Savvy Mastery Series: Liberty Outside the Round Pen

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Customer Reviews

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Marjorie Taylor
Liberty is fun!

I really like David Lichman. The lessons he teaches on the videos are easy to teach my horses. They both learned boomerang outside the pen in a short time. I've done it on several days at liberty, and they are eager to play!


I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVDs yet, but the virtual class I just took with David was wonderful, so I’m sure the DVDs will be just what I need to fill any holes and keep the information in my head.

Mary Gills
Loving "Liberty Outside the Round Pen"

I am only just getting started on this series, but I am getting so much value out of it already. It is going to give me value in my horsemanship for a long time to come.

Bob McKean

Savvy Mastery Series - Liberty Outside the Round Pen

Disc 2 & 4 didn't work.

Parelli customer service harassed me about replacing these since it had been quite awhile since I ordered. (Multiple family illnesses, several terminating with deaths from ages 35 to 72, kept us from opening them to view when purchased.) Parelli also insisted I pay shipping both ways when THEY sent a defective product. Ooh, that's kinda poor customer service :-( I wrote to David through his website and FB to see if I could buy replacements but I got no reply from him. Parelli did end up paying a whopping $3 return shipping only because of the virus (& they forgot to mail them when they said they did), NOT because they wanted to give excellent customer service. The new set is here and have been briefly checked. They appear to work at the beginning. We are anxious to find time to watch them, then I could write a review on the actual product which I anticipate to be excellent.