Parelli Herding Stick (4ft)

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Herding horses is one of the most magical experiences. With the help of this extremely lightweight telescoping pole, or a long flag, its amazing what you'll be able to do.

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  • Available in 4-ft. or 12-ft. versions.
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    Customer Reviews

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    Molly Henry
    It broke first time using it

    I am so disappointed in the stick I used it once and it broke with 5min.

    J.Ed Casillas
    high quality item with details that longevity will prove

    The case seems sort of odd and dainty for a horse item seems like a heavy duty fabric like faux leather attaching with fly mask like Velcro would be more pragmatic. It would be nice to have eyelets to attach to a saddle. Or on one’s side. The price is high enough to afford a better case, noting the actual stick is quite easy to operate and horses are easy to friendly up paint gently soften up air and firm the porcupine with so look forward to testing with outdoors and durability of time testing.

    Great Freestyle Tool

    I love this 4ft herding stick because it is so lightweight. It also collapses for easy and compact keeping. I always keep one on my saddle in case I need it to help support my horse no matter where I am. I use this to play Beep Beep with other horses, to reinforce my seat with my horse, etc.

    Great little tool

    It's light weight. It folds into itself which means I can always have my sick but not have to carry a big stick everywhere.

    Kelly Sheppard