Accelerate your mental, emotional and physical potential in the presence of a modern master.

Only a rare percentage of Parelli students get to study directly with Pat Parelli. If this is you, it is clear you are driven to explore everything you are passionate about in life, including your horsemanship.

Hold tight. You’re in for an amazing ride.

A Pat Parelli MasterClass is as much an attitudinal and philosophical approach as it is technical. You’ll explore Four Savvys, the Eight Principles of Horsemanship and the Ten Qualities of a Horseman - all in one week! It’s an intensive, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will sow seeds that continue to ripen for years and years to come.

Course topics:

• Four Savvys – the basics and beyond • Purpose-driven horsemanship • Imagination • Puzzle-solving • Lightness of response • Developing ‘feel’ • Challenge course • Horse psychology and behavior

Prerequisites: Level 3+ skills (official or unofficial), confident rider.