colorado, Fast Tracks, and Instructor training.

All this has led up to a career highlight, the achievement of her 4-star senior instructor rating.

Margit Deerman


Since I was a young girl, I have always been around animals, dogs, cats, birds, you name it. I took English riding lessons at age 13, and at age 15, I got my first horse. I was a member of Pony Club and competed in local Hunter Jumper shows. I received my bachelor’s degree in animal physiology and neuroscience at the University of California, San Diego in 1992, and started working at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park. I went on to become a Senior Keeper. In my 15 year career at the zoo, I had the opportunity to care for some amazing animals. The horse was always a big part of my life too.

The first time I saw Pat and Linda was 1998 at a tour stop at the City of Industry in Los Angeles. That day changed my life! I thought I knew a thing or two about communicating with animals. Watching Pat and Linda that day, I realized how much I did not know. Instead of making the horse do something, I saw how love, language, and leadership created a willing partner who wanted to do it for you. I bought Pat’s book and started my journey through the levels. I attended courses at the Parelli Center for the first time in the summer of 2001 for a three week level-3 course with Pat. Since then, I have spent part of every summer at the Parelli Center advancing my horsemanship. I also had the opportunity to spend time with one of Pats mentors, Ronnie Willis, learning about colt starting in Montana.

I finished my Level 3 in 2003 and decided to change careers and become a Parelli Professional. In 2004, I started teaching Parelli Natural Horsemanship. I am licensed to teach Levels 1,2 3 and 4. I had the opportunity to teach at the Parelli campus for 5 years in a row as a Course instructor. I am a student of not only the horse but also dressage and competing on the San Diego Open Circuit in Fourth Level. Recently I have been competing and learning about Working Equitation and Cowboy Dressage. My Horse Panadero and I won San Diego Grand Circuit Champion in Open Division Dressage in 2013-2015. In 2016, I received my 4th Star as a Senior Parelli Professional.

I am so proud to be a part of teaching this program. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job as a teacher of this program is the changes I see not only in myself but my students. When they get it when they start to think like a horse! Seeing them succeed is so important to me. My husband Mike and I have a small ranch in the Valley Center, the N.E. part of San Diego, Ca. When I am not teaching clinics, you can find me here, advancing my horsemanship.






Elli Pospischil


In 1982, my mom went to Pat Parelli’s first seminar that he taught in Sunland, CA. I was only 3 years old at the time but as time would tell Parelli Natural Horsemanship was destined to become part of my life.

Before my Parelli journey, I have 12 years of traditional training behind me in many various disciplines, and with a large variety of breeds. I have competed in everything including dressage, hunter equitation and pleasure, western equitation and pleasure, trail, driving, and some gymkhana. I have competed on Quarter horses, Morgans, Mules, and Warmbloods (Hanoverians, Oldenburgs and Selle Francais to be exact!) A few of my accomplishments during that 12 year period are the 1997 Equestrian Trails, Inc. National Queen title, 1997 Morgan Regional Medals in Dressage and Hunter over Fences, and ’95, ’96 and ’97 World Champion Overall Youth Rider 14-17 at Bishop Mule Days.

In ’95, my morgan gelding Dusty had an 8-month lay-up due to an injury to his leg. At that time, I decided to go and watch a Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 1 Clinic. This changed my life forever, as it was this clinic that launched my interest and curiosity into other ways of training and being with horses.

I jumped into studying PNH with utter abandon. I absolutely felt this was the way that I wanted to be with my horses; equal doses of love, language, and leadership! The idea that it is about a relationship with your horse and to have four different disciplines (savvys) and working towards your horse being as happy with the work as you are is just amazing. The Parelli program has really taught me how to accept each horse for their specific horsenalities and to work with their specific training needs.

In 2012, I bought a young Hanoverian, Royal Fashion. I have started him with a Parelli Foundation and have specialized in Dressage. Fashion is currently excelling in USDF recognized competitions in California, scoring in the ’70s on a regular basis. We are currently competing at 3rd level.

Marion Oesch




No description

Ryan Pfouts




No description

Elli Pospischil

PHONE: (916) 806-0595

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

LANGUAGES OF INSTRUCTION: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish
ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

Elli Pospischil is a Licensed Parelli Professional, 4-Star Senior Instructor, Horse Development Specialist, and Pat Parelli’s Protegée. She speaks Swiss-German, German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and a little Portuguese and is looking forward to advancing you on your journey, no matter in what language! She is based out of Colorado and more than happy to travel all over the world to support you on your horsemanship journey. She can’t wait to share with you the depth of knowledge that Pat Parelli has shared with her over the past 7 years to help you take your horsemanship to the next level!

Teaching is Elli’s absolute passion, whether it’s horsemanship, skiing or snowboarding, she loves seeing her student’s progress by leaps and bounds everywhere in the world!

Are you looking to become a Parelli Professional?
Elli will gladly mentor you on your path towards that goal!

With Elli’s background in English Riding and Show Jumping, combined with the purpose-driven horsemanship that Pat Parelli stands for, as well as her experience in Western Performance, she can bridge the gap between disciplines and help you become the horseman your horse needs you to be – no matter your discipline! Even before Elli came to the U.S. to study Parelli, her nickname was Elli Parelli. And today even Pat Parelli himself calls her that!

As a Licensed Parelli Professional, Elli taught in Europe before committing to a long-term study program with Pat in 2009. Since 2010 Elli has been studying with Pat & Linda Parelli, and as a Protegée in Pat Parelli’s Mastery Program at the Parelli University in Colorado and Florida.

Pat turned this Swiss Miss into a cowgirl and her latest passion is Cutting, Cow Working, and showcasing what the Parelli Program can do for you in Parelli Spotlights. In 2014, Elli qualified for the World Championships in Cutting and finished 6th in the World in her division. Coming from an English riding background, and now competing in Western disciplines makes Elli the well-rounded horsewoman she is today.

Elli loves nothing more than sharing her wealth of knowledge with students at the Parelli Centers. She has been an instrumental part of the Faculty at the Parelli Campus in Colorado and Florida. In addition to that, Elli has been mentoring students in the Mastery Program, setting them up for success before, during, and after their study time with the Master Pat Parelli himself.

After having assessed many Level Auditions and applications for the Mastery Program, Elli is now also offering for you to able to take advantage of her experience by signing up for her long-distance Coaching Program!

Contact Elli using her contact info above, and also her Instagram.

A Bit of Chronology:

Elli’s fascination with horses started at a very young age. After asking and asking, finally at the age of 9 her mom agreed for her to take riding lessons. This is how her “normal” riding career started: Elli took the first couple of lessons on the lunge, enjoyed vaulting, and soon thereafter got to go on the first trail ride. On the back of riding the school’s horses, she quickly learned which corner was going to be the dead-end with her ending up in the sand. Cantering on trail rides was more action and adventure than one could take: she got run off with on a regular basis and worse yet, some horses got hit by cars!

After these unpleasant experiences, Elli got to know Icelandic horses and fell in love with them, their short flight line, and their pleasant nature.

Another part of her life – it was during her wild days – she spent traveling the world as a professional snowboarder. Elli competed in the ISF Halfpipe World Cup in Europe, Japan, and the USA as well as the FIS Boardercross Series.

Gliding through fresh powder snow, racing down the slopes, and flying through the halfpipe is what made her feel alive and free like a bird! Elli loves being outdoors, in nature enjoying the freedom of life. Eventually, after lots of practice in both summer and wintertime, she was able to make the transition from being a recreational snowboarder to becoming a professional and getting her first sponsorship deals.

Elli says she will never forget watching the weather channel and having a hard time knowing where exactly on the map she currently was. It was a great experience traveling the world alone or with friends and meeting the snowboarders’ community at the next tour stop or summer training camp somewhere on the planet.

After being on the road for several years, Elli realized it was time to take a more serious approach to life. She studied Tourism Management & Public Relations and choosing a college that was in the mountains so she didn’t have to give up her sport!

It was during her studies at the college for Tourism Management & Public Relations that Elli had the opportunity to work as an intern with the Swiss Parelli Office & European distributorship. They didn’t pay much, but instead, they gave her a “strong-minded” & “big-boned” Swiss Mountain Horse and a Savvy System Home Study Program and told her to have a go. Her boss at the time, a 4 Star Parelli Professional’s real intention was to find out and test just how well the Savvy System worked.

Rest assured, no one got hurt in the process and soon thereafter Elli got her red Savvy String. She was hooked from the get-go and began dreaming of becoming an instructor.

Slowly but surely, snowboarding became less important and horses, as well as Parelli, took its place. By following the Parelli Home Study Program step by step; trusting the process; quitting her “normal” job; Elli not only achieved Level 4 and became a Parelli Professional, but also started her career as a show-jumper.

Elli spent a lot of time as a working student with 5 Star Master Parelli Professional Wally Gegenschatz. As her Savvy grew exponentially, Elli learned a lot about young horses, colt starting, foundation training, foal handling, horses with special needs (aka problem horses), and performance training. With her partner “Cyndorella” (Swiss Warmblood mare) she trained for showjumping and it wasn’t long before she had great success at competitions in Switzerland.

When Elli first got into horses, her dream was not about riding bareback and bridleless along the beach but about jumping the highest stadium jumps at the fastest speed. With her name on the first rank of the Show Jumping World Ranking. Little did she know then, that with a little bit of ambition (ok, that’s the easy part), principle, patience, and sequence she would soon be able to make the first steps into that direction.

Elli is looking forward to meeting you! Until then, keep it natural!

Mentors: Pat & Linda Parelli
Walter Gegenschatz, 5 Star Parelli Professional Master Instructor & Senior Horse Development SpecialistMikey Wanzenried, 5 Star Parelli Professional Master Instructor & Senior Horse Development Specialist
Walter Zettl, World-renowned Master of Classical Dressage, Germany, USA & Canada
Annette Straessle, well-known Show Jumping rider & coach, Switzerland
Doug Jordan, member of NCHA Hall of Fame & student of Tom Dorrance

Christi Rains


Finesse Specialist Horse Development Specialist Parelli Saddle Fit Specialist Christi is now one of the few instructors in the world officially certified to teach Game of Contact and Finesse!

Christi Rains (CR2) is a native Texan with the proverbial appetite and aptitude for learning. In this case, horsemanship, which began at age six with playdays. She progressed through barrel racing, hunter, trail, endurance, dressage and western pleasure, in which she won two national championships and two Region 9 (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas) championships; then on to Natural!

Most specifically, Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship (PNH), in which she achieved Level 4 and has been an instructor licensed by her teacher, Pat Parelli, since 1997. Though CR2 has also ridden with Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, David O’Connor, Craig Johnson, Eddo Hoekstra, Carol McArdle, and Jack Brainard, she is most impressed with the step-by-step progression of the program Pat and Linda Parelli have organized and supplemented with videos, audios, and lesson booklets. The Levels program is similar to the “belts” system in karate.

CR2 and her husband, C.R., share “Sundowner Krantz”, a half-mile stretch along the banks of the Brazos River with their bird dog, Shane. Just 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth, where she teaches one to five days courses for Levels 1 through 4 in all Savvies, plus Trail Riding and other fun topics. As a “Legacy Instructor”, she is recognized as one of Pat and Linda Parelli’s most experienced instructors in the field and has what it takes to help you progress and achieve your dreams with horses! She also travels frequently and has taught at the Parelli Center as well as around the world. To register your interest in attending a Game of Contact Clinic in your area, please contact Christi directly at

For Long Distance Coaching from Christi anywhere in the world, use her Video Coaching Service to get expert coaching to empower you while fast-tracking your progress.

If you would like to arrange a course in your area, please contact Christi at for details about how you can ride for FREE and grow the Parelli community in your area.

Visit my website for more information at

Follow me on Facebook at Christi Rains (personal page) and Christi Rains Parelli 4-Star Professional (business fan page)

Contact Christi (Parelli Saddle Specialist) for help choosing, ordering, and fitting a Parelli saddle.

Would you like to feel safer with your horse? Have more fun? Get better results? Come ride with Christi under the Texas sun to prep for Natural Horsemanship, Parelli-style. Christi teaches clinics, group, and private lessons. Remember her saying...

“The more I learn, the smarter my horse gets!”




Nita Jo Rush

PHONE: 612 581 0240

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

Horses had captured my heart by the time I was three years old. I spent my childhood riding and playing (riding like a “banshee” with my best friend) in Boulder, Colorado. I temporarily left horses behind when I went away to college but combined my passion for them and for the mountains during several summers when I worked at Sanborn Western Camps, west of Pikes Peak, as the Head Wrangler. That experience of leading groups of kids on horseback into the mountains on 4 and 5-day trips proved invaluable. It was also tons of fun!

Later in 1995, the Parelli program also captured my heart after I’d returned to horses and spent a few successful yet frustrating years competing in NRHA reining. The combination of horses and a natural, empowering way to develop partnerships with them proved intoxicating! The Parelli instructors’ program accepted me in 1997, I left my “real” job as a psychologist in 2000, and haven’t looked back since. Currently, I’m a 4-Star Senior Instructor and a Horse Development Specialist. Each year from 1997 to 2016, I studied directly with Pat and/or Linda.

After living in Minnesota for 42 years, I returned to my home state of Colorado in 2019. I teach and train wherever you are in northern and central Colorado. I have taught at the Parelli campus in Pagosa Springs, in Costa Rica, the U.K., and east and west Africa. Currently, I’m offering private, semi-private lessons and coaching.

Kristi Smith

FACEBOOK: Kristi_Facebook
PHONE: 319-430-2149

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ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

I became a Parelli student in 1995 when it was presented to me in a horse training course I was taking at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA.

I have been a licensed Parelli Instructor since 2007. My horse passion is centered almost entirely around trail riding. My passion as an instructor is all about helping people achieve level 4.

I would love to be your coach.

Horses have been my life, born a city boy, it was difficult for me to satisfy my hunger to be with horses. My only exposure to horses was a summer vacation at my uncle’s dairy farm who had a couple of draft horses. Something about the place was mystical to me. The smell of the farm, the smell of horses triggered something in me. As a teenager, the opportunity to ride a horse and to own one came along. From that point in time, I have always had horses in my life. Horses fascinated me. As a young man, I had the chance to move to British Columbia, Ca. to work as a cowboy on some of the largest ranches in Canada. Over a ten years period, I chased wild bovines from the back of a horse, I was fortunate, and got to ride some really good horses.

I had developed a desire to become a true horseman. I read all I could find on the subject of natural horsemanship, and try to follow a few masters, one of them being Mr. Ray Hunt. I took several clinics from him especially in colt starting. I also came to know several good horsemen, but none of them could provide me with what I needed to fulfill my desire to learn.

I finally found what I had been looking for when I crossed the trail with Pat and Linda Parelli in November of 2000. I had been looking for a true, honest, and natural way to communicate with horses. Winning a competition didn’t mean anything to me if I knew I had cheated my horse. The day I saw Pat Parelli on the tour, my life changed, I remember sitting in Fayetteville, Arkansas watching Pat on his stallion Liberty in total admiration. I really felt as if Pat was talking to me that day.

From that day on I have never been the same, I plunged into Pat’s program headfirst and never stopped. Still, today, I hunger for more knowledge and I am fortunate that Pat and Linda can provide this knowledge through their incredible program. I am better today than I ever have been and will be better tomorrow because the program is so progressive. Thanks to Pat and Linda for providing me with this program, with their support and their encouragement. I don’t care about the competition anymore because I win every day with my own horses. My successes and the incredible relationship I have with my horses is beyond comparison.






Jane Lynn Bartsch


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Horses have always been a part of my life. My mother put me on the back of a horse when I was just 18 months old. I was hooked! Since then I have been an avid rider of ponies, horses, and mules. I was confident enough to start my first horse when I was only 16 years old. I managed a lesson program that included teaching both adults and children how to ride for more than 25 years. Additionally, I owned a horse-drawn carriage business that was contracted out for special occasions.

As a motivated person, I was always interested in self-improvement in regards to my horsemanship skills. This is what initially led me to the Parelli program. The first time I observed Pat Parelli perform a demo at the Maryland Horse Expo in 1999, I knew in my heart that I had found my calling. No longer did I need to MAKE a horse do something. Force, fear, and intimidation are no longer supported in my horsemanship journey.

The pathway to becoming an instructor within this program is vigorous. Pat Parelli wants to ensure all its clients that instructors are very well trained and supported, not only for safety reasons; but for meeting all of their horsemanship goals. I present to you my journey and qualifications of the Parelli program.

  • Completed an intense 12-week externship at the Florida Parelli campus. Graduated as a One-Star Junior.
  • Passed all four levels of the Parelli program (Online, Liberty, Freestyle, & Finesse)
  • Traveled to the Parelli Colorado Campus and received an education which allowed me to be awarded a Two Star Junior
  • In 2015, I was invited to participate in a Parelli Colt start course. This course was a month-long, intense, hands-on learning opportunity. I finished within the top three students upon completion of this course.
  • A few months after the conclusion of this course, I was awarded my Third Star.
During my Parelli journey, I had the opportunity to become Carol Coppingers protégé; a Six Star Master Instructor. I personally regard Carol as my mentor. For 15 years, I had the pleasure of learning from her as a student, as well as, assisting her in clinics all over the east coast. Her knowledge and instruction have become engrained in my teaching style.

I possess the knowledge, tools, and capabilities to help you on your journey to becoming the best horseman you can be.

Jerilyn Caldwell

I’m living my dream! As a Parelli instructor, I would welcome the opportunity to help you live yours. As a little girl, I spent many hours playing with ponies and a mule owned by my grandparents and uncle. Fond memories filled with horses, still bring a smile to my face today. Like some of you, my life took a different direction and I picked horses back up when I was in my early thirties.

I was fortunate enough to find Pat and Linda Parelli within a month after purchasing a 16-month-old horse, Starbuck Commander, fondly known as Starbucks. My journey to Parelli, like many of us, begins with a story. The facility where I was boarding Starbucks offered to help me teach him to lunge. With cavesson and buggy whip in tow, we headed into the covered round pen surrounded by extra high sides and a low profile roof. There was a lone pillar in the middle for support. The events that followed would change my outlook on horses forever. My teacher was trying to perform the process of lunging, but Starbucks had other ideas. Threatened by her approach, he kept rising higher off the ground, and the more she tried to move him around, it became evident that Starbucks was answering back in a dominant way.

Eventually standing on his hind legs with ears pinned flat back, hoofs pawing the air, he began walking toward us. We found ourselves huddling behind the one lone pole. I was not knowledgeable enough to understand how dangerous the situation really was. As I watched, his movements struck me profoundly. I perceived his carriage as graceful as if I were an audience to a horse ballet. The beauty of his athleticism mesmerized me. The instructor injected, “Oh, boy! We are in trouble.” As she spoke, I realized that the game was not over until Starbucks decided it was over. She had pushed him beyond his limits. The thought crossed my mind that I had not returned to horses for this type of relationship, which now seemed laced with danger. Starbuck’s face was bleeding, and I knew that our partnership was now in need of repair.

The woman who owned the facility recommended Pat as an expert in the natural horsemanship field, hence the beginning. I have been studying Parelli for 20 years, and have enjoyed every minute of this journey. I am not “making light” of all the dedication and hard work that it takes to develop ourselves or the bond between horse and companion.

It is truly a personal journey about the relationship, the understanding and study of Parelli’s 4 savvies, and the “never-ending” self-development. I am fortunate to be a Parelli teacher and look forward to assisting you in achieving your dreams.

Mckensey Courtney

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My biggest inspiration has always been Carol Coppinger. She encouraged and shaped my horsemanship journey and always reminded me to put the integrity of the horse first.

Because of Carol, becoming a Parelli Professional was an obvious step. Her passion for seeing students grow and understand was captivating. Each day she showed me how everything means something, that it’s the little things that matter the most with horses and students. (Like shining your boots, feeling the feeling of pleased, or making donuts!) That level of dedication and Professional excellence is something I strive towards every day. Forward is the key!

Erin Easley


My husband, Jason, and I live in Gravette, Arkansas with our kids, horses, and dogs! We are currently in the process of building an indoor arena so I can give clinics and lessons here at our place. We have 88 acres of pasture, wooded valley, and natural springs! In the meantime, I give clinics in Prairie Grove and am willing to travel anywhere for a clinic or lesson. I would be honored to help you with your Horsemanship journey!

I was born and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas, and have had horses all my life. I first saw Pat Parelli in 2001 and decided then and there that I was going to be a Parelli Instructor.

I graduated from the University of Arkansas in May of 2003 with a Bachelors’s degree in Animal Science, and by October 2003 I was in Ocala, Florida attending the 10-week school module. From there I attended another 10-week school module in Pagosa Springs, Colorado then began my professional journey in the Parelli University back in Ocala.

After completing my first 10-week University module I was invited into the 2-year program where I studied directly under Pat Parelli, Linda Parelli, Karen Rohlf, and other top Parelli instructors. I have also attended two Colt Starts taught by Pat Parelli and Rob McAuliffe and helped start two draft teams with Steve Bowers at the Parelli Center in Ocala, Florida. I enjoy going back to the Parelli Centers in Florida and Colorado every year for my continuing education.






Kris Fulwieler

PHONE: 920 487-5623


It’s truly an honor to be listed here among so many of the people that have helped me shape both my horsemanship and my life. I can’t thank them, and Pat and Linda, enough. After countless clinics and courses, I know that my journey will always continue toward being the best that I can be for horses and humans. With Level 4 behind me, my accomplishments seem almost trivial, because there is so much more to learn.

If I can help guide you on this fascinating journey, give me a call. Or just stop in and enjoy the horses, dogs, and cats.

Enjoy the journey!

Kris Fulwiler

Avery Gauthier


I have always loved horses! And did everything I could to put them in my life and then keep them there! From mucking stalls to leading trail rides to teaching summer camps and so much more. I was lucky enough to have a Day that let me take my own journey and helped me along the way.

I worked all through high school to pay for my first horse who was the horse that let me know that you can’t make them do what you want to do. After high school, I was able to go to Meredith Manor International Equestrian center for a 2-year program.

I off course loved every minute of it and left with every award I possibly could! I learned so much there and their bases were of Resistance Free Training. So started me on the path of just what it felt when a horse trusted you!

From there I went home and started training and teaching lessons and showing in Dressage and Eventing. All was going great and I was loving life! A couple of years in I started to realize that there was still lots to learn and I just happened to get a horse that for sure didn’t miss a moment of telling me so.

That horse was Akiss! My first Parelli Level’s horse. We ended up holding a Parelli Clinic at the barn I was teaching at and I was able to be in it. It was that 5-day course in March of 2004 that I really saw what I was missing, the true understanding of a relationship: Love, Language, and Leadership.

That was it for me! There was no turning back. Off I went to a 10 week School in May of 2004. From there I was invited to Pat’s University. And from there I was invited to the faculty team. I spend 5 years studying and learning all that I could from Linda and Pat Parelli and all of his top professionals! It was truly an absolutely amazing part of my journey!

I have been home for about 5 years teaching the Parelli Program in New England. And I can’t believe just how much more I have learned. My goal is to help change the world for horses and humans even if it’s just one pair at a time!

I have also been getting back into showing in Dressage and plan to also get back into showing in eventing to help be the best example of Parelli that I can be. To help people see that if you take the time it takes then your horse WANTS to be with you and WANTS to perform at their best with HEART and DESIRE!

One of my favorite sayings of Pat’s is: “Did your horse have has much fun as you did? If our horses are recreation for us, can we make sure we are recreation for our horse’s.” I test this by seeing if each of my horses still wants to be with at the end of the session when I turn them back out or put them back in their stalls. This is what keeps the relationship 1st!

Relationship first! 4 Savvys! And Never-ending Self-Development!!!

Jody Grimm Ellis

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I have always been very attracted to and interested in horses and finally got my start about age 26 mucking stalls at a boarding facility in Golden CO. I ended up managing that barn for 7 years and learning to ride in front of all my 80 boarders (humbling!). I then moved on to manage a private barn for a family in the foothills around Denver. While at the private barn we foaled two colts and when they were yearlings I was feeling the count down to the day I would have to start them. I attended the Horse Expo in Denver and that was the first time Linda was the headliner. I went home inspired by my level 1 program and the rest is history.

I moved to California at the end of 2005 and began my wonderful partnership with my husband, 5 Star David Ellis. We live on a ranch in the Sierra foothills with a small herd of cattle and about 25 horses that all live naturally out on the land.

I began traveling with David and the natural progression was for me to also become an instructor and teach the excellent horsemanship program Pat and Linda Parelli have built.

I studied with both Pat and Linda personally and continue to do so. Improving my horsemanship is a passion and sharing what I have learned is a privilege. I am always impressed and touched by the dedication I see in Parelli students and the passion we all share for the horse.

In 2014 and 2015 I had the honor to start and present a colt each year in the Road to the Summit.

In 2015 I held the Horse Development Position at the Atwood Ranch in Red Bluff CA. I worked with foals, yearlings, started colts, and developed riding horses.

As a 3 star instructor, my goal is to assist and participate in all of my student’s journeys in ways of sharing, instruction, and support. I thank you all for this opportunity!

Robin Harris

PHONE: (515) 708-2885

Harvest, Alabama


Robin got her start into the horse world at the age of 11 by volunteering for a therapeutic riding program. Robin continued to volunteer all through high school and when she was about to turn 18, her instructor asked her if she wanted to learn to teach. Instantly Robin agreed and started her journey of becoming a riding instructor.

During college, Robin taught as often as she could and graduated with a degree in biology secondary education from Iowa State University. By the time she finished her student teaching, however, she realized that she loved teaching but her true love was teaching riding lessons and helping kids and adults to become good with horses.

In 2005 Robin was first introduced to the Parelli program from a roommate who knew she was having a few “horse issues.” This program seemed like the right answer for her horse and she instantly latched on. She also noticed that it seemed to be making differences in the lesson horses she was working with and decided that she eventually wanted to be a Parelli instructor. Robin started that journey in early 2010 when she spent a month at the Florida campus taking the Fast Track.

She has taken the 1- and 2-Star Instructor Courses, a 4-week Colt Start with Pat, Spent 10 weeks with Pat in the Mastery Program, and has assisted multiple higher-level instructors such as Carol Coppinger, John Baar, and David Lichman. She continues to increase her level of horsemanship by participating in courses each year, riding with high-level Instructors, assisting teaching on the Parelli Campus, and playing with as many horses as she can, including helping a local farm with young horses they are breeding.

Robin is ready to help you along your journey of becoming a horseman. Learn how to not only play but win all 7 games in all 4 savvies in all zones in order to become the partner your horse needs you to be.

For more information visit Robin on Facebook or Instagram or check out her website.

Anna Biffle

PHONE: 612-840-7230







Bruce Koch

I am a native Albertan, raised in southern Alberta still enjoying the foothills of this area. I’m fortunate enough to have been around horses throughout most of my life.

Until I started playing in the Parelli program I don’t believe I had a great understanding of horses even though I’ve been around them for many years. In 1998 I attended a Pat Parelli demonstration and have continued my education with seminars, The Colt Start Clinic and Extern Program, with an Instructor 4 Star rating as my goal. I’ve always enjoyed riding in the foothills and working cattle on ranches in the area, but it becomes ten times more enjoyable when riding a horse that has the kind of connection that makes him your partner.

Since being involved in the Parelli program I feel that both my confidence and competence with horses have soared. The personal growth that is gained as a result of learning how to communicate with horses is a great bonus as well. Being a Parelli Instructor is an honor.

As an instructor, I hope to be able to help other people find the enjoyment and success that is achievable with horses when approached with the right attitude.

Doreen Larsen


I was raised on a cattle ranch in Lund, Nevada, where I first started riding in front of my father on his horse. Later I graduated to my own horse and the “Roy Rogers” saddle to help gather cattle. Some of my favorite memories growing up were the weeks in the spring and fall gathering the cows and taking them through the mountain to and from the summer range, camping in the sheep wagon in the other valley with my horse, and coming home from school and heading for the hills on my horse.

I also enjoyed competing in horse shows, gymkhanas, and rodeos and earned some special awards like Nevada State 4-H Reining Champion and leading the Rocky Mountain Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association in the breakaway roping for several months.

One fun summer job during my college years was leading the horseback trips at Navajo Trails Ranch for three summers. We would get a new group of kids from around the world each week. The first day was spent matching kids to horses, learning some basics, and packing. The rest of the week was spent riding up the mountain to our base camp, then riding out from there each day to play in mountain lakes and meadows, make snow cones from the snowdrifts, explore, or play games. Each night we would ride back to the base camp to cook over an open fire and sleep under the stars or in a tube tent.

In 1994 my oldest daughter was in 4-H and wanted to take English lessons. I hauled her to Ely for a few lessons where I first heard the name Pat Parelli from her teacher who was a Parelli instructor at the time. Later that fall I saw his book in a feed store, bought it, brought it home and put it under our tree, then told my husband, “Here is my Christmas!” I became a student instructor in 1997 and fully certified in January of 1999.

Since becoming an instructor I have studied directly with Pat or Linda for about a year, a few weeks at a time. Parelli Natural Horse.Man.Ship is such a terrific program for teaching people, and the results benefit us in many more ways than just our horsemanship. I enjoy sharing the program with others and would love to share it with you.

Pat Moses


After 15 years of being involved with horses, I saw Pat and Linda Parelli in 1997 and I was immediately captivated. It was not only what they could do with horses, but what they could teach me to do. I am amazed at what I have learned and continue to share my love of horses and the better means of communication that transforms relationships.

I am here for support on the Horse-Man-Ship journey with our magnificent friend and partner, the horse. The change in horses is profound once they begin to understand our communications. People keep telling me that they find themselves changing in profound ways, too.

Ralf Moses


Some years ago, I heard the saying: “Like what you’re doing so much, that you would do it for free; but do it so well that people will pay you to do it.”

I love learning, playing with horses, and teaching people about horses. To me, horses are a fascination, an obsession.

I was about 35 when I got on a horse the first time. And it was love at first sight! The more I learned about horses, the more I wanted to share my enthusiasm and excitement with other people. I’m afraid that sometimes I bored the ears off my friends and family talking about horses.

Now, as a Parelli 3 Star Instructor, I get to combine the three things I love to do!

Lori Northrup

PHONE: 716-474-7580

I look forward to helping others on their Parelli journey. I’m located in western New York State, in Ellicottville.

I have delighted in the inspiration and learning from Pat & Linda, and also from their great team who have shaped my journey, including David Lichman, Gina Torrell, Carol Coppinger, Tina Giordano, Rachel & Don Jessop, Mollie Vacco, and so many more. Thank you all!





Juli Piovesan

Do you want to be really good with horses, so good that even your horse thinks you’re good? My answer has always been YES!!! I just wasn’t sure how. So I began my quest as a young adult, earning a B.S. in Agriculture and Equine Studies, apprenticing with an equine veterinarian, managing an equestrian program for at-risk youth, and competing in both English and Western sports. But I was still searching for some missing pieces. Although I couldn’t verbalize it at the time, what I was looking for was a set of guiding principles, an understanding of the psychology and philosophy of horse training, and a step by step series of techniques and skills to build a solid foundation in me and my horses.

Thankfully, a good friend introduced me to Parelli Natural Horsemanship. This one of a kind horse-man-ship program teaches us to understand the nature of the horse and to use this knowledge, understanding, and prey animal psychology to guide our training decisions. Providing a progressive and perpetual series of habits, skills, and techniques to develop both on the ground and riding, the Parelli program provides us with detailed instructions to build a great foundation in our horses and to become true horsemen ourselves. Pursuing excellence at building this foundation has become my definition of true success.

As an obsessive learner, it didn’t take me long to determine that I wanted to excel in the Parelli program and then share this knowledge with others. I earned my 1 Star Instructor rating in 2010 and have been teaching ever since! As an instructor, I coach students through the Parelli program, helping each person write their own success story with horses by following the blueprint of the Parelli program. It is a great privilege to walk alongside students through the joys, challenges, and amazing self-discoveries inherent in this horsemanship journey.

Until recently my home base has been in Ohio where I enjoy an amazing network of Parelli students and peers, and I look forward to regular teaching trips back to this area. Please stay in touch as I will be teaching in Ohio throughout the spring, summer, and fall!

My husband and I recently relocated to a ranch in the foothills of the Huachucha Mountains, about an hour south of Tucson, Arizona to partner with the Canelo Cowboy Church. I look forward to continuing my pursuit of excellence in a new environment and to sharing the Parelli program with those I cross paths within this corner of the world.

Happy Trails!

Tom Pompei

EMAIL: Tom@TomPompei.Com
PHONE: 937-231-3687

SW Ohio and SW Florida


Tom Pompei, 3 Star Licensed Parelli Professional, lives in SW Ohio, just south of Dayton in the summers, and SW Florida in the winters. He has been studying Parelli Natural Horsemanship since 1997. After being selected to receive a tour stop private lesson with Pat Parelli in 2010, Tom has been enjoying his journey as a Parelli Professional.

Visit TomPompei.Com for a complete schedule of workshops, programs, lessons, and support to help you become such a good horseman that even your horse will think you are brilliant! Parelli horse training avoids using force, fear, harsh bits, or mechanical training aids in favor of love, language, and leadership or said another way: relationship, communication, and trustworthiness.

Tom and his partner Mike operate H&P Equestrian Farm, a wonderful facility in SW Ohio set up as your Parelli Education and Horseplay Vacation Destination. Indoor and Outdoor arenas, playground, round pens, stalls, paddocks, rooms available at the house, pool, hot tub, and more! It’s the perfect clinic location.

Tiffany Rowe

PHONE: 1-502 643 9165


I am a wife, mother of 5 children, and a 3 Star Parelli Professional. I grew up around horses. My dad bought me my first horse at 5 years old. I have been striving to be the best horsewoman I can be ever since. Being around horses all of my life gave me many amazing opportunities to start colts, work with difficult horses, and even ride some very talented show horses.

I have shown in almost every discipline there is including jumping, western judged, western contest, showmanship, halter, etc. I started my Parelli journey in 2005. In 2010 I decided to pursue my career as a Parelli Professional.

Currently, I am a 3 Star Instructor and I am loving! My favorite Parelli quote is “take care of your horsemanship and your horsemanship will take care of you.” In my journey, I have always found those words to be very true. I am enjoying helping people learn and get incredible results with their horses.

If you are ever in the Kentucky area or if you would like for me to come to your area please give me a call 502-643-9165 or you can email me at

Please check out my website to find out more about me and my schedule.

I look forward to helping you on your journey!

Jenny Trainor

PHONE: (406) 599-0644

Jenny was born in Oregon, the daughter of a veterinarian with a bird dog hobby. The horse of choice at these field events was gaited for comfort and endurance, so Jenny started riding lessons at the age of five with Tennessee Walking Horse Hall of Famer, Diane Gueck. Diane, a native of England, believed all students should understand the gaits and footfalls of all breeds. Jenny was soon the Amateur Juvenile rider for many of the clients TWH, Saddlebreds, and National Show Horses. As a teenager and young adult she won 4 World Championships on different horses at the TWH Celebrations in Tennessee while she rode her personal horse, a quarter horse x Arab, bareback on the trails at home.

Jenny earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry at Montana State and was working in Colorado in 2002. She was part of a TWH breed demonstration in Denver at the Horse Exhibition that also featured the Parelli Savvy Team. There her journey toward Parelli professional began! She gained instructor status in 2008 with her Walking Horse partner.

Jenny lives in Montana with her husband, 2 two-legged kids, 3 TWH, 2 Hanoverian, 2 mules. She enjoys horseback camping, hunting, fly fishing, and guiding others along the Parelli trail. She will travel throughout the US. Give her a call and meet her where ever you might be!

Jenny regularly visits Oregon, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota, Wyoming, Tennessee, and Florida from Montana and would love to help you with your horse when she is in your area! Don’t forget she does video coaching too if you can’t catch her on the road!



Mollie Vacco


My first exposure to anything Natural Horsemanship was Dr. Robert Miller’s video on imprinting. At the time I was working at an Arabian horse facility where I cleaned stalls, imprinted foals, and got youngsters to show ready and shown. Dr. Miller’s video made sense to me and from that moment I began trying to bridge the gap between imprinting to everything else that involved horses.

A few years later I saw Pat and Linda in Columbus, Ohio at Equine Affair and I thought WOW. It wasn’t until I got home and took my most ‘trained’ horse and jumped him over barrels in a halter and lead road that I thought HOW do I get all my other horses to do this?

My Parelli journey began! I did self-study through high school and attended clinics whenever possible. At the time I was still showing horses to a regional and national level and teaching lessons, I just knew something was missing, I knew my horses could have been going better, and I knew a bigger bit, martingales, and draw reins weren’t going to cut it any longer, I was ready for a change. I had a dream of getting to the ranch. I was 17 when I graduated high school I did not meet the age requirement. So I went to college for two years studying health and nutrition and was on my way to becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Somehow I just could not stop thinking about my life with Parelli and again I knew I needed to make a change.

In October 2005 I attended a 6-week course with Linda and basically never went home! I had the opportunity to spend a year on the Tour Team where I traveled all over the United States and even went to Australia supporting Pat and Linda as they shared their passion. My next opportunity lead me to the horse health team, kind of a combination of my past and present. Linda taught me the ropes of natural nutrition from the Parelli perspective and I couldn’t get enough! From there I spent time with Pat at his Barn engulfed in masterful horsemanship, what an amazing time!

In 2009 I became a licensed instructor and ventured out into the field. I am constantly trying to get my good better best so I try to make it back to the ranch as often as possible. It has been such an amazing journey and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be part of your journey!

Terry Wilson



Terry Wilson is a Licensed Parelli Professional and travels the United States to teach Level 1 and Level 2 clinics, as well as workshops and lessons.

A Canadian by birth, Terry moved to Santa Cruz, California in his early twenties where he was introduced back into horses when he bought his six-year-old daughter a young horse. Playing with her horse led him to his passion that still drives him today. When trying to solve a problem in trailer loading a horse, he discovered Pat and Linda Parelli and their technique of communication. He soon enrolled in the courses at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, and has been with Parelli ever since; refining his skills and expanding his knowledge.

Terry spent a year studying under the tutelage of Pat Parelli’s mentor, Ronnie Willis, starting colts, building foundations on young horses, and cultivating his talent with problem horses. He brings this expertise and insight to his clinics.

While at home in Colorado, just a mile from the Parelli Center, Terry starts young horses as well as helps facilitate a relationship between his clients and their horses through the principles of love, language and leadership. In addition to being an instructor, Terry is also an accomplished farrier.







Debbie Adcock

PHONE: 469-585-1554

Aubrey, TX


If you’re reading this, I’m sure you love horses just like me. I started my Parelli journey in 2005. My plan was not to become a Parelli Professional but to become a better partner for my horse. I really had no idea where that would take me. But to be a true partner with your horse is like a relationship of harmony. I had no idea what these few words meant until Pat and Linda showed me a new and better way to communicate with my horse.

Now as a Parelli Professional I thoroughly enjoy teaching this amazing art of relationship to my students. It’s a wonderful journey of incredible learning.

I hope to meet you someday and help you start your journey.

Bill Avery

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

I got my first horse of my own when I was in my 40’s.

I soon found that I needed more help than anyone local could give me. I searched and found Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship had the answers and the program to help me solve my problems with my horse, and improve my Horse-Man-Ship.

I was taught to put the relationship first, build a strong foundation second, and to seek never-ending self-improvement for myself and for my horse third. I improved in both my Horse-Man-Ship and as a person.

After my second Level 2 clinic, I knew that I wanted to be a Parelli Professional. Four years later that dream came true.

Now I am here to help lead you to your dreams with your horse, using Love, Language, and Leadership for you and your horse to become perfect partners.

Please contact me about Private Lessons, Focus Groups, and gift certificates.

Ted Axton

PHONE: (847) 508-3111

“Helping horses, naturally . . . . . . . one person at a time.”

I got my first horse, Chief, in 1999 at age 56. Â That was a great year for my family. My wife, Vickie, and our two daughters had already gotten their first horses earlier that year and all were taking lessons from PNH Instructor, John Harms, who has since succumbed to cancer. John recommended I seek out PNH 5-Star Master Instructor, Dave Ellis. I continue to study extensively with Dave and earned my Green String (Level 3) in October 2005 while still gainfully employed as a bank President & CEO before my retirement from banking in late 2007.

Vickie & I have attended all the Savvy Conferences & Performance Summits since 2001. In 2002 Vickie & I, and our two daughters all attended the two week Level 3 Course at the ISC in Pagosa Springs taught personally by Pat Parelli I have subsequently attended two Advanced Level 3 Courses taught by Pat and one Advanced Fluidity Course taught by Linda Parelli. I received my 2-Star Instructor rating after successfully completing the second one-week Certified PNH Instructor Course taught personally by Pat & Linda Parelli at the Ocala ISC in January 2010. Later in July, I assisted PNH 4-Star Instructor Kathy Barr to teach the Level 2 Breakthru Course at the Pagosa Springs ISC.

My PNH Journey has been a wonderful experience that I am eager to share with others, not just with building an awesome relationship with my horses, but also for the wonderful bonding experience with my family A personal highlight for me was participating in the June 2009 Madison, WI Celebration “Liberty Spotlight” with Chief. I have since earned my Level 4 in all 4 Savvys of On Line, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse.

I am home-based at the Rolling Oaks Farm in Salem, WI, where Vickie & I continue to host clinics with Dave & Jody Ellis each June since 2005.

I look forward to the opportunity to do a bit of traveling and would welcome your call.

Ashley Boswell

My journey with Parelli began in 2004 when a horse I was riding was selected to be a demo horse at a tour stop in North Carolina. As I watched Pat play with my horse, I was sold on the program.! I signed up for the Savvy Club that day and an incredible journey began.

One month later I purchased my first horse, a grey Arabian named Fame. Six months after that I followed my Life’s purpose and founded a non-profit organization that pairs children suffering from trauma with rescued horses in Equine Assisted Therapeutic activities.

Today Shepherd Youth Ranch is a thriving safe haven to over 400 people in need and 150 volunteers annually. We have provided over 15,000 hours of sessions free of charge to wounded youth and our herd has grown from 1 to 16 horses!

Since my journey began, I’ve had the privilege to play with a variety of horses (many rescued with unique challenges), studied with Pat in “Level 4 and Beyond” and “Colt Start” courses and coordinated the Parelli Foundation’s first Youth Camp and Parelli Professionals teaching youth workshop.

I became a Parelli Professional in 2016 and enjoy helping people discover their purpose and achieve their dreams with horses!

Jolene Green

I was introduced to horses for the first time at age 53. I received my Level 4 at age 58 and became an instructor at 59. I’m an LCSW by profession and have a non-profit Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program. I’m very much dedicated to making the world a better place for horses and humans.






Gigi Iacovelli

Charlie Johnson

PHONE: (503) 577 0305

29061 SE Hwy 224,
Eagle Creek OR 97022


I cannot remember a time in my life that I did not want to have a horse. My grandparents bought me my first horse when I was 5 years old. Not long after that, we moved from rural Iowa to the west coast, I only got to be with my horse in the summers when we would go back for vacation.

It was not until my 30’s that I was able to own horses again. In 2005 my wife Tina and I discovered Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship. It is great to have a true path for development.

I have spent many years teaching Martial Arts to all ages and teaching in an apprenticeship program and it is very exciting to be able to combine my passion for teaching and my enthusiasm for Parelli. I am honored to help others achieve their goals and dreams with their equine partners. Feel Free to reach out to me!

Please check out my website for more information or call me using the phone number above.

Karen Kartchner

PHONE: (520) 409 6689

I am a 2 Star Parelli Professional. I have been on my Parelli journey for over 20 years. I have been a 2 Star Parelli Professional for the past 8+ years. I am in my 50’s and my horsemanship journey has been long and empowering. I grew up on a small ranch in Tucson AZ. We had wide-open spaces and time to explore. The first part of Principle number 7 (Horses teach humans and humans teach horses) was applied regularly to me and my friends. I have owned and ridden many horses since those days and all of them have taught me more than I have taught them. What joy horses can be when you know more and practice correctly. Going through the Parelli Levels program has given me a gift. My quiver of arrows is full and ever-growing.

My ranch is located on the North East side of Tucson, AZ. I am willing to travel to you in Southern AZ or have you come to me. I love teaching Parelli Natural Horsemanship. It brings horses and humans together in harmony and partnership. It is fun to see the progress of people when they see the same situations with a new perspective. I have assisted and taken Mastery courses at the Parelli Campus in Colorado every year for years.

I continually take advantage of clinics and private lessons myself with other professionals. I know my journey of improvement will never end. I generally do private or group lessons and occasional workshops. If you are interested in a lesson or just learning more give me a call or email. I would love to talk to you and help you discover why Parelli is the best way to build your horsemanship.

I strongly encourage you to join the Parelli Savvy Club. It is a great way to keep up with your horsemanship and learn true horsemanship one bite at a time. If you do decide to sign up please use this code : P 8353 Here is the URL link:

Christine Massinger

Robbie Maus

PHONE: (775) 848-6341

Growing up with horses over the past 35+ years, I have had wonderful experiences that are a huge part of who I am today. In 2004 I attended a Parelli tour stop in Reno, Nevada, and was amazed and excited to see this whole new level of horsemanship. I immediately began to apply these principals and concepts with my new mustang, having to adapt to fit the situation until I could halter her, but the results were astonishing! Over time, the positive changes in her and maybe even more significant, the positive changes in me, convinced me of the importance of sharing Parelli with the world not only for our horses but for us.

In 2005 Horses for the Spirit was conceived. Until its dissolution in 2012, I was the Co-Founder and Program Director for Horses for the Spirit. HFTS was a 501(c) 3 public charity dedicated to teaching positive life and social skills to abused, neglected and troubled youth between the ages 12 and 19. To encourage the process of problem-based and experiential learning, I developed the HFTS curriculum utilizing Parelli Natural Horsemanship the “7 Games”, “Horsenality” and Herd Behavior, keys to the success of our programs. Working safely on the ground and to provide structure upon which each life skill lesson was built. It was a gift to witness first hand the positive impact Parelli and our wonderful equine partners have had on at-risk youth in our community.

It is in the area of Horsenality that I have become increasingly passionate and most interested in specializing. Understanding our horse’s innate needs, individual traits, environmental influences, and learning styles can affect our relationships profoundly. It is in this understanding that we find freedom. It is not about us, it’s about what our horses need from us to build a solid foundation built on understanding, communication, and trust.






Doreen Larsen

PHONE: (512) 750-2067

My name is Julie Payne and I am a 2-Star Instructor! My full-time job is as a Sergeant with the Austin Police Department. I have been with the police department since 1997 and spent almost 14 of those years on the Austin Police Mounted Patrol Unit. For 7 years I was the Rider Trainer for the Austin Police Mounted Patrol Unit.

I started my journey with Parelli in 2006 when an article I read in a horse magazine inspired me. Pat and Linda Parelli explained in the article how you could achieve true success with your horse while still allowing the horse to have dignity. Dignity?!? Never during my years of being a stable hand, trail riding, riding lessons, or mounted patrol did anyone mention dignity! In my heart, I felt that dignity was what I was missing and that Parelli Natural Horsemanship was the light at the end of my force, fear, and intimidation tunnel.

The idea of becoming a Parelli Instructor occurred to me early in my Parelli journey. I was already an Instructor with the Austin Police Department and found joy in sharing information and inspiring others. Throughout my journey to becoming a Parelli Professional, I experienced what it feels like to be a student that is empowered by wonderful teachers. I want to share that feeling!

I am available for On-Line, Freestyle and Liberty private lessons, group lessons, and 1 or 2-day workshops at your facility. I can be contacted at 512-750-2067, or visit my website at


Nancy Allesse Richmond

Indiana girl, natural animal lover! Found horses later in life, as well as Parelli, and never turned back.

The program is a systematic approach to education that ANYONE at ANY AGE can learn. As a retired teacher with a Masters Degree who loves to learn and teach what she learns, this program builds the foundation to great natural horsemanship.

For those who are dedicated to achieving levels 1-4 or for those who just want to feel safe and have fun with horses, this program is for you. I welcome your company on the journey!

Dru Lucia Roia


I have been a horse lover for 56 years, a horse owner for 40 years, and a professional riding instructor for more than 25 years. I started my journey as a horse-crazy young girl who persisted until she got her first pony, Missy, at age 14. I was in love and dedicated to my partner who I ended up keeping 31 years – her entire life.

After spending 4 years in the US Marine Corps I began my college degree. I completed my BS in Equestrian Education and went on to attend the prestigious Westmoreland Davis International Riding Institute at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA. Where I spent 4 years developing my classical riding and teaching skills as well as competing in dressage and eventing. In addition, I had the opportunity to take multiple clinics with European and American Masters in dressage, jumping, and eventing. My time at Morven Park included 2 years as a student after which I was invited to be an associate instructor.

After the closing of the school at Morven Park I moved to Long Island, NY, and started a public riding program, but eventually settled in beautiful Loudoun County, VA. There I used my education and expertise to build my dream facility, Lucia Farm in Lovettsville, VA.

Despite my education and success, there was something missing. I was able to make progress training techniques, but I could tell we had lost confidence in each other. I discovered I didn’t trust them and they didn’t trust me. And in fact, I felt like we were losing ground. I began searching for answers. My beautiful warmbloods were overbred, overfed, and underutilized.

After researching and training with many well known classical trainers, I was still searching. Things changed for me when I had a Parelli playgroup come to use my indoor arena. I was impressed when I saw such great confidence in both the horses and humans, especially with obstacles. Hmmmmm…..

What is this Parelli stuff? What is “Natural Horsemanship? After extending my research to natural horsemanship and other horsemen. I borrowed the vintage “red box” level one and became a believer – immediately! Finally, the doors were opening to the answers I was looking for. The doors of knowledge. The doors of horse psychology and understanding. How did my former extensive education and experience not include these ideas?

I became a savvy club member and attended my first tour stop in February 2006. My personal and professional life was changed forever by the Parelli principles of Love, Language, and Leadership. I attended my first Summit in Pagosa Springs in 2007 and my first course, Fluidity I, March 2008. Since that time, I have spent time on campus every year including time with studying with both Pat and Linda. These opportunities have helped develop me into a better horsewoman and teacher. I am currently a 1 Star Parelli Professional. It is an accomplishment I am proud of. My horsemanship journey continues under the influence of many great Parelli Professionals with numerous lessons and clinics. Good, better, best.

Currently, I am supporting students at my facility, Lucia Farm, in Lovettsville, VA. Where I have a variety of wonderful school horses that can offer students the opportunity to begin or continue their horsemanship journey. One of the greatest joys and benefits of my journey has been to witness the growth in partnership with both my personal horses and my school horses. In addition, I truly enjoy opening the doors for my students, both children and adults, to be successful with horses using love, language, and leadership.

I am available for lessons at my farm with your horse or mine and am available to travel to your facility. In addition, I help facilitate a regular Parelli DVD study group. If I can assist and support you please email or call (703) 969-5917.

Zuzana Runge

Holly Scott

PHONE: (720) 934-5720


Hello there! I am a 2-Star Instructor located in Bend, Oregon, and have been in the Parelli program since 2007.

My Humanality is RBE/LBE and I believe I am a good balance of logic and empathy both. I travel out to teach lessons, group lessons, and workshops in the Online, Freestyle, and Liberty Savvys. I also provide video coaching through Zoom (live) or feedback on videos you upload. Additionally, I offer coaching at discounted rates to be sure to reach everyone who is wanting help with their horsemanship no matter what financial limitations there may be. I am a big supporter of the COMMUNITY aspect of the Parelli program.

Contact me to find out my current schedule and rates or visit my website and click “calendar”. I travel to the Tri-Cities area of Washington monthly as well as to Spokane. Let me know how I can help you and your horse progress!

If you wish to contact me directly, please call (720) 934-5720.




Nancy Slater


PHONE: (863) 528-2570

4809 Lake Kotsa Dr.
Lake Wales, FL 33898


Years back, we bought a mule who had very dangerous behavior. He would bolt and buck. Every trainer and clinician I took him to, told me he was garbage, bad minded, and to get rid of him.

When I found Parelli Natural Horsemanship I found that there were ways to get him to cooperate without force and everything changed!

Parelli methods worked for every horse I rode! I was so excited to share what I learned, I persued my Parelli Instructor status.

Today I am very honored to be a part of this amazing team, dedicated to change the world for horses and the people who love them!

Samantha Thorning

PHONE: (425) 346-0082

Seattle, WA


Welcome! My name is Samantha and I am a Licensed 2-Star Parelli Professional.

I offer a variety of natural horsemanship learning opportunities and equine services in the Pacific Northwest. And, yes, I do travel!

Debbie Williams

I have my Dream Job, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, SW Washington. Helping others achieve their dreams with their horses.

Do you have a horse for the first time? Do you have confidence issues with yourself or your horse? Would you like a better relationship with your horse?

I can help kids and adults. My focus is on safety, fun, confidence, pleasure, trail riding…..using your imagination.

Parelli is a continuing journey of self-improvement, and studying and understanding the Parelli Program builds your horses’ trust, respect, and rapport for a lifetime of fulfillment.

Allow me to help you with your horse to make your personal journey one to remember!!

Debby Williams

Worldwide Instructors



Bernie Zembail

Berni’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0041 (0) 52 685 16 45

Höhenweg 55
CH – 5417 Untersiggenthal

LANGUAGES OF INSTRUCTION: German, English, French, Italian

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Master Horse Development Specialist

Berni Zambail has been one of Parelli’s early instructors and is one of Pat Parelli’s most experienced teachers. He is also the only 6-star master instructor in Europe. The trained farrier and wagon smith is a very popular instructor and teaches all over Europe. The classic art of riding is one of his hobby horses. In recent years, he has continued to train with a wide variety of personalities.

Berni lives with his wife Christine in Untersiggenthal AG. His base is on Farmers Place in Kleindöttingen AG, where he has set up his own horses and uses the excellent infrastructure of the facility for his extensive course and training offer.

The licensed Parelli Master Horse Development Specialist takes horses into training, offers intensive weeks as well as private lessons, and can also be booked for demonstrations and seminars.

As a Parelli 5-star instructor, Berni teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, and finesse) from level 1 to level 4. He also offers intensive weeks and accepts (young) horses on request Training. As a Parelli Master Instructor, he is also authorized to teach other Parelli instructors.

For course inquiries, you can contact directly. If you are interested in private lessons, you can always contact Berni directly. No events at this time.







Walter Gegenschatz

Walter’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0041 (0) 79 623 36 79

Rechberg 63
CH – 9044 Wald AR


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

Natural horsemanship and sport.
No contradiction for showjumper Walter Gegenschatz!

Walter spent a long time with Pat Parelli in the USA and started young horses with Ronnie Willis. Together with his wife Barbara, the master farmer now lives on his own farm in Appenzellerland, which he has developed into a horse-friendly training center in recent years.

Walter’s big hobby is horse training. On the one hand, his offer includes the training and further education of (young) horses for leisure and sport. But also horses with special needs (so-called “problem horses”) are in good hands with the licensed Parelli Senior Horse Development Specialist and thus get a second chance to find their way in our world.

He has also completed his training as a certified instructor for Philipp Karl’s Ecole de Le? Gete and is in possession of the jumping license. When he is not on a tournament with his horses, he teaches courses and camps – mainly in Eastern Switzerland, offers intensive weeks and private lessons on his farm and can be booked for demonstrations and seminars.

As a Parelli 4-star senior instructor, Walter teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, finesse) from level 1 to level 4.

For course inquiries, you can contact turn. If you are interested in private lessons, you can contact Walter directly at any time.

Franco Giani


Franco has been studying Parelli Natural Horse-man-Ship since 1998. If you would like more information about Franco please visit the website above.

David Grace

SUBSCRIBE: Sign up for our newsletter!

PHONE: 0409 469 145

“Coolibah” Condamine QLD 4416


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

Having first started with horses in his mid-twenties, David soon realized how important it was to find a good instructor, one that was actually a true horseman and understood how to teach the horse and human.

David discovered Pat Parelli and Pat’s teaching program in natural horsemanship in 1989. He attended a two-day course instructed by Pat and was so taken by Pat’s knowledge, expertise, and teaching methods with horses that he has followed in Pat’s path ever since.

Since this time David has participated every year in courses with Pat, first in Australia from 1989 to 1996 and then in the USA until the present day.

Throughout this time he has taught and demonstrated in New Zealand, worked in Japan starting Colts, and also lived in the USA for a year teaching, doing Foundation Training, and starting Colts. At this time David managed over one hundred quarter horses. During this one year period, David was also fortunate enough to study under Master Horseman and one of Pat’s mentors, Ronnie Willis.

Due to his natural love for horses, David has chosen to dedicate his time to the Parelli Program and to being a Parelli Professional, helping horses and riders.

It was in 1995 that David became an Endorsed Parelli Instructor and for 22 years he has been teaching Pat’s program both in Australia and overseas. David has taught over a thousand Parelli Courses and camps and started, under saddle, over nine hundred young horses.

Now living on a cattle property in Queensland, David travels extensively throughout Australia with his horses teaching the Parelli Program. David never fails to amaze people with his incredible ability to cause them to understand and progress in Pat’s teaching program. His depth of knowledge of the Parelli Levels 1,2, 3 & 4, and his extensive teaching experience enables him to provide people with the foundation for excellence in all horsemanship endeavors and to have them experience a relationship with their horse far beyond what they ever thought possible.

You can also visit David’s website for more information on Professional Services at

Don Halladay


PHONE: Cell: 403 895 5128 Land Line: 403 729 2472


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

My life is all about horses, loving them, and learning how they play, think, and act. I am living my dream of being with horses each day and helping others develop a relationship with their horse. The Parelli Program will take you from where ever you are in your horsemanship journey to where you want to be. Students of Parelli worldwide are becoming excellent with horses. Consider this my personal invitation to see how good you can become with horses.

Thanks to all who joined me in 2019 in clinics across Canada.

Congratulations to all of you who achieved another Level in the Program, see you in 2020!!!

Adrian Heinen

Adrian’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: Tel. 0041 (0) 34 461 49 09 / Mobile 0041 (0) 79 323 98 19

3367 Ochlenberg


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

Learn and teach passionately. Adrian Heinen passes on his knowledge with the greatest pleasure.

Adrian Heinen was one of the first Parelli instructors in Europe. He was born in St. Gallen, later he moved with his parents to Valais, where he grew up as one of six children. As a three-cheese high he spent his first school holidays on a farm in Thurgau. As unbelievable as it sounds – from then on two things were fixed for him: 1. He will become a veterinarian; 2. He will have horses. So he used the natural power of focus as a common thread in his life early on and without knowing it.

This led him first to the horses in the area, then to his first own horse, and finally to the mules in the military, up to his studies as a veterinarian and further training in horse dentistry. He literally devoured everything that had to do with horses, work with horses, breeds, behavior, riding styles, training, equipment, traditions, and myths. And the more knowledge accumulated over time, the clearer it was for him that he looked for something special in dealing with horses and mules in the “normal world”. For a way to naturally win over horses.

This search and his quest for knowledge finally led him to a course in Switzerland in 1991 with an unknown American cowboy and rodeo rider from the USA – he met Pat Parelli. His long search ended here. He soon followed Pat Parelli to the United States to learn from him. This stay was followed by others in which he trained from Pat to an instructor.

Today Adrian Parelli is a 5-star licensed master instructor, veterinarian, dentist, and recognized mule enthusiast. He is a passionate teacher. In the meantime, he passes on his enormous knowledge, ability, and experience in many places around the world to his students in Parelli courses up to Level 4 and beyond with great success. As a guest at trade fairs, shows, and other events around and for Parelli Natural Horsemanship, he is always one of the highlights with his long-time companions, the mules “Don Alfredo” and “Lenza”.

Never-ending self-improvement: Adrian is constantly and purposefully honing his personal lightness and finesse with delicacy and dedication. He also seeks and finds support and recognition from other important horse people and teachers, such as Mike Bridges or Philippe Karl, to name just a few. Adrian will continue with the process of lifelong learning to satisfy his excessive hunger for knowledge and to competently accompany people with their horses on their way to natural partnership, harmony, and delicacy.

As a Parelli 5-star master instructor, Adrian teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, and finesse) from level 1 to level 4 and beyond.

Further offers seminars on the topics of hoof, anatomy, and biomechanics of the horse,

Tierarzt GST & Equine Dentist Hufrehabilitation – Manuelle Medizin – Neuraltherapie (Hoof Rehabilitation – Manual Medicine – Neural Therapy)



Michael Wanzenried

Michael’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +41 (0)79 277 52 79

Sous les craux 1
CH – 2336 Les Bois JU


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Master Horse Development Specialist

The art of horsemanship – for Michael the task of his life!

As a young boy, Michael was allowed to ride his father’s horses. He later completed an apprenticeship as a racing rider and spent several years as a professional on the racetrack.

After getting to know the Parelli concept, he spent several years directly at Pat Parelli in the USA, where he worked as his right hand, among other things, but finally returned to Switzerland, where the licensed Parelli Master Horse Development Specialist now has his own horse farm with foal pasture in the Jura.

Michael attaches great importance to horse-friendly and solid training. He was particularly impressed by the Ecole de Le? Ge? Tete, and in recent years he has attended Philippe Karl’s instructor course.

Its offer includes Parelli courses and camps throughout Switzerland and neighboring countries. He offers private lessons, intensive weeks, and training places for horses on his farm; Michael also runs a foal pasture and can also be booked for demonstrations and seminars.

As a Parelli 4-star senior instructor, Michael teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, finesse) from level 1 to level 4.

For course inquiries, you can contact turn. If you are interested in private lessons, you can always contact Michael directly.

Carmen Zulauf

Carmen’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0041 (0) 79 654 36 60

Impasse de la gare 3
CH – 1580 Avenches VD

LANGUAGES OF INSTRUCTION: German, English, French, Italian

ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

At home in two languages. Born in German-speaking Switzerland, Parelli brought her to the Suisse Romande.

Carmen lives in Avenches, Vaud, where she stables on the grounds of the National Equestrian Center (IENA) and thus has an excellent infrastructure for her extensive range of training courses.

As the licensed Parelli Horse Development Specialist speaks French as well as German as well, she can also be found regularly in Belgium and France. Every now and then she also travels to Italy and Germany.

In addition to courses, camps, and workshops, Carmen also regularly organizes young horse training weeks at the IENA. It can also be booked for private lessons, leadership seminars (also for companies), and demonstrations.

She also received further training at Philippe Karl’s Ecole de Le? Ge? She regularly teaches as a popular guest instructor at the Parelli Education Institute in England and the USA.

As a Parelli 5-star instructor, Carmen teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, and finesse) from level 1 to level 4. She also offers special kids camps and “Parelli à la Carte” weeks and takes (young) horses into training.

For course inquiries, you can easily directly contact. If you are interested in private lessons or courses in French, you can always contact Carmen directly.







Sam Caporn


After graduating from Agricultural College I began as a farmhand all over the state and also tried to learn more about horses from whoever would care to share something about them. In 2003 I saw a Parelli Natural Horsemanship demonstration given by a former Parelli Professional and was blown away. That same week I found an old audiotape of Pat’s in ‘horseland’ and bought it, as I was driving around for the next couple of days that’s all I played, it just made so much sense to do thing naturally, to do things from the horse’s point of view.

I started the program immediately and in-between jobs I would spend my time trying to develop my horsemanship through the home study program and Parelli instructors visiting WA. I would have about 3 weeks off before each seasonal job started and at that time I would just play with my horses and I did, I played and rode all day, all day long I couldn’t get enough. In 2007 I headed for the Parelli Campus in Florida for a 6-week course and though some persistence scored a position as a Rand Hand for the next 12 months. In the summer of 2008, I was a student in a 10-week long University Module which included a 3 week Colt Start lead by 5-Star Australian Instructor Rob McAuliffe.

At the beginning of 2009 I spend 4 months at the Australian center in Sydney, where I assisted teaching a 4-week course and continued on in helping make improvements to the center, until June when I return to America as an Intern in the current Mastery Program. At the start of 2010, I became a Protégé and received a 3rd Star as an Instructor and a rating as a Horse Development Specialist. After spending 18 months riding with and being around Pat Parelli on a daily bases, I gained a strong understanding and importance for being natural with horses, not only for the horse’s sake but also for myself. I have been back in Australia for the past 5 years teaching and starting horses, mainly in Western Australia, though do travel interstate also. I have had the opportunity to teach Fast Tracks here in AUS, UK, and in Germany the past 4 years and continue to better my horsemanship.

I hope that you’re ready for your journey and I look forward to coming and helping you with the ingredients you need to become successful with horses. For more information about up and coming clinics/workshops/lessons please refer to the schedule on my profile page or go to

Jackie Chant

FACEBOOK: Jackie Chant – 4* Senior Parelli Professional

PHONE: 0275 727 355

Jackie was first introduced to the Parelli program in December 1996. After achieving level 3 in July 1999 she flew her horse Archie to Australia to study with Pat Parelli and became a Parelli Professional. Jackie has trained with Pat and Linda almost every year since then, and after graduating her Level 4 with Archie in July 2009 Jackie has continued her own horsemanship education with many different horses.  Pictured is Jackie’s new super horse Rocky (Astek Rockafella) who she has developed from a 2-year-old He is now Level 4 in all 4 savvys and a fantastic demo horse. Jackie and Rocky have now started competing in dressage, and Jackie has the goal of taking him all the way to Grand Prix!

Jackie is a 4* Instructor and also a Horse Development Specialist (training horses from levels 1-4, training foals, weanling, yearlings, starting horses under saddle & dealing with challenging horses). Jackie is also a recognized Parelli Saddle Specialist. In September 2011 after extensive study with Linda Parelli, Jackie was the second Instructor in the world to be certified to teach the specialized ‘Game of contact’, ‘Finesse Training Sequence’ and ‘Precision Box’ courses.

Based in Christchurch (SI) New Zealand, Jackie runs 1-5 day course for levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Online, Liberty, Freestyle & Finesse. Jackie travels frequently and is committed to supporting Parelli students New Zealand wide as well as Australia. Jackie has taught at all of the Parelli Centres around the world – US Centres (Pagosa Springs, Ocala UK Centre and Australian Centre both in leading and supporting teaching roles. As a ‘Legacy Instructor’ she is recognized as one of Pat and Linda Parelli’s most experienced instructors in the field and really has what it takes to help you progress and achieve your dreams with horses!

Click on the ‘Events’ above to check out Jackie’s scheduled courses or visit her website regularly to stay updated with when she will next be in your area.

To register your interest in attending a Game of contact clinic in your area, please contact Jackie directly by email on

For long-distance learning with Jackie from anywhere in the world why not use her Video coaching service and get the expert coaching that will empower you to while fast-tracking your progress!

If you would like to arrange/ host a course in your area please contact Jackie directly for details and how you can ride for FREE and help spread the Parelli message and grow the Parelli student community in your area!

Email Jackie at or call 0275 727 355

Please visit my website for more information about my services and much more:

Follow my Facebook page: Jackie Chant – 4* Senior Parelli Professional

“With the Parelli System, I can help you enjoy the journey while achieving your goals and dreams with horses. I am very passionate about humans and horses coming together in partnership to help each other learn the life lessons they can teach each other. Horses teach humans and humans teach horses! I believe that our horses come into our lives at the right time for all the right reasons. With the Parelli Program we are taught to put the relationship first, then to develop our partnership in 4 distinct areas of learning – Online, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse before specialization and to be committed to never-ending self-improvement. I look forward to meeting you soon!”

Jackie Chant.

Fiona Darling


PHONE: 0429031395

49 Institute Road
Carlsruhe Macedon
Ranges Victoria 3442


Thank you for visiting my bio in your research. For your reference, please check my website and Facebook pages for further information. I would be pleased to receive your inquiries and/or questions personally via my email, phone, or by FB messenger to Fiona Darling FB page or Horsemanship Macedon Ranges FB page. I post current events available for bookings on my website, the website, and the Horsemanship Macedon Ranges FB page.

I have been a Parelli Instructor since 1997 so now have over 23 years of coaching people through Levels 1 to 4 in all four savvys. This has provided me with a diverse and thorough understanding of what it takes to achieve an ever more meaningful and dependable partnership with a horse.

From my experiences, I know the Parelli program to be an outstanding, first of its kind home study program offering people from all horse pursuits a solid foundation from which they can then specialize. Whatever your horsemanship dreams or goals may be through understanding the nature of the horse and working with your horse by putting the relationship first you will discover the surest pathway to success with safety, excellence, truth, and results as the cornerstones.

I now live at Carlsruhe between Woodend and Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria just 1 hour north of the city center of Melbourne with easy access from the Calder Hwy, with my husband Rob and son Stuart along with 4 horses, 1 dog (Missy a Kelpie x Border Collie), guinea fowl and the various Australian wildlife that live around our property “Seven Keys”.

Horses in my life today: Annie my chestnut Anglo Arab x QH mare with a blaze and 4 white socks, Taci (Black Horse Manor Anastacia) a dark brown first cross Andalusian x TB/QH mare, Maggie (Black Horse Manor Magdalena) a young bay Andalusian mare and the most recent addition Gramayre Honey Bear a Knabstrupper x Friesian filly black/dark brown with a blanket born at Gramyre Friesian Horse stud.

My other horses with whom I have shared my life with for the rest/all of their lives: Willow (Willow Lane) a dark brown TB ex-racehorse gelding, Kes (Adlerweiss) a grey Hannoverian mare, Tim a black TB ex-racehorse gelding, Maddie (Mahalaweiss) daughter of Kes also grey and TB x (father TB Chandra Mahal), Rudi a 17+hh son of Kes and another grey with the sire Figaro a Dutch warmblood stallion, Buzz a bay gelding with a lovely big white star and diagonally opposite white socks as my son’s Welsh Mountain pony.

For those new to Parelli who are researching my role as a Parelli Professional here is the story of my journey as both a student and Instructor through the Parelli levels program, along with some of the experiences it has opened up to me along the way.

Disillusioned with my Hannoverian warmblood mare Kes’s responses to the traditional methods of dressage training as we progressed through the ranks to Medium competition level I had ceased competition and lost direction and motivation.

My first taste of all that the Parelli program has to offer came when I attended my first Partnership course in September 1995 with Maddie my newly started young mare thinking that this would be a good outing for her. Wow! This course opened up a whole new world of learning based on life from a horse’s perspective and it was organized in such a way that I felt empowered in the process. I was so excited by the possibilities that lay ahead!

With a Science Degree majoring in Zoology and a Diploma of Education from Monash University Clayton Vic my career had taken me down the pathway of secondary school teaching for many years.
It was upon reflection soon after this my first Parelli course that I could see a way to incorporate my love of being involved with people in a learning environment, the study of animal behavior, and my childhood dream of having a career with horses.

At this course, it was advised to me by the Course Instructor that the best way to make progress through the Parelli levels program was to start with your easiest horse. With this in mind over the months that followed I decided it would be best to bring Kes out of the paddock, after 5 years as a broodmare, to be my first horse to take to Level 4.

In July 1997 I studied at the Colorado ISC and headed back to Australia as a Student Instructor. I began to live my dream career!

Gaining coaching experience around Australia and in the UK and making return trips to both the Colorado and Florida ISCs with Linda and Pat Parelli as well as teaching and assisting at courses at the Australian Parelli Campus resulted in my achievement of 3*Star Instructor status in Feb 2003 and 4 *Star Senior Instructor status in Feb 2014.
Over the years I have returned to the USA 10 times to study with Pat and Linda Parelli in my commitment to never-ending self-improvement and to keep up to date with the latest innovations and developments in the Parelli Program.

As a Parelli Professional I have had many wonderful opportunities to travel around Australia as far north as Darwin and Pine Creek with nearby Kakadu in NT, Kununurra by the absolutely huge Lake Argyle and gateway to the Kimberleys in WA, Cairns by the Great Barrier Reef in Qld and south to Riddells Creek and the Mornington Peninsula around Melbourne Vic, to name a few with many fabulous places and people in between!

I have been very fortunate to spend time teaching courses in places not visited by many Australians but deeply embedded in our Australian psyche such as Monkira Station a cattle station just under 1 million acres on the Diamantina River in outback Qld.
It is always wonderful to meet so many students all with their own inspiring stories of their life journeys to tell and enthusiastic to learn and progress in their horsemanship by following the Parelli levels program.

With my son Stuart now 21, I understand well the challenges faced by many students I meet in juggling family life, career, and horsemanship.
It is important to me that students can strive for their horsemanship dreams and goals by having accessibility to lessons, workshops, weekend clinics, and home-based multi-day intensive study modules, the first 3 styles of events both at my home base and other locations as organized by interested individuals and groups.
I am dedicated to creating opportunities for both children and adults to learn more about their horses and themselves in their progress through the Parelli levels program.

Now at our new 40-acre property “Seven Keys” Carlsruhe Vic between Kyneton and Woodend in the Macedon Ranges Shire. I have set up a play paddock containing undulating terrain, obstacles, a 55′ metal round yard, a honeycomb, a 60 x 30 m all-weather sand arena, and 6 spacious guest horse yards.

I am offering what I have termed “Intensive Study Modules”, each levels specific and available for 1 to 6 students and their horses to attend at a time to provide a small group setting with more personalized attention. These modules offer focused progression for those able to attend over a 3 to 4 day weekend emphasizing the importance of setting goals and becoming more focused. Each module provides the specific individualized stepping stones each participant requires in order to achieve the goals they have set for themselves under my guidance at the start of the module. The layout of the facilities at Seven Keys is designed to enable a smooth transition for horse and human in their progress through the levels in all four savvies.

In closing, I would like to thank all the students it has been my privilege to teach so far. Your enthusiasm and dedication is my inspiration to be the best Instructor I can be!
I look forward to meeting up with you and your horse at future courses both around Australia and at home at Seven Keys.

To educate, challenge and inspire are key to what I have to offer as n experienced Senior Parelli Instructor in supporting students of the Parelli program with their horsemanship dreams and goals for sport, work, or recreation.
Good, better, best, never let it rest, get your good better, and your better best!
Fiona Darling

Alejandra Gonzalez


PHONE: +506 8861–11–11


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Senior Horse Development Specialist

4 Star Parelli Professional con más de 15 años de estudiar y practicar el método ; apasionada por los caballos y siempre buscando la mejor forma de entenderlos y entrenarlos . Practico Dressage como deporte con fascinación por la biomecánica del jinete y del caballo. Vivo en Costa Rica donde tengo a mi cargo un criadero de Caballos Pura Raza Española (PRE ) en el cual desarrollamos los potros con el Método Parelli y exitosamente los llevamos a niveles competitivos en Dressage.

Imparto clases y clínicas al rededor del mundo y mi misión es ayudar a las nuevas generaciones dando a conocer el Método Parelli y cambiando la forma de entrenar el caballo en Latinoamérica.

Rolando Heuberger


Nato nella bella campagna di Basilea in Svizzera, a 20 anni sono stato sedotto dal carattere latino e mi sono trasferito in Toscana.
Vivendo in un casolare in Casentino e subendone le influenze Etrusche da subito la mia passione per i cavalli è diventata una professione.
Ho iniziato addestrando cavalli per competizioni di salto ostacoli, passando ad un addestramento per tutti i tipi di cavalli.
Avvicinandomi poi al sistema Parelli, nel ’98, ho capito l’importanza del rapporto rntra uomo e cavallo piuttosto che le tecniche coercitive.
Ora, diventato anche istruttore, continuo nello studio e nell’educazione a questo magico legame aiutando cavalli e persone a scoprirsi e riconciliarsi, cercandorndi creare quella giusta serenità che permetta di far divertire sia l’uno che l’altro.







Gigi Pini


PHONE: Cell. 335 84 83 669

Ringrazio mio nonno che all’eta’ di 8 anni per la prima volta mi mise sulla groppa di uno dei suoi muli… e quel giorno non l’ho mai piu’ dimenticato.

Ho trascorso la mia infanzia e l’adolescenza frequentando le scuole classiche di equitazione inglese e western fino a che non e’ arrivato nella mia vita un cavallo di nome Charlye che mi ha fatto capire la grande mancanza di comunicazione che normalmente c’e’ tra l’uomo ed il cavallo.

Finalmente nel 1998 ho assistito ad una dimostrazione di Pat Parelli e da quel momento per me e’ iniziata la vera comunicazione con i cavalli. Era cio’ che stavo cercando!!!
La mia vita e’ migliorata e anche quella dei cavalli che ho incontrato.

Ora il mio sogno e’ diventato il mio lavoro.

Rachel Shawyer


PHONE: 07917 443 288

Rachael Shawyer (Morland) is a 4-star Senior Instructor based in Derbyshire. She teaches regular courses, workshops, and camps at her yard in Derbyshire as well as teaching groups all around the UK. For more information on Rachael and the courses and workshops she teaches please visit or call 07917 443 288.

My journey to becoming a Parelli Professional.
I’ve always loved horses and as a child was forever reading books and watching horse films, such as Black Beauty, National Velvet, and The Black Stallion. I remember dreaming about having a horse that was my best friend, one that would follow me anywhere and one that I could ride with no saddle or bridle just like I’d read about and seen in the movies. Of course, I knew this wasn’t really possible but dreamt of it all the same…..

I bought my first horse when I was 20 and chose what I thought was the horse of my dreams… Looking back he was completely unsuitable as a first horse. He was a young, pretty much unstarted Arab gelding who was terrified of everything. To me he was perfect! I thought he was beautiful and I loved his wildness. In my mind, I had decided that it would be easy to tame him and have him become my partner just like the horses I’d seen in the movies. With a bit of love and time, I thought he’d soon be following me everywhere and thought we’d be able to go anywhere together.

Well…. that dream lasted all of about 5 minutes as I started to realize I had my hands full! I have very clear memories of him spooking and being terrified of everything, I couldn’t tie him, he was difficult to trim, vet and for the dentist, he wouldn’t stand still for saddling or mounting (my friend would hold him as I ran in a circle around her trying to girth the saddle, etc) and when we did ride out he would jog everywhere and be up everyone’s drive whenever a car came by, (he once jumped a 3-foot garden wall onto someone’s lawn because of a lorry passing).

I spent about a year schooling him using all the usual techniques and we did make some progress but he was still very spooky and panicky about lots of things and when I rode he would want to bolt at any opportunity. Any time I released the reins even a little he’d take off.

Then…… luckily…. my Aunt and Uncle bought me tickets to see Pat and Linda Parelli at a two-day teaching conference. I had heard of natural horsemanship before and tried a few things I’d read about but I had never seen Parelli before. My life changed that weekend! I literally sat mesmerized for the whole two days. This was exactly what I’d been looking for and dreaming of and I never knew it existed. I watched Pat play with a challenging horse that acted quite similarly to Phoenix. In a very short time, the horse became calm, trusting and happy to do as he asked both on the ground and ridden. Watching Pat work and listening to him explain why horses behave the way they do, I was able to see how to go about achieving exactly the same results with my horse.

There was also an Instructor team at this event and I watched them ride around with no saddles or bridles. They cantered, jumped, and could turn and stop with no reins, and then, when they got off, their horses followed them around. I remember watching amazed and then thinking “if they can learn this, then so can I” and I made the decision to study the program and train to be an instructor.

I started working through the levels program from that conference in Oct 2002 and things between me and my horse changed dramatically. He became confident, responsive rather than reactive, calm, and really started to feel like a partner. As we progressed, things that I never would have believed possible started to become easy and about 2 years after starting the program, I was able to live my dream of galloping along the beach with no bridle or saddle and still be in complete control. This was something I had never believed possible with any horse let alone my crazy Arab.

I passed level 3 of the program in April 2006 and over the next year spent around 6 months at the US Parelli Centres taking part in various University modules including two 3 week colt starts with Pat Parelli and Rob McAuliffe and received 2 stars in instructing and 2 stars in colt starting.

In 2007/08 I spent a year working as part of the Instructor team at the UK Parelli Centre and was lucky to get to work closely with Neil Pye, Susan Shoemark, and Rob McAuliffe during that time.

I received my 3-star Instructor rating in April 2009 and then in 2010 returned to Florida again as a student of Pat’s mastery program, spending time with both Pat and Linda, as well as many other high-level instructors.

In 2015 I received my 4-star Instructor rating and I now teach regular Parelli Courses and Workshops across the country and continue to return to the UK and US Centres both to teach courses and to participate in courses and instructors training days with Linda and Pat Parelli.

To Book a lesson or find out more please email: or Tel: 07917 443288

Kaye Thomas


Kaye has been associated with Parelli since 1990 where she first met Pat and Linda Parelli. Instantly fascinated with what they were sharing, she began to study Pat’s philosophy about natural horsemanship and was fortunate enough to begin working in the Sydney Parelli office in 1992 and remained there until 1995. It was in this year that she was invited to travel with the Parelli’s throughout Canada and the USA, attending business courses and horsemanship courses. She became an Apprentice Instructor and became very interested in the development of Young Horses. Kaye is now a Licensed Four Star Senior Parelli Professional and Senior Horse Development Specialist. Kaye’s teaching is specialized, in that she can teach small groups to larger groups in formats of workshops, courses, or camps. Being a Licensed Parelli Instructor enables her to develop people to a high level of competence by understanding equine behavior which effectively changes and develops horses and people to an advanced level. You can contact Kaye on or visit her web page at

Maude Valceschini

German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0041 (0) 79 462 97 42

Bas des Bioux 7
CH – 1346 Les Bioux VD


Maude is one of the first instructors in Suisse Romande

Maude lives in Suisse Romandie, works closely with the instructor Carmen Zulauf and teaches regularly at the IENA in Avenches, where she is also involved in the annual young horse training.

Her teaching languages ​​are French and English. In addition, she also takes on private lessons throughout Suisse Romandie and has a lot of experience in teaching children and young people.

As a Parelli 3-star instructor, Maude teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in the Savvys Online, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse from level 1 to level 4.

For further information about lessons with Maude please contact directly or visit the homepage for Suisse Romande

You can send course inquiries for Maude directly to

Silke Vallentin

Silke’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0049 (0) 3437 94 13 94

Golzerner Strasse 3
D – 04668 Bröhsen


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

Silke Vallentin is one of the first Parelli instructors in Germany!

She has been teaching full-time as a Parelli instructor throughout Europe since 1999. In her training center near Leipzig, the trained zoo technician, who is in a wheelchair and has achieved great things with her horses despite her handicap, offers courses, intensive weeks, holiday camps, and private lessons for horse lovers.

Silke attaches great importance to addressing the body, soul, and spirit of her two- and four-legged guests through a holistic approach to optimally promote the harmony between humans and animals.

She received further training from Freddy Knie Senior, Alexander Nevzorow, Bent Branderup, and Ray Hunt. Her special love goes to the “high school” in freedom training. Pat Parelli awarded her Level 4 in the On Line (floor work on the rope) and Level 7 in the Liberty (freedom training) area.

Son Janek and her horses Biko, Tonka, Viento, and Candelera help to make Silke’s dreams come true. She is also often booked with her horses for horse fairs, shows, and other events.

It is very important to her to thank Pat and Linda Parelli for their continued support.

As a Parelli 3-star instructor, Silke teaches private lessons, courses, camps, and workshops in the Savvys On Line, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse from level 1 to level 4. As a licensed horse development specialist, she also trains horses. No events at this time



David Zeund


Located in England & Switzerland


ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist

I grew up in a village in the east of Switzerland, with a twin brother and a younger sister.
In 1997 I finished an apprenticeship as a tool and die maker with the best result in the Country. I really enjoyed the trade. My hobbies were mountaineering, making tools, leatherwork, woodwork, and anything else we needed, in our family workshop, and riding once or twice a week.
But in 2000 I discovered the Parelli Program, with my loan horse. All of a sudden I had a plan with my horse and the
horse understood it too! So I decided to (and had the luck to be accepted) be a working student at Pat’s ranch in Colorado. I stayed for a year. I was amazed at how much I learned in these 12 months.
My trade was important to me at this time. Only because I always had worked at home, was I able to go through Pat’s program. I went to Montana for 6 months to ride with Ronnie Willis, which was the best time ever! Lots of young horses, some restarts and one of the best Horsemen as a teacher. I rode up to 10 horses a day six days a week.
After I became certified as a Parelli instructor and colt starter, I decided to quit tool making. I teach the Parelli program from private lessons up to 3-day clinics.
In 2011, I moved to England to be with my fiancée Alison Jones, also a 4-star instructor, and together we set up The Horse Place in Devon.
Every year I go back to the Parelli source, for at least a month, to be up to date and improve in the different areas of expertise; teaching the program, colt starting, training of the foundation of performance, driving.
My biggest passion is colt starting (backing of youngsters); I start colts all year in England and twice a year in Switzerland. Mountaineering and colt starting are very similar, it’s critical to respect the laws of nature and important the whole team (guide and guest) makes it to the top and back to the cabin before dark.
My goal is to help everyone get closer and achieve their dreams with horses. The Parelli program has enabled me to live my dream, I look forwards to being able to help passionate horse lovers achieve theirs too.
For more information visit:

Allison Zeund


Helping people understand horses

I, like many people, started as a horse-mad child doing anything to be at the local riding school, anything to earn that one ride. Once I left school I worked for an event rider, then studied horses at college and gained my BHS stages I II and III. I also gained a BSc in Equine Studies.

Through this time I became nervous about jumping but also of riding. I could not always see why the horse bucked, stopped, or over jumped. Because of this, I could not predict when the horse would do this again. I was nervous because I could not read a horse.

I went to work for a lady who introduced me to groundwork, apart from lunging and long reining, a completely new concept for me.

To begin with, I did feel as though I had taken a step back, asking my horse to back up and go sideways on the ground instead of working on my half pass. After a while, I realized that I was working on the half pass.

I have spent many weeks training in the USA (including classes with both Pat and Linda Parelli as well as other Parelli professionals) and am constantly undertaking further training. I lived and worked closely with 2 top Parelli professionals, on and off for 10 years.

From being able to read the horse I now confidently compete in affiliated horse trials, dressage, and start young horses. Performance is one of my passions- how to have a great foundation for the competition horse. Two of my horses are currently affiliated, regularly competing and winning points at novice, elementary and medium with aspirations of advanced medium dressage.

Everyone had a dream when they first got into horses. Often they take the shape of the films we saw as a child- The Black Stallion or National Velvet, or books like Black Beauty or the Jill series, provoke us to want an infallible relationship with our horse. These vary from high-level competition to safely owning or riding down the road. Through a variety of reasons rarely are we living this dream. Parelli has enabled me to achieve my goals- some of which I did not even know I had!

My passion is to help people and horses have a solid foundation, a must for a great partnership as well as for performance. I look forwards to helping horse lovers who would like to live their dream.

For more information on Alison Zuend and the services offered please visit my website.







Elena Bader

Elena’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0049 151 15 637 846

56412 Gackenbach


When I started riding I knew that there had to be a natural way with horses.

I did not want to consider horses as sports equipment, but as a partner and dealt with a wide variety of horsemanship methods. When I bought my then four-year-old Quarter Horse gelding “Mousey” (BH Dunit Pine) in the summer of 2008, who until then only knew tournament training and his box, I quickly realized that I was not on the right track yet. Mousey showed me clearly that he didn’t want anything to do with me.

At the end of 2008, I finally came across Parelli Natural Horsemanship and was immediately impressed! After the first few hours, I was able to handle Mousey better. Our problems quickly disappeared.

I booked one course after the other with 3-star instructor Ralf Heil on the Josenhof in Rot an der Rot until I moved in July 2009 as a working student and from August to November 2009 as an intensive student with my horse on the Josenhof. There I looked after project horses of various horseanalities, breeds, age, and training classes. I was allowed to assist Ralf with courses, got private lessons, and took part in various fairs and demos with my horse. I also had the opportunity to work with young horses together with 3-star instructor David Zünd from Switzerland and to participate in workshops with 3-star instructor Mira Geldermann.

I also studied animal psychology with a focus on horses, dogs, and cats at the Academy for Veterinary Medicine in Switzerland. In summer 2009 I received my diploma.

In February 2010 I took part in the first 4-week fast track course at Parelli Center Florida and in March I started a twelve-week course of study, which I successfully completed as a 1-star trainee instructor and with passed level 3. In February 2011 I again attended a training course at the Parelli Center in Florida and then received my 2nd instructor star. In summer 2013 I attended the 3rd-star course in Pagosa Springs, which I successfully completed afterward.

Since June 2011, together with my husband Stephan Heberlein, I have been running our horsemanship training center in Gackenbach near Koblenz. We look forward to welcoming and inspiring numerous ambitious Parelli students with their horses at the “Lindenhof”!

As a 3-star instructor, Elena teaches private lessons, workshops, courses, and camps for adults and children in the Savvys On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse from level 1 to level 4.

Chris Brady


The first time I was introduced to a horse was when I was taken to a horse riding school with my brother at the age of eight. The horse I was introduced to, stood on my foot and my brother’s horse bucked him off. This should have been a nightmare experience but, after the initial shock and pain went away, I had the best day ever. This was the start of a life-long affinity with horses.

My teenage years were spent riding young polo ponies and hunters for a local yard.

Galloping through the forests, playing hide and go seek, and rounding up cattle in the Dublin mountains are some of my fondest memories from this time.

Having been lucky enough to build our own stables and yard we decided to get our own horses for leisure and competitive riding. It was not until we met Piper, an ex-racehorse that had a propensity to rear up and flip over, that I discovered how little I knew about horse behavior. The advice from people was to hit the horse any time he lifted his feet and or mechanical tie-downs. I was not willing to do either so I give him back to his original home.

I began my search again for a horse to hunt and came across my 4 yr old mare Millie, who I quickly realized was another challenging horse that had a propensity to buck.

Looking for a lasting solution to deal with this horse, I watched a demo of Pat Parelli at a UK Celebration dealing with a young horse that appeared to be very difficult to handle. Everything he said made so much sense to me I had to find out more.

Through the levels program I have revealed the true horse and what was once a challenging horse is now my perfect partner.

Having traveled to the UK and USA and studied with some of the best Parelli professionals including Pat and Linda I have found a real passion for horse development, foundation training, and teaching.

Having spent five years of my military career as a teacher and instructor in the Military College I have gathered the skills to impart the knowledge I have gained through my Journey. As a Parelli Professional, I am looking forward to inspiring, empowering, and educating through Natural Horsemanship.

Sarah Brady


Some of my earliest memories are centered on horses. From a very early age, I was hooked but it was not until nearly 10 that I badgered my parents to let me have my first pony. Bubbles was a tiny black and white Shetland pony who I rode bareback everywhere and the faster the better. I have never forgotten that connection.

After college and kids, I found the urge to get back into horses again. This time around I thought I would do the sensible thing and take some lessons yet I was never happy that I was learning anything. I became engrossed with dressage but failed to understand how I was causing anything to happen. It was also around this time that I learned I did not bounce anymore as I used to and my confidence took a substantial knock after a horrendous fall.

Burying all my intuition and worries I went ahead and took in an ex-racer who started me on my road to a more natural approach…I just did not know it then. Although I got on well with Piper it was not long until I got scared of him and no longer wanted to ride him.

After a break to extend our family I decided I needed to get another horse. This is when I met Ranger. My heart went out to Ranger when I saw him. He looked very quiet and I thought he would be the perfect horse for me. I soon learned otherwise.

It was not very long when some of the same problems reared their head with Ranger. I was starting to find more and more excuses to have someone else ride him and when I did I felt out of control. I also got very frustrated and mad a lot.

Ranger sprained his check ligament out hunting but finished the 3-hour hunt by cantering into the village head in the air on pure adrenaline. While on box rest I saw the footage of the UK Celebration. I was blown away. The Right Brain Extrovert was exactly like Ranger. I was on the phone to the Parelli office the next working day. I knew there and then this was the way forward and the only way I would stay in horses

Before Ranger retired in October 2010 we had excelled in all four Savvies to where we were studying Level 5. I finally felt like I was learning the trade and not just the tricks of the trade.

In June 2011 I inherited Angel from a student of mine. Angel was an extremely difficult horse when I first met her but through the program, she has made huge changes. She is now my dream partner and we started competing in January 2014 in Dressage.

My Journey with Ranger and Angel has inspired me to become a Parelli Professional. I feel I have much to share from my experiences in the program. I look forward to inspiring, empowering, and educating through Natural Horsemanship.

Rachel Clarkson

Sean Coleman


PHONE: 07958 527693

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to share with you a little about myself. I always wanted to become a professional horse trainer, in 2008 I had the opportunity to become an apprentice to James Roberts 3* PP and HDS. I stayed with James for 11 months and at that time it became very clear to me that I had to learn to become a horseman. The Parelli Program set me on that path.
I spent a few years studying the program and taking as many horses through the process as I could. I started my Professional Pathway in 2011 and since then I have spent approximately 2 1/2yrs on the Parelli Campus in the UK, US, and AUS, most of that time riding directly with Pat as an apprentice.
I now co-own a horse with Pat who lives with us here in the UK, her name is Vision (AR Dee Lena Chex). Vision holds a special place in my heart, she is the first horse I ride every day and I’m loving progressing through L5 together.
However Vision is not the best thing that has come out of this process for me, that has to be the fact that I met my fiancé Liz. Liz is a 3* PP, we are both based at our facility in Northants The Coleman Savvy Centre.
CSC has been purpose-built by us for Parelli Clinics and Courses, it’s a great place to come and immerse yourself in your horsemanship and surround yourself by like mind people. We are passionate about making the world a better place for horses and the people who love them and therefore we do our best to pass on everything that has been shared with us by Pat, Linda, and some of their most senior instructors. Like they say second-hand gold is as good as new!! Hope to see you down the road!
If you would like more information on any of our educational courses here is our contact information.
Contact Larisa (Sean and Liz’s Co-ordinator) on:
07958 527693

Keep it Natural!






Susana Conde Gutierrez


Bienvenid@, Ongi etorri, Benvingut, Benvido

Con toda una vida dedicada profesionalmente a caballos y personas, como Profesional Parelli mi objetivo es ayudar a ambos a establecer una relación duradera basada en el entendimiento, el respeto y la confianza mutua, sea cual sea la disciplina y estilo de monta.

Gracias a Pat y Linda Parelli por brindarme la oportunidad de formar parte de su equipo y unirme a su misión de Elevar el nivel de horsemanship por todo el mundo ayudando a las personas a Revelar su caballo, Descubrir su potencial, y Vivir su sueño…

Con base en Palencia pero con disponibilidad de desplazamiento por toda la pení­nsula, encontrarás más información sobre mí­ en:

Susana Conde


My entire professional life has been dedicated to horses and humans. As a Parelli Professional, my goal is to help both humans and horses to establish a long-lasting relationship based on understanding, mutual trust, and respect in whatever their discipline or riding style.

Thanks to Pat and Linda Parelli for allowing me the opportunity to be part of their team and to join them in their mission to raise the level of horsemanship worldwide by helping people — Reveal their Horse, Discover their Potential, and Live their Dream.

Although based in Palencia, I travel throughout the peninsula. You can find more about me at (website in Spanish) :

Susana Conde

Nic De Winne

FACEBOOK: nic.dewinne

PHONE: +324 9657 0864




When I was 7, I went horseback riding with my big sister. My grandfather Albert de Winne, who started out as a simple butcher in Antwerp, was the person who stopped live transport of slaughter horses from the UK and Ireland to the continent: a milestone in the awareness of respect for and welfare of these noble creatures. Never ever had I imagined that 20 years later I would be responsible for multiple horses, let alone helping to change the world for them. In 1996 my girlfriend Kristien – now my wife and mother of our son – bought a book “Natural Horse-Man-Ship” by Pat Parelli. Two years in a row (’98 and ’99) we met Pat during Savvy Days in Belgium. After my first mare past away I started our 2yo Belgian Draft horse filly, who grew up to become 1000kg 100% Parelli horse. A year later I started Pebbles, my cremello horse. In 2005 Pebbles and I went to our first 3-day clinic ever by Ray Hunt. Two months later we won the very first Benelux Parelli Tournament organized by Berni Zambail and Eddy Modde.

Since 2003 Kristien and I have been organizing numerous courses and Parelli related events with some of the best Parelli Instructors. Fall 2006 I finally was able to spend 6 weeks at the Parelli International Study Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado, where I got to follow the complete course cycle (courses 1,2 and 3) at once. I truly am blessed to have been able to work full time for six weeks with nothing but horses and like-minded students, on self-development and horsemanship in the most progressive program on earth against the setting of the Rocky Mountains. It really has been a dream come true.

My red dun AQH mare KC Talk Listo, became my main Parelli travel companion since 2007. My 2010 palomino gelding Myrrh is catching up quickly in becoming my 5th L4 horse. My 2016 AQH mare “Let’s Talk Savvy” is being started under saddle the special year 2020.

LICENSED PARELLI PROFESSIONAL. In August 2009 I was invited to return to Pagosa Springs for the first Instructor Course. Intensive training by mainly Pat himself with Linda’s support has been a tremendous privilege and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these wonderful people are the real thing. They truly live for their mission: make the world a better place for horses and people and to raise horsemanship standards worldwide. Based on putting the relationship first, proficiency in the 4 savvies (on-line, liberty, freestyle and finesse) and never-ending self-improvement, this mission will succeed. As a Licensed Parelli Professional, I can now fully contribute to this cause.

In 2014 I was also fortunate to participate in the Colt Start clinic at the Circle Bar Ranch in Texas, allegedly the last one that Pat would teach himself. And what a treat this was, starting 85 fillies and colts aging between 1 and 4 mostly wild ranch raised horses in 3 weeks under Pat’s supervision and directions. We also enjoyed the knowledgeable assistance from Maurice Thibault, John Baar, and Ryan Rose, who will be leading these types of courses in the future, starting in 2015.

Check the website above for events and courses organized in the Benelux or mail me for further information.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Nic


Als 7 jarig jongetje ging ik voor’t eerst met men grote zus paardrijden. Mijn grootvader Albert de Winne, begonnen als eenvoudige beenhouwer in Antwerpen, is de persoon die op vraag van de Engelse dierenbescherming, de levende trafiek van slachtpaarden van de Britse eilanden naar het vaste land stopzette: een mijlpaal in de verbetering van het welzijn en respect voor deze edele dieren. Nooit had ik gedacht 20 jaar later zelf voor meerdere paarden verantwoordelijk te zijn, laat staan mee te helpen omde wereld voor paarden te verbeteren. In 1996 kwam ik dankzij mijn vriendin Kristien – nu echtgenote – via het boek Natural Horse-Man-Ship bij Parelli, die we eerst in levende lijve mochten ontmoeten in 1998 en in 1999. Na het heengaan van mijn eertse merrie, startte ik Lotje, toen een 2 jaar veulen en ondertussen uitgegroeid tot 1000kg Parelli trekpaard. Een jaar later startte ik met Pebbles mijn Cremello Levels paard, waarmee ik in 2005 het eerste Benelux Parelli Tourament won. Met haar mocht ik in een 3 daagse clinic met Ray Hunt deelnemen. KC Talk Listo, mijn Red Dun AQH merrie is nu sinds 2006 mijn reisgezel.

Fast Forward naar het najaar van 2006. Eindelijk trek ik voor 6 weken naar het Parelli International Study Center in Pagosa Springs Colorado, om er de volledige lessencyclus (courses 1, 2 en 3) in een keer te doorlopen. 6 weken met gelijkgestemden enkel met horsemanship bezig zijn en dat in het beste en meest progressieve programma ter wereld is niet voor iedereen weggelegd en ik acht me dan ook gelukkig dat ik die droom al heb kunnen en mogen waarmaken.

Ondertussen organiseerden Kristien en ik van 2003 tot op heden talloze cursussen en Parelli gerelateerde events.

LICENSED PARELLI PROFESSIONAL In augustus 2009 werd ik door Pat uitgenodigd om te terugkeren naar Pagosa Springs voor de allereerste Instructor Course. 6 dagen intensieve opleiding gegeven door voornamelijk Pat Parelli zelf, met hulp en steun van Linda, is een ontzettend privilege en heeft nog eens onderlijnd dat deze gedreven mensen echt alleen voor hun missie leven: wereldwijd het niveau van paardenmensen op te krikken en een revolutie in de paardenindustrie te ontketenen. Gebaseerd op de relatie als eerste prioriteit, grondige kennis en vaardigheden in 4 domeinen (4 savvys: on-line, liberty, free style en finesse) en voortdurende zelfontwikkeling zullen we de wereld voor paard en mens verbeteren. Nu kan ik als Licensed Parelli Professional hiertoe mijn bijdrage ten volle leveren.

Check de websites of voor de events en cursussen die we organiseren in de Belux, of mail me op voor verdere informatie.

Hopelijk tot binnenkort, Nic

Humphrey Dirks

Mijn visie,

In de omgang en training van paarden, vind ik een aantal waarden erg van belang.
Mijn kernwoorden hiervoor zijn; verbondenheid, respect, impuls, buiging.
Ik zal uitleggen wat ik bedoel.

Als je een huis wilt bouwen heb je een goede fundering nodig, anders zal vroeg of laat je bouwwerk instorten.
Ook bij paarden is dit zo. Zonder de juiste basis, is het bereiken van je doel een stuk moeilijker.
De goede basis en opbouw van wederzijds verlangen naar mentale, emotionele en fysieke ontwikkeling.
Dit betekent dat jouw vertrouwensband en goede communicatie je gaan leiden naar je einddoel.

Communicatie is je sleutel tot succes.

Tijdens mijn lessen en workshops, leer ik je:
* Op een natuurlijke manier te communiceren met je paard, want als je het abc van de paardentaal leert begrijpen, vorm je gemakkelijker een harmonieuze combinatie van freestyle tot sport.
* De juiste basis te leggen met een positieve en progressieve methodiek.

Klaudia Duif



The classic cavalry was and is my great fascination and I have dealt a lot with the Doma Vaquera (Spanish utility riding) and Doma Classica (classic dressage) and have trained with riding instructors in this area. My mentors include mentors: Pat Parelli. Linda Parelli. Horst Becker. Pedro D’Almeida. Manolo Oliva. Philippe Karl. Manuel Jorge Martins de Oliveira. In addition, I specialize in preschool for young horses (pre-school). Young horses. Dressage. Terrain riding. High school. Long draw. Saddle fit. Saddle check.

In 2007 I started my own Parelli natural horsemanship trip and the best (horse) decision and experience of my life. In just a short time I had success and a wonderful partnership with my horses and we are still a long way from our goal. Every stage is exciting. I have found my passion for classic dressage again and dealt intensively with it. One of my goals is to support the bridge between Parelli natural horsemanship and classic dressage. I am addicted to knowledge and regularly train with Pat and Linda. This includes the Game of Contact, young horse start, finesse from level 4. I am at home and abroad to assist other Parelli instructors and to expand my own horsemanship journey with new experiences and knowledge. This also includes further training outside of Parelli, which nevertheless conforms to the principles of Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

I mainly teach on our system near Berlin and in the area around Berlin and Brandenburg. Furthermore, I give courses and lessons all over Germany, Switzerland, and internationally. Fixed course locations are eg Hamburg, Frankfurt (Oder), Lörrach.




Languages ​​of instruction: German, English, Dutch

Savvys that I teach: On line, Freestyle, Liberty, Finesse

Levels in which I support you: Level 1 – 4

I look forward to your message

Mira Geldermann






Benjamin Gerber

Ben’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0041 (0) 79 397 57 48

Alte Landstrasse 13
9436 Balgach SG


Solid craft. The trained carpenter attaches great importance to basic training.

Benjamin learned the Parelli program from scratch and continued his education up to level 3 here in Switzerland before deciding to complete his training as a Parelli instructor in the USA.

After the first stay of several weeks at the Parelli Center in the USA, he returned as a 1-star instructor before returning to Pat Parelli for another year in December 2009, first to go through the external and later the demanding internship program. During this time he was part of the tour team, did various shows with Pat and Linda Parelli in the USA, and was also part of the Savvy team at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

After returning to Switzerland, Benjamin worked for a time with 4-star senior instructor Walter Gegenschatz, where he assisted in starting the young horses and developed his own horsemanship. In the meantime, however, he has returned to his parents’ riding facility in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, where he has an excellent infrastructure for his courses, offers private lessons and intensive weeks, and also trains (young) horses. Benjamin has been married since May 2013. He lives in Balgach SG with his wife Jasmin.

As a Parelli 3-star instructor, Benjamin teaches courses, camps, workshops, and private lessons in all 4 Savvys (online, liberty, freestyle, and finesse) from level 1 to level 4. He also offers intensive weeks and takes (young) horses into training.

Course inquiries for Benjamin can be sent directly to . For private lessons, please contact him directly.

Ralf Heil

Ralf’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +4917 3994 1020

Birkenhof Seminarzentrum,
Birkenhof 1, 65366
Geisenheim, Germany


Als gelernter KFZ-Mechaniker und Harley-Fan übernahm ich Mitte der 80er Jahre meine eigene Werkstatt in Frankfurt/Main. Neben meiner Leidenschaft für Sport – immerhin spielte ich zeitweise als „Runningback“ in der 1. Bundesliga American Football – entfachte in mir auch die Liebe zu den natürlichen Pferdestärken.

Mit dem Kauf meiner ersten Stute „Libby“ begann meine Odyssee kreuz und quer durch die Verwendung diverser Hilfsmittel, um mein Pferd bei unseren Ausritten bändigen zu können. Als ich zufällig auf Pat Parellis Buch stieß, begann ich nach dessen Konzepten mit ihr zu arbeiten und über einen Zeitraum von über sechs Monaten erwarb ich mir auf natürliche Weise und mit Hilfe der „sieben Spiele“ Ihren Respekt – erstmals in unserer Pferd-Mensch-Beziehung!

Es bewegte mich tief, wie sehr ich Libby unwissentlich gequält hatte und ich beschloss, dass ich Instruktoren in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz kennenlernen und von Ihrem Wissen weiter profitieren wollte. Innerhalb kürzester Zeit wurde mir bewusst, dass ich selbst ein Instruktor sein wollte und ich zudem offenbar ein gewisses Talent mitbrachte. So ging ich einige Jahre regelmäßig für jeweils 3 bis 6 Monate in die USA zu Pat Parelli persönlich und bekam 2003 meinen ersten Instruktoren-Stern. Ich war stolz, aber das sollte erst der Beginn der Reise sein.

Von nun an als hauptberuflicher Instruktor mit dem „Horsemanship Zentrum Josenhof“ im Raum Stuttgart/Memmingen tätig, erwarb ich, gemeinsam mit der lizensierten Instruktorin Sandra Gockenbach, 2010 das Anwesen in der Nähe meiner alten Heimat Frankfurt; den Birkenhof im Rheingau. Hier biete ich seither Kurse für alle Level an. Zu meinen persönlichen Schwerpunkten gehören Dressur und Working Equitation, aber auch das entspannte und natürliche Ausreiten auf der Basis des Natural Horsemanship. 2017 veröffentlichten Sandra Gockenbach und ich dazu das Buch „Entspannt ausreiten. Übungsprogramm für Pferd und Reiter“.

Seit 2018 ergänzt meine Frau Julia das Birkenhof- Team. Das Seminarzentrum wird von uns stetig weiter ausgebaut und im Fokus stehen dabei – natürlich! – Parelli Natural Horsemanship als grundsätzliche Haltung gegenüber Menschen und Pferden, die Bewahrung eines natürlichen Charmes, einer Anlage für Pferde im Herdenverband und die Lehre eines liebevollen und ehrlichen Miteinanders zwischen Mensch und Pferd.

Barbara Heinen

Barbara’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0(+49) 177 4493723

56412 Gackenbach


Safety, fun, and success with horses!

Horses have always been Barbara’s passion. As a child, she spent every free minute on the nearby farm and roamed the woods and fields with her pony for hours.

“When I grew up, I took lessons in dressage and show jumping, and the more I learned, the more complicated and frustrating it was to deal with the horses. Over a few years, I tried a lot, took lessons from different teachers, and learned a lot in the process. However, the Parelli program was a breakthrough for me – for the first time I felt that I could achieve something with my horse in a harmonious way! ”

After her first Parelli course, she was unstoppable, followed by courses with experienced Parelli instructors and on the Parelli campus in the USA. In instructor training, she learned even more about horsemanship and, above all, how to pass it on successfully. As a Parelli instructor, she now wants to help others have safety, fun, and success with horses!

As a Parelli 2-star instructor, Barbara teaches private lessons, courses and workshops in Savvys Online, Liberty and FreeStyle from level 1 to level 4

Nathalie Lagasse

Ik ben pas laat begonnen met paardrijden, ik startte al aan de unief toen ik eindelijk wekelijks naar de manege trok. Daar heb ik de ‘normale’ manier van paardrijden geleerd. ‘Stap maar direct op, schoppen om vooruit te gaan, trekken aan de teugels om te stoppen en te sturen. En niet laten merken dat je bang bent.’

Er moest meer zijn, en dat vond ik bij verschillende stromingen van wat nu ‘Natural Horsemanship’ heet. Intussen weet ik dat Pat Parelli de term ‘Natural Horsemanship’ heeft bedacht, meer dan 30 jaar geleden al, het kon niet anders of ik zou uiteindelijk wel bij de bron terechtkomen.

Ik heb al bij vele trainers, paardenfluisteraars, dressuurleraars en zo meer les gevolgd, vele boeken gelezen, maar uiteindelijk vind ik de meest volledige aanpak bij het Parelli programma. Door de jaren heen weet ik daar nu ook al veel vanaf, ik heb zowel bij Pat Parelli als bij Linda Parelli al meerdere malen les gevolgd en ik help jou ook graag om beter te worden met je paard!

Mieke Lannoo


Ik ben geboren en getogen in een echte paardenfamilie als jongste in een gezin van vijf. Paarden (dravers) trainen en verzorgen was een dagelijks taak,het hoorde bij het leven. Net als eten, drinken en slapen, alles draaide rond de paarden bij de Fam. Lannoo- Martens, bekend door haar paardenvoeders.

Ook al hadden we thuis veel paarden, toch bleef ik eigelijk dromen van iets meer, iets anders,… Ik wou springen, crossen, galopperen, dressuurles volgen, en zo verder, en dit alles met een paard als echte kameraad. Maar dat was buiten mijn vader zijn gedachtegang gerekend. Een paard dat bij ons op den hof kwam moest zijn boterham verdienen en was geen speelkameraad. Als ik onder het zadel wou rijden in plaats van aangespannen was dat voor hem geen enkel probleem. Er stonden er genoeg, ik had maar te kiezen. En uit te proberen. Paardrijden is niet meer of minder dan er gaan opzitten en niet afvallen. Als we dan niet echt van den hof gerakten werd er gewoon eens met een schop op de grond geslagen ,of begon er iemand op de garage poort te kloppen zodat het paard duidelijk werd gemaakt gelieve hier weg te gaan ,en WEG waren we. Natuurlijk waren er ook soms paarden die niet voldeden als koerspaard; te zot , te traag , te koppig,enz….

Toen ik dat zag aankomen zocht ik allerlei argumenten om het paard te mogen houden. Ik leerde die dan springen (daarvoor had ik nodig 2 pakken stro en een balk), ging er mee op vriendenbezoek, leerde ze galopperen langs het kanaal of in een geploegd veld. Met letterlijk veel vallen en opstaan hebben die paarden mij “veel” geleerd, want rijles kregen wij niet. Daar mijn vader veel op de baan was, kwam hij vaak mensen tegen die een braaf paard zochten; liefst niet te duur. Dan vertelde hij over mij en wat ik allemaal deed met zijn ex-koerspaard en daar ging mijn paard Ontelbare keren ben ik opnieuw begonnen. En al die paarden ben ik nu ontzettend dankbaar. Zij hebben er mede voor gezorgd dat ik sta waar ik nu ben.

Alles veranderde pas echt toen ik van mijn vriend, nu mijn man, een warmbloed paard cadeau kreeg als verlovingsgeschenk; TWIST! Een 3-jarige ruin en zadelmak geboren (hahaha). Nu ging ik voor het eerst in mijn leven eens echt mijn droom waarmaken les volgen ,dressuur rijden ,trektochten maken en noem maar op. Ik had grootse plannen voor ons twee. Na een paar maanden kwamen er toch hier en daar wat problemen opduiken. Vooral opzadelen vond hij maar niets. Hij begon wat verzet op bit te geven, en stormde ooit met mijn broer over een golfbreker in volle galop.

Toen Kim Moeyerssoms, een goede vriendin van me, de naam Parelli liet vallen was mijn intereresse gewekt. En na een demonstratie in Parijs waar we Pat parelli, Linda parelli en een aantal van hun studenten aan het werk zagen, was ik meteen verkocht. Nu zijn we 8 jaar verder en geniet ik elke dag meer van mijn paarden. Meer dan ooit tevoren.

Ondertussen heb ik al veel mensen geholpen met trailer laden, een paar zeer uitdagende paarden herstart en zadelmak gemaakt voor zowel draf- , ren- als springsport, Vroeger kon ik bepaalde dingen oplossen met een paard. Maar als iemand me vroeg hoe ik het dan uiteindelijk had gedaan kon ik daar moeilijk antwoord op geven. Door het parelli programma te volgen kan ik nu uitleggen WAAROM de dingen gaan zoals ze gaan en vind ik het een eer om dit nu aan anderen te kunnen leren.






Heather Mcneil


PHONE: 519 993 4245

Rockwood, Ontario


I started my PNH journey in 2003 and have never looked back. I have a Ph.D. in veterinary infectious diseases, and my scientific background helps me to observe and analyze the information when teaching. I am honored to serve horses and the humans who love them.

Kim Moyersoms

Ik had al veel interessante paardentrainers ontmoet toen ik in 2002 kennismaakte met Pat en Linda Parelli. Maar de Parelli demo’s die ik toen zag op Haras de la Cense (Parijs) maakten heel veel indruk op mij: al die studenten die zonder zadel of hoofdstel reden, die met paarden speelden in vrijheid… het leek mij ongelooflijk tof. En toen Pat zei: “Als ik het kan, kan jij het ook en ik heb een programma om het je stap voor stap aan te leren” dacht ik “oké, we beginnen eraan en zien wel hoe ver we geraken”. En inderdaad, Pat had gelijk, mijn fjord Kenzo en ik werden echte partners en Parelli Natural Horsemanship werd een echte passie. In 2005 was Kenzo trouwens de eerste fjord in de Benelux die de originele PNH Level 2 behaalde, iets waar ik enorm trots op was. Ondertussen behaalde Kenzo Level 4 in de 4 savvy’s, ik weet niet of er wereldwijd nog andere fjorden zijn die hem dit nagedaan hebben…

Kenzo leerde mij gaandeweg wat het betekent om onverstoorbaar en stressvrij te zijn en hij werd door zijn veelzijdigheid (trektochten, demo’s, vrijheidsdressuur, TREC wedstrijden,…) stilaan een echte SF, een SuperFjord dus!

Maar gaandeweg viel de PNH-invloed op alles wat ik met paarden ondernam, in de loop der jaren niet meer te ontkennen – ondanks mijn officiële diploma’s (Trainer Amerikaanse Rijkunst) om les te geven. Op een bepaald moment ‘doe’ je geen Parelli meer, maar zit de Savvy ergens veel dieper. Parelli instructeur worden leek mij dan ook niet meer dan een ‘eerlijke’ beslissing en ik ben heel gelukkig dat ik sinds maart 2010 officieel deel uitmaak van het Parelli team!

Pat en Linda zijn in mijn ogen zelf de meest inspirerende voorbeelden van “Natural, Positive & Progressive” en ik ben er zeker van dat Parelli Natural Horsemanship wereldwijd het grote verschil kan maken als het op partnership tussen paard en mens aankomt.

/Julia Opawaska



I have been riding since I was six years old. Parelli Natural Horsemanship came into my life 20 years ago thanks to my challenging (back then) horse – Niko. Today at 24 yo he is still my partner and a great help in showing people what you can achieve through love, language, and leadership.

Since I’ve started Parelli I’ve attended dozens of clinics and have studied with Pat and Linda Parelli, as well as some of the best Parelli and non-Parelli horsemen and horsewomen around the world: in Poland, England, Switzerland, and the US. I lived and taught in the UK for 5 years and currently, I’m based in Poland.

My great passion is classical dressage and I’m developing myself and my horses in this field, always having in mind Parelli Natural Horsemanship principles.

Whether you are looking for a solution to a particular problem you experience with your horse or you just want to have more fun and develop your partnership – I’m there to help.

I teach in Poland but am happy to travel to other countries.

Todd Owens

Karin Pettersson

Karin Pettersson driver “Two T’s” 1 mil öster om Halmstad där erbjuds;

Parelli Natural Horsemanship – Level 1-4
– 2018 som study weeks & camps – Halmstad, i Dalarna och i Tyskland i samarbete med Mira Geldermann.
Med en lång utbildning inom Parelli (sedan 1994) och min erfarenhet av egna hästar sedan barnsben samt arbete med hästar hemma i Sverige och på ranch i USA delar jag med mig av hästhavandekunskap. Fick ett scholarship av Pat Parelli 2010 som gav mig ytterligare ett antal månader hos dem för utbildning. Har haft lyxen att studera ganska nära Pat & Linda Parelli, senast 2014 var jag inbjuden att rida 1 månad ihop med Pat!
“There is nothing you can’t do -when the horse becomes a part of you..”
Hjärtligt Välkomna! Mvh Karin






Aniek Pieterse

Ever since my childhood, I have a great passion for horses. When I was 10 years old I “finally” was allowed to start riding and care for horses. From the age of eleven, I had my own pony. An opinionated little Arab, which taught me very much. With this pony a did a lot of dressage and jumping. I also played a lot with him recreationally. For eight years long he was my favorite companion. After that, I rode several horses from friends and took more dressage lessons.

In the summer of 2006, I traveled to Canada and learned a lot about Parelli Natural Horsemanship there. During this working vacation with horses, I got my Parelli level 1. This made me decide to get myself a horse again and continue with Natural Horsemanship. Mid-January 2007 I bought my NPRS (Netherlands Riding Horse and Pony Studbook) 3 years old mare. There was not much done with her. In the first few months, I mostly played with her on the ground, and step by step had the first rides on her. In May of the same year, I rode her with nothing more than a rope halter in the Amsterdam Forest. Fantastic!

In June 2007 I traveled to Canada again and there I brought a horse within 2,5 weeks up to level 2. This was audited by Don Halladay (Licensed Parelli Instructor).

In September 2007 I bought a 3-year-old stallion without any schooling: a completely different horse compared to the mare and a fantastic new challenge to work and play with him.

Amongst other things I went to Switzerland with my mare and visited Michael Wanzenried, now a 5-Star Senior Parelli Instructor, for training. I attended the FastTrack Course with Parelli in Florida, joint a clinic with David Lichman 5-Star Parelli Instructor, and the end of August 2010 I acquired the 1-Star Parelli instructors license in Colorado (USA). I have been teaching a lot since and having a blast to see people grow with their horses and having a lot of fun in the meantime. In 2011 I acquired my second star and I am now a 2-Star Parelli Instructor. And the journey continues 🙂

Since then I went back to the US to study with Pat and Linda Parelli several times and I continue to study with Michael Wanzenried.

I keep on trying to improve where ever I can for myself, my students, and all the horses on my pathway.

It will be a pleasure to meet you. See you in the future!


Joey Rinaldi


PHONE: +39 3487239700


Ho avuto l’immensa fortuna di nascere in mezzo ai cavalli..grazie a mio padre Enrico e a tutta la mia famiglia che da anni con passione, ha aiutato tante persone ad avvicinarsi ai cavalli in modo Naturale!!

Nel 1998, ho iniziato il programma Parelli.. e nel ranch di famiglia ( Double J ranch ) ho potuto fare tante esperienze con cavalli e persone.

Nel 2010 come assistente di Gigi Pini, abbiamo domato 22 puledri presso un grande centro di cavalli da reining..esperienza importantissima per la mia horsemanship!

Nel 2014 ho seguito il corso per Professionisti di 3 mesi, al Parelli ranch a Pagosa Springs,Colorado..dove ho potuto sviluppare la mia horsemanship e Teachmanship..partecipare a Demo e la fortuna di trascorrere 3 giorni con Pat durante le gare di Cutting.

Il mio compagno in questi anni nel mondo Parelli, si chiama Buckaroo Quixote, un Q.H, nato nel nostro ranch.. un cavallo speciale che mi ha aiutato giorno per giorno a realizzare il mio sogno….insieme a tutti i cavalli che, in questi primi 27 anni della mia vita ho avuto l’onore di incontrare.

Diventare Istruttore Parelli era il mio sogno da bambino….insegnare alle persone a capire e vivere in sicurezza con i propri cavalli….oggi sono a vostra disposizione per rendere il mondo un posto migliore per cavalli e uomini

Yvonne Salfner

WEBSITE: Yvonne’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: Mobile 0041 (0) 79 9466257

ADDRESS:Zuberbühlerstrasse 5
5330 Bad Zurzach AG


PARELLI QUALIFICATION: 3-star instructor

Focused. Yvonne made optimal use of her time as an assistant to top instructor Michael Wanzenried.

I started with Parelli Horsemanship in 2006 and passed my Level 1 in a course with 3 * instructor Ralf Heil.

After some time with always different riding participation I decided in 2008 to buy my own horse “Sancho”. Natural Horsemanship quickly became more and more important in my life and I decided to take a break as an intensive student.

With a lot of persistence, I got the opportunity and was very lucky to be able to start as a working student with top instructor Michael Wanzenried in Switzerland. (“LUCK is spelled WORK and is defined as’ when preparation meets opportunity.” – Pat Parelli).

I had planned to stay for 3 months and devote myself entirely to my horsemanship, for myself and my pony. That was in autumn 2009. However, I stayed until 2011, completed the training to become a 1-star instructor, and was Michael’s assistant.

In March 2013 I successfully completed the 2-star instructor course at the Parelli Center in Florida and finally completed my complete Level 4 in autumn 2013. I’ve always had the dream of working with horses; Parelli Natural Horsemanship has made this possible. I am very much looking forward to supporting you and accompanying you on your journey with your horse!

As a 2-star instructor, Yvonne teaches courses (max. 2 days), workshops, and private lessons in the Savvys On Line, Liberty and FreeStyle up to level 4.

You can direct course inquiries for Yvonne directly to

Lynetta Schionning

I got my first horse when I was 12. I had been begging my parents for years for my own horse. But while we had plenty of land and grass, we had very little money to buy a horse with. I found a filly one day in the local paper for $200. An unhandled, unstarted 2-year-old. Obviously, to my non-horsey parents, she seemed like a good buy for their clueless daughter. We named the filly Ronah, after a cyclone that had recently passed through. An ominous start to our relationship! After having Ronah “broken in” by a neighbor, I began to attempt to progress with her. It didn’t go well! I had no understanding of horses, and even though I loved them, I was terrified of them! I was never one of those fearless kids whose senses kick in at some later age, I was scared of horses from the beginning! I seriously needed help!

My salvation came in the form of a lady named Gil, who gave riding lessons in the local area. Gil also happened to be a level 3 Parelli student and took no time in telling me about Parelli. At that time I wanted to follow my dream of becoming an excellent horsewoman, and I realized that Parelli could help me achieve that. When she told me about Parelli instructors, I knew right away that that was what I wanted to do with my life.

Many years later, I’m now living my dream as a licensed Parelli Professional.

I’ve also recently relocated from Australia and assumed the role of Equine Specialist at Dart Stables, A New Zealand horse trekking venture.

Ursula Shuster

Ursula’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +49 170 2080 180

VAT-ID no.DE287642337

Bethlehemstrasse 7/2
88364 Wolfegg


PARELLI QUALIFICATION: 3-star instructor


Previously, Ursula never dreamed that horses would play such a central role in their lives.

In 1996 she heard about the “7 games” for the first time and wanted to know more about it. In the summer of 1997, she spent a few weeks at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Springs and learned personally from Pat and Linda. Since then she has not let go of this fascinating concept and has returned to Colorado every year as a working student and later as Pat’s apprentice. This time in the United States and traveling across the states with Pat and Linda on tour are among the most valuable and educational moments of their lives. The months in Montana, where she was able to benefit from the enormous knowledge of Pat’s mentor, Ronnie Willis, remain unforgettable. She learned a lot about riding young horses and got a valuable insight

Quote Ursula: “With their concept, Pat and Linda gave me the opportunity to turn my hobby into a profession and to build a harmonious partnership with horses that I would never have thought possible.

Ursula has been teaching in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany or, on request, in the rest of Europe since 2003, and looks forward to new encounters with horses and their people every day.

Ursula has her home base in Wolfegg near Ravensburg in the beautiful Allgäu region of Baden Württemberg, and is therefore in the immediate vicinity of all interested horse lovers in southern Germany, in northeastern Switzerland and in Vorarlberg.

As a 3-star instructor, Ursula teaches private lessons, workshops, courses, and camps in the Savvys On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse from level 1 to level 4.

Welcome to my place on the Parelli website!

I have been involved in Pat and Linda’s great program since 1997, and every year is more exciting as Parelli Natural Horsemanship grows and progresses. I have been teaching since 2002 and am mostly teaching and supporting in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy and anywhere you would like my assistance. I am certainly available for other countries upon your request. For more information about my clinics and myself please visit or

If you have any other requests or questions or if you wish to receive my newsletter please email me at

I wish you a great journey with your horse!





Anna Sell

Sandy Stanway


PHONE: NZ (03) 347 7673 or Phone or text me on NZ 027 680 4800

1140 Newtons Road, RD5,
Christchurch 7675,
New Zealand.


In 1994 I was breeding, showing, riding, and competing Arabian Horses. A number of things lead me to Parelli Natural Horsemanship including a particularly difficult 2-year-old colt, a mare who would NOT load onto horse float no matter what you did and trying to compete under saddle using traditional ‘make the horse’ methods that just were not working for me.

I knew there had to be a better way. A way where I could teach the horse to want to do what I wanted it to do. A way where we were a partnership, not a dictatorship. This lead me to a clinic with Pat and Linda Parelli. What a revelation. Here was a program I could follow to get excellent (not just good) results with horses in a kind and gentle manner.

So I gave up competing, vowing not to return until I could compete successfully without having to sacrifice the horse to do it and concentrated on improving my horsemanship. After learning Parelli Natural Horsemanship and completing the early levels I returned to showing and competing – boy what a difference! My horse’s self-load onto the float was incredibly easy to handle at the show and performed so much better in hand and under saddle than ever before.

I have been teaching and training all my life and when I became involved in Parelli I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I hold a Certificate in Adult Teaching, spent 14 years as a trainer in the New Zealand Police, 3 years as a corporate training consultant as well as being a qualified gymnastics instructor. I love teaching/training and have taught both adults and children.

Finally, in June 2011, I traveled to the Parelli Campus in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, USA, and successfully completed the 1-star Instructors course. Since then I have returned to the Colorado and Australia campuses completing an Externship, Internship, and Colt Start course and have now obtained my 3* rating.

I am based in West Melton, Canterbury, and am happy to travel anywhere in New Zealand to give lessons. I love helping people achieve their dreams with horses. I have had great success as a teacher and have a real strength in ensuring people feel good about themselves as they learn. I look forward to helping you in the future.

Patricia Valdhaus

Patricia’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: 0043 (0) 676 558 5322

Gilleisstrasse 33
A – 2020 Hollabrunn / Lower Austria


PARELLI QUALIFICATION: 3-star instructor

I have had a love for horses since my childhood; I started riding at the age of eight.

Back then, riding was the art of not falling off

my horse … I bought my first own horse 15 years ago; the Anglo-Arabian mare “Hires”. This became rounder by the day and lo and behold, small “Happy” was born. “Happy” is now 14 years old and has accompanied me patiently from level 1 to level 3. During my riding training, I passed the Western Riding Certificate and the license for dressage and jumping. I also had a lot of fun at some eventing tournaments with “Happy”.

In 1996 I saw a Parelli demonstration at the horse fair in Wiener Neustadt and was so enthusiastic about this system that I wanted to learn it too. On Savvy Day 2003 in Vienna, I received my Level 3 from Pat Parelli personally. Then a dream came true because I was allowed to spend six months with Pat and Linda at the Parelli Center in Colorado in 2004. During this wonderful time, I learned to apply my horsemanship to a variety of different types of horses. I also learned a lot about the art of conveying this extensive knowledge. Since September 2004 I have been a licensed Parelli instructor and can help you “read” your horse better and thus build a successful partnership with it.

As a 3-star instructor, Patricia teaches private lessons, workshops, courses, and camps in the Savvys On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle, and Finesse.

Martin Wimmer

Martin’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +43 (0) 676 305 60 17

Rohrmühle 1
Hollabrunnerstr. 59
A – 2020 Sonnberg / Lower Austria

For course inquiries, please contact Martin’s Booking Office directly: or Tel. +43 (0) 676/340 88 80.


3-star instructor
Horse Development Specialist

Martin is one of the first instructors in Austria and runs his own horse facility near Vienna.

Here he trains horses and breeds according to natural principles. The constant striving for lightness and harmony led Martin to put his tournament ambitions aside and to deal more with Parelli and the naturalness of the horse.

His own training is at the forefront. That is why he takes turns training in the USA in the Parelli Mastery Program, with other instructors or in the Philippe Karl riding instructor course. His aim is – among other things – to show that respectful handling of horses also leads to success in sport.

In order to offer the horses the best starting opportunities from an early age, Martin also offers foal rearing. In recent years, he has expanded his facility, 50 km west of Vienna, into a horse-friendly training place, where he offers courses, camps, and intensive weeks, and takes horses into training.

He also teaches regularly near Vienna at Thavonhof and also in Litzelsdorf and Zurndorf in Burgenland.

As a Parelli 3-star instructor, Martin teaches private lessons, courses, camps, and workshops in the Savvys On Line, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse. As a licensed horse development specialist, he also trains (young) horses.







Silvia Aigner

BLOG: Silvia’s Blog

PHONE: +43 676 5617700

22 rue du Jura
F-68480 Biederthal


Parelli Natural Horsemanship is THE way for me …

To train horses in a natural, appropriate way, without compulsion, intimidation, or mechanical means.

The study of horse psychology enables us to better understand the horse as a refugee and his instincts. By learning to assume our responsibilities and delegate responsibility to the horse, we can develop a partnership that goes far beyond what is achieved in traditional horse training.

I am happy if I can share this path with you and also help you to have a safer and more harmonious relationship with your horse. Playing on the ground (Savvy ON LINE) is the basis for any further training with the horse, be it for freedom training (LIBERTY) or riding without (FREESTYLE) or with constant rein contact (FINESSE).

As a licensed 2 * instructor, I teach the Savvys ON LINE, LIBERTY, and FREESTYLE in private or group lessons with max. 6 people, up to 6 hours a day. This enables the individual approach to you and your horse. I am primarily addressing Parelli beginners who want to learn the program. Targeted help at the right time can significantly accelerate learning success. But also as an advanced Parelli student (Levels 2 – 4) you can benefit from the lessons and take home new ideas for further training. Children can also playfully learn how to use the horse safely.

I would like to come to your facility and teach mainly in the border triangle Switzerland – Germany – France, within a radius of approx. 100 km from Basel. I am also occasionally in Austria. For larger distances we will surely find a way, just send me an email.

Rental horses are available in Bouxwiller (Alsace).
For course inquiries, please contact me directly:

Liz Andrews


PHONE: +44 794 790 8823

Staffordshire, UK


I grew up in the City of Liverpool where the only horses I saw were Police horses and once a year pony rides whilst on holiday but from a tiny tot I had a burning passion to know horses.
Once earning my own wages I took riding lessons which frankly left me cold. I felt there was a better way to do things just didn’t know what it was.
At the age of 23 a grey horse, Simon came into my life who I owned for 10 years. He is a story in himself of a very spiritual level of communication.
After Simon, life took over, kids, divorce, career, and I had nothing to do with horses for 8 years. Then along came Rosie and Sophie a Welsh Cob and a Shetland. I found Rosie very challenging with her deep-rooted separation anxiety, thankfully 2 years in we found Parelli – this was what I had been in search of all those years!
Rosie and I went to L4 earning our black string. Sophie was a child’s riding teacher extraordinaire and chief harrower. They were tightly bonded all their lives passing away within 2 months of each other last year. Fallon (pictured) is presently my only horse. I’ve owned her from a 2-year-old and she is teaching me so much about leadership in the saddle.
Discovering Parelli is life-changing even beyond your horses. Nothing else, I have found teaches you the level of understanding and communication that deepens your knowledge as this program does.
Studying with Pat and Linda and also all the other amazing instructors keeps never-ending self-improvement at the forefront for me. Guess I’m a learn-a-holic. I also study with a Western Trainer and dressage coach.
I became an Instructor in 2011 and love to help others become more skillful and develop their partnerships. As a 2* I can teach On Line, Liberty, and Freestyle to L4, anywhere, anytime.

Alessandro Acadi


Grazie per esserti collegato, sarò felice di poterti aiutare a costruire qualcosa di meraviglioso con il tuo cavallo.

Lascio qui un mio pensiero che possa aiutarci ogni giorno a non dimenticare chi siamo, da dove veniamo e dove vogliamo andare se siamo con i nostri cavalli.

Un abbraccio e a presto….

Siamo esseri umani allevati e educati da esseri umani per essere esseri umani. Se vogliamo creare una relazione con i cavalli dobbiamo lasciarci educare dai cavalli o da chi già pensa come un cavallo per poter pensare come i cavalli, essere naturalmente come un cavallo e crescere insieme a loro.

We’re humans bred and reared by humans to be humans. If we want to create a relationship with the horses we have to let ourselves be educated by horses or by those who already think like horses to be able to think like horses naturally as a horse and grow with them.

Elena Bacchini

I have had a passion for horses from a very young age. Beginning to take my very first riding lessons at the age of 9, I eagerly started to spend time at local riding schools in Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.
Very soon I developed a love for Dressage. I was promptly pushed by my trainers in the direction of this fancy sport and I started competing in Dressage shows at the age of 12. With the guidance of an experienced horse, my very first show partner, I went on to win the Italian National Dressage Championships in the year 2004.

I continued to compete for a couple of years after that until my horse Orianda came along. Because of her strong and dominant character I was led to a search for a different approach to overcome our problems and found Parelli Natural Horsemanship.
Little did I know the Parelli program led me to understand so much more about horses and about myself!

Along the way, improving my horsemanship day by day, I have been lucky to learn from some great horsemen and teachers. At the same time, my own horses and horses I have met along my journey have also taught me many invaluable lessons, about training different characters to form young to old horses.
I have had the chance to spend some very precious learning time at the Parelli Center in Pagosa Spring, Colorado for 4 weeks in 2010 and 12 weeks in the Summer of 2012.
Currently, I live in The Netherlands, in the area of Utrecht where I also have 3 of my horses.
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Sandra Bartschi


PHONE: +41 (0) 79 303 33 17

Region Bern-Thun


Sandra’s passion: horsemanship and animal homeopathy.

Animals, especially horses, have played an important role in Sandra’s life since childhood. Her experiences on her grandparents’ farms in Switzerland and Croatia were particularly formative, where the horses were still used in everyday work.

For health reasons, she only started taking her first official riding lessons at the age of 16. After 2 years of teaching, she wanted to quit cavalry because she was looking for a natural, partnership-based approach to horses. In 1998 she got to know Parelli Natural Horsemanship up close at her first event in Zurich, bought her first horse and an exciting journey through life began.

In the following 10 years, Sandra continued to train with experienced Parelli instructors in Switzerland and abroad, as well as working as a working student in various companies in Switzerland and Australia. The desire to be able to exercise her passion for animals professionally and to accompany people on their journey has accompanied them strongly during this time.

In 2009 Sandra decided to put her vision into practice. For example, she trained as a certified animal homeopath in Switzerland. After being invited to the Parelli instructor program in 2011, she took part in the 4-week Fast Track in Pagosa Springs, Colorado in autumn 2013. After a preparation period of several months with 4-star senior instructor Carmen Zulauf in Avenches, Sandra spent another 4 months in the USA in 2014. She completed the young horse course (Colt Start) with Pat Parelli in Texas and the externship in Colorado, which she graduated with the second instructor star.

As a 2-star instructor, Sandra teaches private lessons and workshops in Savvys Online, Liberty, and Freestyle from level 1 to level 4.

Sandra’s focus is currently on individual one-to-one and group tuition in the Bern-Thun region and throughout the Swiss plateau. You can address inquiries and ideas directly to them at






Karin Barttaglia

Karin’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +41 (0) 76 536 70 54

Hof Grosse Rotmatt 51
2827 Schelten


Versatile … The talented young instructor starts in jumping tournaments and rides classic dressage.

I’ve loved horses since I was little. At the age of seven, I had my first riding lesson at the Sitzlonge, and for around 15 years I attended dressage and jumping lessons with a wide variety of riding instructors.

After a few years of tournament experience, I acquired the jumping license and also knew that I wanted to work with horses professionally. I considered training as a trainer; in my heart, however, I knew that this “normal” way was not for me, because I felt that there had to be something “other”.

Fortunately, I get to know the Parelli concept. I knew immediately that this was my way with horses and I trained with various Parelli instructors in the following years. In 2012 I attended the Fast Track course in preparation for instructor training. In 2013 I completed my Level 4 and successfully completed the 1-star instructor course at the Parelli Center in the USA.

It is very important to me that I can train myself and my horse in a wide variety of disciplines and thus build a bridge between traditional and natural views. Since dressage riding is also very important to me, I have been training at Philippe Karl’s Ecole de Légèrté since 2009.

Another big hobby for me is the training of (young) horses. It gives me great pleasure to use my knowledge and skills to give a horse a natural start to a hopefully long and happy life as a leisure or sport horse.

In the meantime I have found my base in the Reistall Blumenthal in Rodels in the Domleschg in Graubünden (approx. 20 minutes from Chur on the motorway towards Thusis). Here I have an excellent infrastructure with a riding hall, guest boxes for training horses, and a wonderful riding area. My focus is on individual lessons; gladly also in your stable!

As a 1-star instructor, Karin teaches private lessons and workshops in the Savvys On Line and FreeStyle from level 1 to level 4.

Eric Berlanda

Tania Boehmer

Isabella Bognermayr

Silvia Piccolino Boniforti






Kari Bowser


PHONE: 514 808 2050

181 Johnston Rd. Cookshire-Eaton,
Quebec Canada J0B 1M0


My first introduction to Parelli in 2005 changed the course of my life. During my earlier years, I rode for an equestrian facility specializing in eventing that ran kids camps and adult riding programs, and where they also needed people to train horses in the off-season. In university, I completed a degree in mathematics with a specialization in statistics and worked in the aerospace industry. In the middle of my career, my husband bought me my first horse which led me to my first Parelli clinic. I completed level 4 of the program, received my black string, completed 20 weeks of courses on campus, and became an instructor in 2013.

I’ve returned to compete locally in competitive trail events. I’m particularly interested in bridging the gap between natural horsemanship and performance riding.

For me, being an instructor means being able to support students to reach their horsemanship goals in whatever form is meaningful. Anything that our horse needs us to ultimately make us better people. I’ve realized that while everyone encounters challenges, many find a way to solve life’s puzzles and realize their horsemanship dreams. I love hearing these stories. It also means supporting Pat and Linda in their mission to grow and share the Parelli program.

I would love to help you on your journey with horses. I live in the eastern townships of Quebec and travel throughout eastern Canada. I host various events throughout the year at our facility and you are most welcome to plan an education vacation with your horse and come stay with us! Visit my website at I speak both English and French.

Jan Brooks

What makes someone decide that they need to know more about horses then she or he does?

  • Yes, sometimes it is due to ” I can’t get my horse to … ” or “my horse won’t ….” or “my GD horse did …..”
  • Yes, sometimes it is because of an accident.
  • Yes, sometimes it is from seeing too many bad things done to horses and thinking, “there must be a better way!”
  • Yes, sometimes it is because we saw Pat and Linda Parelli live at an event and realized… I WANT to do that too.
My journey with Parelli started in 2002 after seeing them at Equine Affaire in Columbus. I was following the John Lyons’ program at that time …. and I liked that I could control my horse …. but I didn’t know what I didn’t know – CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIP.

In 2007 I quit my job … and headed for 6 weeks at the campus in Florida. And for the first time, as those weeks went by, my horse started to LIKE me, and want to be with me. So much so that when I asked my friend, Ale from Costa Rica, to watch her one day while I walked away from the Parelli liberty playpen, Ale started screaming to me to come back because Salina was about to jump out and follow me. WOW – that was SUCH A THRILL.

And when we got home, this National Show Horse RBE mare that never came to me, turned away from the feeder, and walked right to me. That was such a heartfelt moment for me (aka- made me cry). I had this mare for over 10 years at this point and she had never done that. And then, for the first time ever… I mean really, ever … she started to lie down – not on command but because she felt safe and comfortable enough to do it. I LOVE Parelli for these gifts I receive from my horses.

So, why Parelli instead of Lyons …. a good question. Yes, I had control with her (remember RBE – fast/out of control — YIKES) so control was great. But with Parelli, I have a connection – Yes, I would even call it love/ respect. Trusting, honest, forgiving (because I am human and still make mistakes 🙁 ) And I have 6 other horses that are building up their safety, comfort, and play levels to allow others to enjoy and learn from them as needed. We use Principle #7 – humans teach horses, horses teach humans at B.C. ‘natural horse’ PLACE as my horses can teach you, the human.

I am now riding and learning from the masters themselves – Pat and Linda. I was a teacher in my prior life and I love to learn AND I love to share what I am learning. You and your horse can advance your knowledge and skills through the Parelli program. And I teach Pat’s program, including his thought-provoking expressions such as – Horses know what’s going to happen before what happens, happens. DO YOU?

If you would like to talk with me about what might be in this for you and your horse — just say

YES and call me (c) 519-777-9468. Remember, talking is FREE!

Sarah Brummer

FACEBOOK: Find me on Facebook



Since I can remember horses have fascinated me. I love to be in their presence, to learn from you, and to pass on the knowledge I have acquired.
My Parelli trip started in 2000 with a level 1 course. Overwhelmed by this new and natural approach for me, I absorbed the knowledge like a sponge.
I was able to implement this directly with my then 2.5-year-old Arabian mare “Obeyah”, whose trust I was able to strengthen through the groundwork so that the riding finally became a smooth transition from the ground to the saddle.
In addition to the Parelli basic training, I focused on healthy gymnastics of my horse and specialized in dressage.
After graduating from school in 2007, I traveled to Arizona. I expanded my knowledge about the natural start of young horses and learned a variety of working methods for problem horses.

Back in Germany, I studied “Organic Agricultural Science”. The subjects of the course were animal ethology, animal welfare, and feeding. As part of project work, I planned movement playpen. For my bachelor’s thesis, I analyzed the hoof mechanism and demonstrated by trials on live horses to what extent the hoof changes under load.

In addition to my studies, I continued my education with the help of the “Parelli Homestudy Program”. I deepened my dressage skills in Ecole de Légèreté courses with Christiane Horstmann and Peter Assmann.

After my studies, I spent 6 months as a working student with the Parelli instructors Angelika Schneider (IT) and Elena Bader (DE). What I passed my Level 4 and the Parelli “Bootcamp” the “Fast Track” 2013.

In the summer of 2014, I flew directly to the source of the Parelli program in Colorado. For three months I was able to learn from Top Parelli instructors, experience Pat and Linda live at work with the horses and train my rental horse from level 1 to level 4.

Since I have my roots in Germany and live in Switzerland, I offer courses in Switzerland as well as in southern Germany.

I look forward to accompanying and supporting you and your horse on your Natural Horsemanship trip!

Pferde faszinieren mich. Ich liebe es in ihrer Gegenwart zu sein, von Ihnen zu lernen und das erworbene Wissen weiter zu geben.
Der natürliche und bewusste Umgang mit dem Pferd steht im Zentrum meiner Ausbildung.
Der Mensch lernt durch das Pferd sich seiner Fähigkeiten bewusst zu werden und sie gezielt ein zu setzten. Durch die aufmerksame Beobachtung des Pferdes, wächst unser Verständnis und wir gewinnen an Sicherheit.
Sarah Brummer

Claire Burgess


PHONE: 078 9487 3008

Chelmsford, Essex


Having received a scholarship from Parelli, I have been privileged to study in the UK, Florida, and Colorado centers, and am proud to be a fully licensed Parelli Professional Instructor.

I am committed to empowering people to achieve the perfect relationship with their horses; To train their horses naturally, with mutual trust and understanding.

Whatever you are looking to achieve, it’s important to have the tools and techniques to set you on the pathway to success.

See how easy and effective natural horsemanship is and become a great leader for your equine partner. Have fun with your horses and never have a bad horse day again!!

My aim is to give my students the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration to progress through the program and have fun with their horses every day.

I would love to help YOU achieve this too, so get in touch by email, and follow me on Facebook.

Joshua Burke






Anouk Dahrs


PHONE: 003 163 001 1990

Keplerstraat 4 4816BD
The Netherlands


Hoe het begon
Anouk Dahrs, geboren op 6 mei 1990, al vanaf jong af aan gek op dieren en dan voornamelijk paarden. Dat haar ouders niks met paard hadden maakte haar niet minder paardengek. Ze wist al vroeg dat ze van haar hobby haar werk wilde maken en werkte al 15 jarige meisje al als stalhulp op een professionele dressuurstal om ervaring op te doen. Na het VMBO begon Anouk aan de MBO opleiding Paardensport en Management.

De komst van Vitesse
Haar doortastendheid zorgde ervoor dat ze op 17 jarige leeftijd na lang zeuren en vele verzorgpaarden haar eigen paard kreeg: Vitesse, een 5 jarige bruine KWPN merrie. Voordat Vitesse in Anouk haar leven kwam was Anouk al geïnteresseerd geraakt in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Ze was dan ook vastberaden dat ze met Vitesse de Parelli methode wilde volgen.

Parelli Natural Horsemanship
Naast de MBO opleiding bestudeerde Anouk thuis de thuisstudiepakketten van Parelli Natural Horsemanship. In 2008 ging Anouk samen met Vitesse op buitenland stage vanuit de paardenhouderij opleiding naar het landgoed van Parelli instructeur Marie-Claire du Sellier. Hier behaalde zij samen hun level 2.

Topper verkiezing
Tijdens de paardenhouderij opleiding bewonderde haar mentor Petro Trommelen haar doorzettingsvermogen voor de Parelli methode en nomineerde haar als ‘topper van het Prinsentuin College 2010’. Anouk won van alle afdelingen binnen het ROC en won hiermee een studiebeurs om de Parelli Fast Track cursus in Colorado (USA) te doen.

HBO Opleiding
Na de MBO opleiding Paardensport en Management heeft Anouk de deeltijd HBO opleiding Commerciële Economie Sportmarketing gevolgd om meer kennis en ervaring op te doen voor het runnen van een eigen bedrijf.

Parelli Licensed Professional
Anouk behaalde in 2011 de Parelli Fast Track cursus (toelatingscursus voor instructeur schap) en kreeg vanuit het Parelli Education Institute een studiebeurs om de 1* instructeurscursus te doen. Voor deze cursus slaagde ze in april 2012 en sindsdien is Anouk dan ook officieel Parelli instructeur. Op 3 december 2015 kreeg Anouk bericht vanuit United States dat ze haar 2e ster heeft behaald op basis van haar kwaliteiten en bijscholing. Sindsdien geeft Anouk dus les als 2-star Parelli Professional.

Naast haar interesse naar gedrag van paarden heeft Anouk zich ook altijd geïnteresseerd voor de fysieke ontwikkeling van het paard. Hierdoor was na het behalen van het level 4 bij Parelli een logisch stap voor haar om zich door te ontwikkelen binnen de dressuur. Ze lest hiervoor op regelmatige basis bij Inge vd Schaft en Gerrit – Claes Bierenbroodspot. Inmiddels brengt ze Seattle Grace uit op L2 niveau in de sport.

Brede kennis binnen de hippische sport
Door de MBO paardensport en Management, HBO opleiding Sportmarketing en het Parelli instructeur schap heeft Anouk een brede kennis en een hoop ervaring binnen de gehele hippische sector.

Julie Deportemont


Horses have been part of my life since I was little. My mother, a veterinarian by training and passionate about horses, bought her mare Adhara when I was 4 years old. From my 6 years old I regularly took riding lessons at the Pony Club of La Croisette. I had the opportunity to ride very good ponies and teaching horses there, to be part of the “Jumping Team” for a few years.

At the beginning of 2004, I attended my first discovery day of Parelli. I immediately knew that it was this type of relationship that I wanted to develop with my horses! At the end of July, I took Vent , my gelding who was 16 at the time, to follow our first course.

In 2006 I started to follow Carmen Zulauf’s internships in Belgium and in 2007 I had the chance to go to Switzerland for 6 months with Carmen. This is where my Valkyrja mare was started by David Zuend . Maude Valceshini who assisted Carmen at Avenches also helped me a lot in my learning with Valkyrja. In the summer of 2008, I was going back to Switzerland for a month with Valkyrja, I was asking for more!

In September 2008 I spent 3 months in the Netherlands with Eddy Modde , Parelli Instructor at the time. It was there that I followed my first internship with Michael Wanzenried . A few years later Eddy started my gelding Blidfari .

In May 2012 I took Valkyrja to England for a month for the Fast Track and in July I went to take the Instructor Course in Colorado.

Since then I continue to train by taking advantage of opportunities such as the numerous courses organized in Belgium with 5 * and more Instructors, such as Pat & Linda Parelli, Michael Wanzenried, Carmen Zulauf, David Lichman.

Today as a 2-Star Parelli Instructor, I teach PNH in 3 Savvys: On Line, Freestyle, and Liberty during lessons, individual or group, or workshops.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by

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Silvia Donzelli

Amy Dorland

WEBSITE: Website

Licensed Parelli Professional
2 Star Instructor
I am a Parelli instructor because I couldn’t keep myself from wanting to share this program that I love so much. My specialty in teaching is people who are new to the Parelli Program and helping students who are struggling to advance their skills. I have helped many students achieve their green L3 string and re-inspired students to achieve a stronger partnership with their horse through the Parelli Program.

Although I have been riding since I was a child, I did not grow up on a farm; I did not get the chance to own a horse until I was in my late 30’s. I bought my Levels horse Sugar accidentally at an auction when she was 4 months old. It didn’t take long before I found myself lost; trying to find the information I could trust to help me with my new purchase. I had been riding other people’s horses for years in the English world but it was obvious to me that I knew nothing about developing a horse.

Thank goodness Pat and Linda Parelli came to Calgary and I found the program that was right for me!

I have been studying the Parelli program since 2003 under 5 Star Master Instructor Don Halladay, I also host his clinics in the Edmonton area. My horse Sugar and I have journeyed through the program together and earned our Level 4 Horsemanship in 2013. I am now taking my younger horse Tyson through the program and branching into studying Dressage. I also enjoy competing in Working Equitation, playing with cows, and trail riding in the Rocky Mountains.

In 2018, I journeyed to the Parelli Campus in Florida and spent 6 months studying with Pat and Linda and advanced my instructor skills even further.

I look forward to helping any student who wants to check out the program, deepen their partnership and connection with their horse or advance their skills in the Parelli Program.

Alessandra Fenzi






Christine Fortini


PHONE: Gold: 418 817-1411 (Quebec, Canada)

My first horse made it clear to me that I needed to learn more about the world of horses. When I started to study the techniques of the PNH in 1997, it clearly told me that I was on the right track. He guided me, helped me take the insurance I needed, he taught me how to get better with horses. My partner and I followed the program year after year, without ever being disappointed, neither by the new content constantly renewed, nor by the results obtained with our horses. We organized our first level 1 and 2 clinics in the year 2000, and even today we continue to bring in several good representatives from Parelli every year to help us on our journey and in the development of our horses. I am always fascinated by this privileged relationship that we maintain with them and I also understood that like my old horse, I want more than anything to help other people find harmony with their partner equine. My first horse made me clearly realize that I needed to learn more about the world of horses. When I began studying the PNH techniques in 1997, he made me know that I was headed in the right direction. He guided me and helped me find the necessary self-confidence that I was lacking, therefore, he taught me to be better with horses. My partner and I followed the program year after year and were never disappointed in its new contents which were constantly renewed, nor by the results we obtained with our horses. We organized our first level 1 and 2 clinics in the year 2000, and to this day, we continue to invite, on a yearly basis, many good Parelli representatives to help us on our journey, in the harmonious development of our horses. I am still fascinated by this special relationship that we maintain with horses, and I also understood with the image of my old horse, that what I want more than anything else is to help other people to find harmony with their equine partner. You can join me: Gold: 418 817-1411 (Quebec, Canada)

Natasha Gautschi

I saw Pat’s video riding Sparky bareback and bridleless first time in San Diego back in 1994… I was so impressed and so inspired that I bought my first Parelli halter, lead rope, and the “Natural Horsemanship” book right away.

Back home, I started playing with my horses and the changes they made were just blowing my showjumper mind! I started competing with only a halter with the same horse I couldn’t stop or turn a few months before… Since then, Parelli is part of my everyday life.

That’s why I became a Parelli Professional in 2013, and my big goal and my passion is to build a bridge between Parelli Natural Horsemanship and Showjumping.

I am so grateful to be part of Pat and Linda’s mission to make the world a better place for horses and people who love horses. Parelli Natural Horsemanship is an attitude and a way of life, and not something you do with your horses. So, keep it natural and have fun with your horse! 🙂

Barbara Gegenschatz-Falk

German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

PHONE: +41 (0) 79 459 70 72

Rechberg 63
9044 Wald AR


From Vienna to the Swiss Alps …

Barbara grew up in Austria and spent her childhood and youth in Vienna. After completing the hotel and tourism school, she completed an apprenticeship as a chimney sweeper, after which she took over the business of her mother and successfully expanded it.

Horses have accompanied her since childhood. In 2004 she got to know the Parelli concept. Fascinated by the opportunities she discovered for herself and her horse, she continued to train and soon passed her level 2. During one of these courses, she also learned her future husband Walter Gegenschatz, his Parelli 4-star senior instructor knows.

Barbara moved to Switzerland in 2007 and has since lived with Walter on the Rechberg in Wald AR, where the two run a foal pasture and a training center for horses. Up to 30 horses each live on this farm; with “Fritz”, she spotted Traber-Noriker mix, Barbara completed her Level 3 and first parts of Level 4; the Hanoverian “Willi” is her current project horse.

In the summer of 2009, Barbara completed an instructor course with Pat Parelli in the USA; She has been a 1-star junior instructor since autumn 2009.

As a 1-star instructor, Barbara teaches private lessons and workshops in the Savvy On Line.

Livia Glaser

Sandra Gockenbach

German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

Eigelbacher Strasse 21
54574 Kopp


Since my first Parelli course in 2008, this philosophy has never let go of me.

“… if you have to tie up your horse while cleaning, saddling, etc. – then you have a problem of partnership!” (Ralf Heil, licensed 3 star Parelli instructor in May 2008). I had no idea of ​​that – until then I thought my problems would be that my horse bucked and went through … Ok – and that it pushed me around a bit from time to time, but he is also a Haflinger, I was told that it was with them so…

Since my first Parelli course in 2008, this phrase has not let go of me. I went to this course because of completely different “problems” – and now I learned that I had to do a lot more in order. I have had lessons in all areas of equestrian sportS since my childhood, always looking for someone who can really bring me closer to my horse. And there it was – I was deeply impressed with the dignity and respect that “Parelli people” treat your horses – and how respectful the “Parelli horses” conversely with your people. It opened up a whole new world for the nature of horses.

“Put your heart in your hands and touch your horse with your heart!” (Pat Parelli) – that’s what makes Horsemanship so special for me – in every situation while stroking, but also as a consequence – but always fair and friendly.

From then on, my life went in a new direction. I gave up my job as an architect and, together with Ralf Heil, a 3-star Parelli instructor started looking for a suitable habitat for our horses and a life for Parelli Natural Horsemanship. In December 2011 the time had come – we decided on the Birkenhof in Stephanshausen.

From 2011 to summer 2018 I headed the Birkenhof seminar center together with Ralf Heil and during this time I learned intensively in all areas of horsemanship – from children’s lessons, private lessons, courses, and camps, as well as young and problem horses, and further developed my horsemanship in all Savvys.

Since summer 2018 I can be found with my horses in the beautiful Vulkaneifel, and I am happy to be able to accompany people and their horses there in horsemanship!

As a 1-star instructor, Sandra teaches private lessons and workshops in Savvy On Line and freestyle riding from level 1 to level 4.






Marianne Gotfredsen



I am based in Denmark just north of Copenhagen, where I have a barn and I have courses and lessons. I am currently (2017) not willing to teach abroad due to my two small boys at home. I can teach Online, Freestyle, and Liberty.

I have a background in dressage and show jumping. I did not feel I had any problems (at least none that my riding friends didn’t have) and did not recognize that my horse may have had problems with me. I got started in Parelli because I saw a TV show where a Parelli instructor explained about “who moves who” and how we get 1 point when we move the horse, but the horse gets 10 points when he moves us. I thought the seven games looked like a very structured way to get the horse more obedient. Later as the program unveiled itself to me, I have learned the value of getting the calmer, trusting, motivated as well as obedient.

Please contact me for more information:

På Dansk

Jeg bor i Helsinge i Nordsjælland, hvor jeg har en hestepension og holder kurser. Jeg kan undervise i Online, Freestyle og Liberty. Se min hjemmeside for nærmere info om priser og kalender mm.

Serena Grandin

All’età di soli tre anni sono venuta in contatto con ciò che è subito diventata la mia più grande passione: i Cavalli.
Non avendo nessuno in famiglia appassionato di questi animali, galeotta fu una gita d’asilo.
Da quel giorno non ho passato minuto senza pensare a loro e la mia vita ha preso una direzione per la quale i cavalli sono parte integrante, fondamentale… Un vero e proprio stile di vita!

Per i nove anni successivi mi sono dedicata all’equitazione tradizionale americana, facendo lezioni, stages, gare e passando più tempo possibile accanto a questi splendidi animali.

Nel 2000 i miei genitori acquistarono per me il mio primo cavallo, Bruce Will Deluxe, un QH, il mio più grande amico, maestro e compagno ancora oggi.
Con lui nacquero i primi problemi. Era un puledro stallone di soli 3 anni e io avevo difficoltà a gestirlo in molteplici situazioni.
Grazie a lui conobbi Frano Giani nel 2002 e partecipai al mio primo corso Parelli. Ricordo ancora oggi l’emozione nel vedere per la prima volta Franco e Indio, uomo e cavallo, giocare insieme! E rimasi folgorata ancora una volta, da questo nuovo approccio basato su comunicazione, amore e leadership in dosi uguali.
In breve tempo Bruce iniziò a cambiare e a guardarmi con occhi diversi e capii sempre di più quale sarebbe stata la mia strada!

Successivamente seguii diversi corsi e stages del Programma Parelli come auditore, partecipante con cavallo e interi periodi come studente lavoratore, con diversi istruttori come Franco Giani, Karen Rohlf, Michael Wanzeried, ecc.
Negli anni ho avuto la possibilità di seguire diversi centri e allevamenti con cavalli di età, storie, origini e conoscenze diverse: “i cavalli insegnano agli umani e gli umani insegnano ai cavalli” dice Pat nei suoi principi di Horsemanship, e stare insieme a loro mi è servito tanto per far crescere la mia esperienza.

Nell’estate del 2013 ho partecipato al primo Fast Track in Italia con Carmen Smith, il Team Italiano Istruttori Parelli (composto a quel tempo da Franco Giani, Gigi Pini, Angelika Schneider, Rolando Heuberger e Sergio Vezzoni) e l’assistenza di giovani istruttori come Silvia Piccolino Boniforti e Joey Rinaldi. Questo corso di 4 settimane fu il mio trampolino di lancio per entrare a far parte del mondo dei professionisti!

Laureata nell’aprile 2014 presso la Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria di Torino, al corso di Produzioni e Gestione degli Animali in Allevamento e Selvatici, sono poi partita la stessa estate, grazie a una buona borsa di studio, per raggiungere il Parelli Ranch a Pagosa Springs in Colorado, dove ho potuto partecipare a 3 mesi di corso per professionisti con gli istruttori Maurice Thibault e Susan Nelson e vivere ancora più da vicino quello che Pat e Linda ci offrono ogni giorno con il loro Programma.

Nell’autunno 2014 finalmente ho potuto coronare quello che è sempre stato il mio sogno! Diventare parte di questo Programma come professionista ed istruttore, con l’intenzione di mettere a vostra disposizione la mia passione e la mia esperienza, e con l’obbiettivo di aiutarvi ed ispirarvi…E insieme, rendere il mondo un posto migliore per cavalli e uomini!:) Ma tutto questo è solo l’inizio……. Keep it Natural!;)

Irene Greco

Dorthe Sus Hansen

Niki Hardwick


PHONE: 0 797 121 7266

East Milford farm cottage
Hartland, Devon UK


I have loved horses ever since I can remember but my family could not afford to buy one for me so I worked at the local riding stable in exchange for lessons. I finally got my own horse at the age of 21 but sadly lost him, and my riding confidence as a result of a tragic accident 6 years later.

I then found Rosie who was perfect for helping my confidence but as an extreme LBI didn’t offer any relationship, and then I found Parelli.

I became an Instructor in 2010 and achieved my Level 4 with Rosie. I now also have a Sport Horse, Kudos who is an LBE and teaching me loads. I am currently based at The Horse Place where I am fortunate to work alongside two 4* Instructors David and Alison Zuend, who inspire, guide, and encourage me to be a better Horsewoman for Rosie and Kudos and my students.






Elizabeth Haslam

I was lucky my mother was always into horses and it was just a natural thing for me to follow in her footsteps. Ever since I can remember we had ponies as kids and my Mum and Dad loved trail riding in the Blue Mountains. Even when we were too small to ride, we sat on the front or the back whilst our parents rode their horses until we were ready for leading.

I started with gymkhanas at age seven and the natural progression took me into riding competitive show horses in Esperance and throughout Western Australia. We had horse properties and had agister’s so I was constantly surrounded by horse mad people. By the age of fifteen, I was competing in eventing and hacking and was winning at State Level.

It was by chance my mother discovered Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She went to Perth to complete a course as an English Riding Instructor and left the class unhappy due to the way the horses were handled. As she left the class she took note of the clinic being held by a cowboy. This was in fact Pat Parelli. She enrolled in the clinic and said to herself, “This is just what I’ve been looking for”.

And so on mums arrival home, we all got to hear about her newfound passion. Mum was so hooked she packed her bags and shipped herself off to Colorado where she got to spend the next two months riding side by side with the cowboy himself in his first extended clinic which was held at the Ranch.

On her return, she decided to become an ambassador for the program and started having clinics at home. Of course, I had no choice but to go, but I struggled with the thought of being surrounded by cowboys and having to deal with “playing” with my horse for three hours at a time! This is not what English Riders do!

At first, I couldn’t see the point in it all, they didn’t seem to be answering my questions regarding dressage until we went to a clinic run by then Parelli instructor called Ken Faulkner. It was then after deep discussion within the class and after that, I was sold. The gap between natural and normal had been bridged!

Here I am today, with kids of my own and an advocate of the program, living the dream, sharing the dream, and learning to be the best me that I can be for all my family, friends, and horses!

Nina Irsigler-Bergner


PHONE: 0699 11 894 814

1220 Wien – Österreich


I have been riding for about as long as I can walk, and for the time being, I have devoted myself to dressage and jumping, got my license, and attended one or the other tournament.

I took my first Parelli course in 2007. Since then, this indescribably great feeling of having a strong relationship with my horses has captivated me. In 2013, after two long stays at the Parelli Center in Colorado, I became a Parelli instructor.

I then spent a year in a sports and breeding stable in Switzerland, then under the direction of Marion Oesch. Training horses that walk-in sports according to our Parelli principles sparked a fire in me.

Since then it has been my great passion and my goal to ride dressage at a high level and to develop a good partnership at the same time.

Little by little it turned out that I help more and more tournament riders and sports enthusiasts on their way, and I also work a lot with children and young people.

I also offer horse-assisted psychotherapy, coaching, and supervision. You can find more information at

Judith Kopf


PHONE: +49176 97927417


Licensed Parelli Professional living and teaching in southern Germany. I spent a total of 8 months riding with Pat Parelli and is dedicated to supporting the Parelli mission of making the world a better place for horses and humans by sharing everything she learned with her students.

Lizenzierte Parelli Instruktorin aus Freiburg im Breisgau. Mobiler Parelli Natural Horsemanship Unterricht im Südwesten und im Elsass und deutschlandweite Kurse und Workshops auf eurer Anlage.

Ich helfe dir dein Pferd besser zu verstehen und unterstütze dich bei der Entwicklung einer gemeinsamen Sprache und Beziehung mit deinem Pferd. Ich begleite dich auf dem Weg zu einer Partnerschaft die auf gegenseitigem Vertrauen, Respekt und Verständnis basiert.

Alessandro Laconca

Sergio Matteoni

Until the age of 20, I still didn’t know I had this passion inside but in September 1989 I first came into contact with a horse and discovered that it was what I wanted to do. I realized that I liked not only riding them, which was already great but knowing every aspect of them. So I started my journey into the world of horse riding by going to learn from various trainers of national fame.

This path took me in 2000 to face my first Reining competitions with a horse fully trained by me named Barny, who despite not being morphologically suitable for this sport gave me enormous satisfaction obtaining better results than horses more suitable and trained by professionals, here I was faced for the first time with the concept of Heart / Desire that I would understand only later thanks to the Parelli Method.

Later, I continued with the lessons, even clinics and specialized courses up to 2006, when, thanks to another Haflinger mare named Flora, extremely smart and dominant, I approached the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program.

I immediately found him very close to my way of conceiving the relationship with horses, a system that put man as a “guide” of the horse and not as a “master”, and the horse as a “partner” and not as a “servant”.

I began to study this program with great effort, taking courses and individual lessons and attending the Parelli Campus, in Colorado, for 5 weeks in 2014. Returning from Colorado after I spent 3 months as Working Student for the Parelli 4-star instructor Gianluigi Pini and that was an enlightening period that really made me understand how a true Horseman uses his skills daily to interact with horses and how above all he can learn from them.

Later I continued to study doing courses with Carmen Smith 4 Star Parelli Instructor and Mikey Wanzenried 5 Star Parelli Instructor until, in February 2017, I completed level 4 with my mare, Flora, the Haflinger who had pushed me to undertake this journey.

In June of the same year, I left for Colorado and stayed there for 3 months studying with Pat Parelli himself. An intense period of emotions and experiences alongside Pat and other fantastic Horseman and HorseWoman who taught me every day at all times and in every way. Only this experience alone would require a book to be told. Back in Italy as a Parelli Instructor, I continue my course of study and at the same time, I lead with my wife Simona the natural riding school ASD LischetoRanch in the province of Pisa which we opened in 2012.

I was a little over 20 years old and my dream was to learn as much as possible about horses and make my knowledge available to people, now (at 48) that my dream has come true, even if a whole life would not be enough to know all about horses, I hope to be able to help each of you find the right path to take, whether your goal is competition or walking or simply being with your partner.






Elisa Saphira Mocellini

Elisabeth Musil

Started Parelli in 2007, Level 4 in 2014, 1 Star since May 2nd, 2017, 2 Star since Sept. 12th, 2019 – and really proud

Angela Nott


My earliest memory of wanting to ride a horse was when I was 4 years old. I had to wait until I was 5 before the local riding school would let me ride the Shetland, it seemed to take forever to reach 5!

As a child, I continued riding ponies that my grandparents brought home to their thoroughbred farm until my sister and I got our first horse, Sandpiper. Later I rode lease horses until I brought my very own horse Juno, a rich red bay gelding. I rode Juno and other horses through my early teens at the local Pony Club, One Day Events, and Gymkhanas until I purchased my current horse Lacey who has helped changed my life forever!

Lacey was a dapple grey, that was forward, she was unreliable at saddling, floating and tying-up, but I loved riding her and thought I would find a way to help her, it wasn’t me! In the late 90’s I attended my first Parelli Clinic and we started on our new journey together.

In 2007 we achieve Level 3 in the Parelli Program. In 2008 Lacey and I attended the Parelli Celebration in Sydney and we performed in an Online Spotlight. Then in 2009 I embarked on my Externship at the Parelli Centre in Florida to become a Parelli Professional. At the end of my 12 week externship I was awarded my 2 Star rating as a Parelli Professional.

As a 2 Star Licensed Parelli Professional I am now embarking on a new part of my journey, to help make the world a better place for horses and humans through teaching. With the Parelli System I can help you enjoy the journey while achieving your goals and dreams with horses.

Contact me via email for lesson details or about hosting lessons in your area.

Giorgio Pagliaro

Michele Pagliaro






Luc Parisis

Stefanie Poehlmann

Valentina Polli

Anna Reinholdsdotter


PHONE: +33624860091

LANGUAGES OF INSTRUCTION: English, French, Swedish

I started this incredible adventure in 2008 with my mare Juliette. I broke it down with the Parelli method and since then we spent our level 4 together.

For me, it is obvious to share my knowledge to allow others to have the same relationship as that which I have with my mare. That’s why I made the decision to become a Parelli instructor and I have the honor of having acquired my second star. Let me help you with your progress!

I’m located in the west of France (Bretagne) and I’m happy to help you progress in your journey of becoming a horseman.

Sandy Ruiter


Why Parelli?

I get asked this question a lot! “Why did you start with Parelli?”
The honest answer is because it was affordable! It offered me an affordable means to learn about horses and horsemanship with a direct pathway to improvement – all on my own time, in my own back yard!
I grew up as a ‘back yard rider’. I didn’t take fancy lessons. I didn’t compete. I just loved horses beyond all reason. I was bitten by the horse-loving bug early, and was fortunate enough to have an aunt who had horses of her own, and who was willing to share her joy with me! I was able to ride with her and learn through the books I read, and just by getting out there and doing!

At 13, all my childhood dreams came true in the form of a horse of my own. He was young and inexperienced, and so was I, but somehow we lived through it! We didn’t do anything terribly fancy, but we had fun around the home. As he got older, he became less confident and I didn’t know how to help him, so we stayed in our own arena. It wasn’t long before I was bored with this, so I ended up buying another horse. A two-week-old filly, who came to live with us with her mother. We had a great time for about two years until things hit a wall.

So there I was, with two horses I could hardly do anything with, ready to give up my horsey dream altogether.
That was when I came across Parelli.
Here was a program that was billed as a “Home Study” program – which was perfect for me! No instructor required! Just my own time and dedication! I could do that!

It was also within my budget – even better!
My first purchase came with all the DVDs and booklets I needed to set me up with the 7 games and basic riding (Red box Level 1) as well as all the tools I would need (Halter, 12′ Line, Carrot Stick and Savvy String)

It was perfect, I was (am) fiercely independent as a learner and here was the most independent-while-still-supported learning program there was, all about horses! I was able to make great changes in my horses very quickly, and feel renewed joy about my interactions with them.
Before Parelli, I had been able to have a handful of lessons here and there over the years, but now I had DAILY lessons right there in my living room and every time I went out with my horses in the form of pocket guides.

From that point, I was just rocketed into a whole new realm of knowledge and progress. I was able to take one clinic with an instructor before decided I just HAD to get to the Florida Campus. It was a few years in the making (and saving!) but finally, I was there. I was lucky enough to attend the last 6-week module with Liberty and Horse Behavior, Fluidity I, and Fluidity II. While I was there, I applied to the brand new Extern Program and was invited to participate in the inaugural session just one short month after finishing my course.

I was able to exit my Externship as a 1* Instructor before returning a year later to gain my 2* status.
In 2011 I was lucky enough to return for a 3-month Internship at the Florida Campus, as well as pass my Level 4 to be licensed to teach Online, Liberty, and Freestyle to all students.

My journey, that started as an independent endeavor has turned into such a community, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
I am so excited to be able to help the next person on their journey, wherever it may lead

For more information feel free to visit






Katharina Theisinger

Anna Tommasin

Jennifer Trummer


PHONE: +43 664 4351713

Lichtenberg 6, 8342 Gnas,


Be safe. Have fun. Get better and better every day.

I have been loving horses all of my life.

The Parelli Programm provides me with tools and empowerment to continually grow as a human being and I am finding such joy in sharing it with others who love horses as I do.

I attended the Fast Track course in 2011, then in 2012 the 1 Star Instructor course, and the Externship course in 2013. 2014 I had a great time in Texas on the Colt Start Course. During that intense and fantastic time, I had the pleasure to meet and learn from many great horsemen.

If you are brave enough to take the time it takes you will enjoy every moment of the journey!

Thank you Pat and Linda for this wonderful Program!

Ramona Vierheller

Shirly Villarreal

I have been a passionate horse lover all my life, having been on my first horse as a toddler. I grew up riding all the green horses at the local riding school which gave me a great experience. Later I worked at the racecourse while still at school and as a polo groom after I finished school, exercising and looking after horses for the elite polo teams.
I then worked in my “real job” in the public service while continuing studies in horsemanship when I finally met Pat. Meeting Pat was pivotal to my horsemanship journey and changed everything I thought I knew about horses. Learning Parelli is a lifelong learning experience. I was a junior instructor back in the day but found my work and family affected how much time I could spend with my horses so I withdrew from the instructor program but continued my journey as a student.
After raising my children, in 2013 I was able to once again pursue my dream. I spent three months in Colorado at the Parelli ranch as part of my Externship which was an awesome experience. Soon after that I achieved my level 4 and became a 2-star instructor. I have also been studying Psychology/psychotherapy over the years and I am a qualified psychotherapist. I facilitate Equine Assisted Therapy sessions as well as teaching Parelli students. Contact me if you would like support in any of these areas, either with your horsemanship skills or in a therapeutic context.
As Winston Churchill once said, “the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”.





Betty Weiss


When I was 10 years old I went on a riding holiday for a week. From that time on I became a horse addict. With 16 I got my first horse Wally who was at that time 4 years old. I taught her tricks like lying down, Spanish Walk and rearing, we did dressage, jumping, endurance riding, horseback archery, she pulled the sled through the snow and we did a lot of long trail rides. I was always searching for new things to do together. That’s how I found Parelli Natural Horsemanship. It fascinated me to have such a good relationship with my horse so that I could play with her at liberty and brideless in the pasture. This feeling I wanted to share with other people so I decided to become a professional.

In 2017 I did the externship in Colorado and I got my first star as a Parelli Professional. Now I am giving lessons and workshops in Luxembourg.

On my homepage, you can find more information, picture and videos of me:

Jennifer Woo


PHONE: 0403 068 066

I have always loved horses as long as I can remember, my experiences growing up were mostly trail riding. It wasn’t until I was in university that I could afford to buy my first horse. I had always wanted to be part of a club so I bought myself my first horse ‘Barney’ – a rising 6yo ex-racehorse Thoroughbred gelding. We joined our local Adult Riding Club and despite regular lessons and club rallies, it was still very much a case of green on green = black and blue. After sustaining 2 separate fractures over a one year period, I knew that I had to look for something else because things were just not working. The other option of giving up horses all together was one that I did not want to think about!

I have been studying Parelli since November 2005 and I fully immersed myself into it and have never looked back. The journey so far has been incredible and has given me more than I ever dreamed of. I was fortunate enough to be part of the demo team at the first Share Parelli event in Australia in 2010 and was accepted into the 12-week externship program at the Parelli Centre which I completed in January 2011 with my rating as a 2 Star Parelli Professional. 2013 was a very exciting year where I participated in the first colt starting course in Australia led by 5-star professional Rob McAuliffe and 4 star Berin Macfarlane and later in the year I rode 7 days with Pat and Linda when they visited Australia. I am a level 4 graduate and have a few wonderful equine partners who are my mentors on my journey to never-ending self-improvement.

I really believe I have found the best club now, and I am very proud to be part of Pat’s team with the mission of making the world a better place for horses and humans.

Contact me on email: or on mobile: 0403 068 066 if you would like information about lessons or play days.

Anais Zimmerman

I have always been enthusiastic about horses and knew from a young age that I would like to work with horses at some point. I started riding as a child. However, I quickly noticed that I was missing something during “normal” riding. When I saw Michael Wanzenried at a demo, I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

In 2007 I attended my first course with him. After school, I had the opportunity to work as a working student on his farm for a year. During this time I realized that I wanted to become a Parelli instructor. In the meantime, I did an apprenticeship as a support specialist. During this time I was able to gain experience with a wide variety of people in all age and life areas and deepen my horsemanship with my first own horse.

After completing my training, I went to England as a working student with David Zünd and Alison Jones. There I had time to deal intensively with horsemanship and improve my English skills so that I could then take part in the Fast Track. The four-week course was the first step to becoming an instructor.

Back in Switzerland, I worked for a few months as a working student with Michael Wanzenried on the foal pasture. During this time I attended the 1 * instructor course in America.

When I reached level 4 in summer 2014, I was allowed to take the instructor exam and am now a 2 * instructor.

For me, Parelli is much more than a program for people and their horses, it is a way of life. I try to live my life according to the Parelli formula “Love, Language, and Leadership”. Accordingly, I would like to pass on my knowledge and thus support Pat’s vision to make the world a better place for horses and people.

Tiberio Zingoni

Berni’s course program
German-speaking Parelli instructors in Europe

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ADDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS: Horse Development Specialist









Tina Anderson Berchtold


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Stahlen 80


If I could change one thing in my life, I wish I had a NATURAL start with Horses as a young kid. I’m Danish, a 1-star Instructor and living with my husband and a son in beautiful Switzerland. We have our own little riding school /farm since 2012. Not only do I teach the Parelli principles but it applies to our whole Lifestyle.

Like many others, I grew up with horses (in the conventional world of riding) and therefore I started riding as a young kid. Those days it was about riding and not about horse behavior and horse psychology. Because of traveling & my first career as a Manager in the Hospitality industry, I had a “horse break” for about 10 Years. Horses have been my passion for my whole life through – every holiday was something with horses those 10 years.

My first horse “Amigo” I bought after my break, was difficult in many ways – he is an LBI and was very challenging, a very dominant and self-confident Horse. But I’m very grateful for that because that was the beginning of my Parelli journey – he showed me I needed to learn a lot more – than to be a good rider.

What I learned from him and through the Parelli pathway cant even be put into words – it simply changed my whole world. The horses are so honest and authentic – they teach us to embrace the present, increase awareness of the environment, and to live and experience here and now.

I choose to become a Parelli instructor because I want to inspire and give a life-changing opportunity, especially kids that I wished I have had as a kid. I love teaching because it offers a lot of variety and it makes a difference in someone’s life which goes far beyond knowledge. As Instructors ( and parent) -we inspire, support, mentor, and get the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of others. In the horses, my students find confidence and patience, but also learn to be more flexible mentally and physically and to really connect with themselves.

Thank you, Parelli for helping me to make every day meaningful. Life is a journey and becoming a better me every day is the goal. Being a teacher also allows me to be a student for Life.

Keep it Natural Tina

Barbara Beaufils


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6 rue auberge Pont
80860 Ponthoile, France


Born in Alsace, I have lived and studied in many countries over my childhood and young adulthood (South East Asia, USA, UK, Middle East) to finally settle in the bay of the Somme, France.

My husband and I have been heavily involved in the Henson horse breed project over several decades. We are also very keen Polocrosse players, starting the sport all over France, playing with our children, friends, and students, either for fun or for our country in international meets.

I feel privileged to continue my horsewomanship journey in the Parelli community, sharing what I have learned with students of all ages and backgrounds. We are a small family-run set-up, with about 20 horses of all breeds, offering natural horsemanship lessons, as well as Polocrosse workshops and nature rides in the beautiful bay of the Somme nature reserve.

Caterina Becinni

Amber De Tollenaere


PHONE: +32474118828

Koersdreef 86 2990
Wuustwezel, Belgium


Hi there! My name is Amber de Tollenaere and I can proudly call myself a Parelli Professional. I’ve been a life-long horse lover and Natural horsemanship changed my life completely.

I love to learn new things and putting my principles to purpose, especially in the sport of reining. My life motto is to keep it natural and get it done with a little fun!

Tanja Dominioni





Linda Kuusi


LANGUAGES OF INSTRUCTION: Finnish, English, French

I am a 1-star Parelli Professional from Finland, based in Geneva, Switzerland. I offer private and small group lessons as well as workshops.

I teach in the Geneva area in Switzerland and the surrounding areas. I’m also available to travel to your stables. For lessons and workshops in Finland, ask about planned trips. ​

You can join a lesson with your own horse, or if you don’t have your own horse, ask about the possibility to take lessons with a lease horse.

Email me for any questions or for more info!

Isabel Pagano


PHONE: +3 933 358 42289


I am a 1 star Parelli Professional from Italy. I’ve studied for 6 months with Pat and 3 months with Linda, and every single day with them has been crucial for my education. I love teaching humans and horses and see their partnership develop.

At the moment I’m focused on showjumping competitions while I teach workshops and private lessons at Liberty Stables. I love traveling and going to teach not only in Italy but also in Europe.

Email me for any questions or for more info!

Gae Cerasuolo Rinaldi

Kim Schmidt