The reason Parelli Students become so good with horses, and so confident, is because they learn FOUR ways to savvy a horse: On Line – Liberty – FreeStyle - Finesse

With two on the ground (with or without a line) and two in the saddle (with or without contact), this means you are prepared with all the right skills for any goal or situation. Having all Four Savvy’s under your belt gives you the kind of foundation horses wish all horse lovers and riders would have Designed to advance you in every Savvy, THIS is the essence of the Parelli Program.

2-Week or 4-Week Course Topics:

• Level 2-3+ Ground Skills • Level 2-3+ Liberty • Level 2-3+ Riding (FreeStyle & Finesse) • Rider position, effectiveness, and refinement • Understanding the Power of Patterns • Imagineering!

Prerequisites: Level 2+ skills (official or unofficial)