Come Learn, Grow, and Enjoy at the Parelli Campus

Interested in an Education Vacation?

Come study at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Campus and become the horseman you’ve always wanted to be.

 The Parelli Program is the largest learn-to-train-your-horse-at-home program, empowering people like you to achieve more success with horses, naturally.

 The Parelli Campus has long been a haven for horse owners, riders, and instructors to accelerate their horsemanship journey and get the support they need to live their best horse life—alongside others with like-minded goals.  

We Live by Our Mission.

Passion is what drives horse owners to want to learn more about applied equine psychology and become the leader their horse deserves. Our mission—to make the world a better place for horses and the humans that love them—ignites passion within Parelli students worldwide. When selecting Parelli students for Campus Study, the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Team looks—first and foremost—for an authentic passion for developing horsesnaturally.

Apply Discipline and Decades’ Worth of
Legacy Knowledge.

The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Campus is home to instructors who have worked with thousands of horses combined. These Parelli Professionals work daily on their relationship with horses, refining the Parelli Program within themselves to be their best for the horses and riders that they empower.

Accelerate Your Horsemanship Journey by Years.

If you think of the riding and play time that you’re barely able to squeeze in during your busy schedule, you’ll probably be left wanting more. Between work and commute times—not to mention the mental load of responsibilities you carry daily—it may be a rarity that you get to spend the kind of time that you want to develop the partnership with horses you are seeking.

 Spending all day, every day playing and caring, both with and for horses, coupled with the guidance of the Parelli Natural Horsemanship team, will increase both the amount and the quality of time that you’ll get to spend working on your horsemanship—Advancing your journey significantly within a matter of days.

 Does this resonate with you? If so, click the button below to view the on-campus courses we offer at the Parelli Campus by certified Parelli Instructors.

Or are You Looking to Take it to the Next Level? Become Professional at the Parelli Center in Pat’s Barn

Pursue Your Career as a Parelli Professional.

Our Mastery Student Programs are designed to initiate and develop your career as a Parelli Professional. Spending time on the Parelli Campus is an experience like no other that will propel you towards a long-term career in Natural Horsemanship.

The Parelli Campus Offers Multiple Tiers of Study:

Pre-Mastery Students

Even if you haven’t passed Level 4, you can come study here at the Parelli Campus as a Pre-Mastery student. Pre-Mastery students come to the campus short-term to dive deeper into the Parelli Program. If you’re looking for a way to get intensive training on the Parelli Program, but have not yet passed your Level 4 Audition, this program may be the perfect fit for you.

 Short term study includes:

 Trial Student Program: This is a 2-week period where you’ll live and study on the Parelli Campus. After this two-week period, and a successful evaluation, you may move into the Vocational Student Program. During your trial, you will pay weekly.

 Vocational Student Program: After a successful evaluation from your 2-week trial period, if it is your wish, you will continue your study of the Parelli Program on campus. Vocational Students get the full Parelli Campus experience, often immersing themselves in the ins and outs of equine care, barn upkeep, horsemanship, and daily life on campus.

 Although it is not required, we recommend that you’ve graduated Level 3 to complete this program.

Mastery Students

Mastery Student opportunities are available to those who have passed their Level 4 Audition. This program is the necessary track to becoming a Parelli Licensed Instructor.

 Extern Program: This is a 12-week study program and is a requirement for those who want to become a Parelli Professional. You must pass your Level 4 Audition before consideration for this program. In this program, you will learn business skills, the how-to in all things related to teaching horsemanship, and facility maintenance.

 Intern Program: After an Externship is completed successfully, you may advance to our Internship Program. This is a 24-week study program on the Parelli Campus.

 Apprenticeship: After an Internship is completed successfully, you may advance to our Apprenticeship Program. This is a 48-week study program on the Parelli Campus where you will be Pat Parelli’s Apprentice.

 Protégé: After an Apprenticeship is completed successfully, you may be selected to participate in Pat Parelli’s Protégé Program. This is a 100-week study program on the Parelli Campus where you will be Pat Parelli’s protégé.

Experience the Magic of
the Parelli Campus for Yourself.

When you bring together some of the world’s foremost horsemen and horsewomen, and give them the opportunity to dedicate their entire time to horsemanship, you create a sacred space where equine and human lives are transformed forever. We invite you to see what the magic is all about when you come to study at the Parelli Campus.

Client Study: Pat Parelli's Horsemanship Hideaway

Join Pat Parelli at his Horsemanship University tucked away in the beautiful horseman's paradise of Pagosa Springs, CO. Immerse yourself into an intimate experience catered to you and your specific goals. Join Pat for a day, week, month, or all Season. You'll witness your horse become braver, calmer, more athletic, as you refine your skills and develop into a true horseman that understands how horses truly feel, think, act, and play.

This is not a clinic or a course. Go beyond the classroom by shadowing Pat Parelli and his team of horse development professionals. You'll be coached to accelerate your skill set by putting principles to purpose while experiencing a day in the life at the Parelli Center Colorado.

Parelli Levels Program Students can apply for this program. If accepted, the following prices will apply for 2023:

If you are interested in our Campus Residency Programs, Horseman's Hideaway, or Horse Development, you may apply through the above link or reach out to our Campus Manager at

Campus Study Financial Support

Parelli Natural Horsemanship offers study vouchers through internally gifted scholarships and in-house student financing. When our office reaches out to you about your application, ask us about your financial support options.