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Parelli Horseman's Halter

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The Parelli Horseman's Halter is a core tool of the program!  It is hand-tied using a smooth yachting braid with simple knots that strategically balance on the horse's head. 

"It's light when he's right, strong when he's wrong." —Pat Parelli


Its lightness means that it is easy for your horse to carry around but thin enough that the horse can feel the communication. 

Features & Benefits
  • 1/4 inch yachting braid with simple knots under the chin and on the sides, non-fray ends, and loop attachment. This 100% polyester rope has been specifically engineered with horsemanship use in mind. The Parelli rope is dirt, sweat, mildew, rot, and UV resistant. This means your rope will stay truer to its original form longer, without fading, stretching, popping, or elongating. Other ropes in the industry used to make halters are typically nylon yachting ropes and are not designed to withstand the unique challenges of an equine application. Nylon rope stretches, can become stiff with use, increases in size over time, and absorbs unwanted moisture.
  • No metal, even to finish the halter, and the ends are melted to ensure years of use.
  • Each halter has leather poppers with the Parelli stamp. They are designed to no longer look like a halter when you drop them on the ground. Instead, they collapse into a pile of rope, making it less likely a horse could catch a hoof or otherwise become tangled.
  • Many of our customers have owned their halters for 20+ years without breakage or dry rot.
  • Our halters protect your horse from additional vice-like pressure that can cause undue suffering, like some other halters on the market.
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Click here to see how to tie your Parelli Horseman's Halter - pdf link

Click here to see how to re-tie the knot on your Parelli Horseman's Halter - pdf link

As Pat has traveled worldwide, he used that time years ago to tie the halters himself on the way to clinics to perfect the design. Today Parelli halters are still hand-tied using smooth yachting braid with simple knots that strategically balance on the horse's head. 

We don't use 'pressure knots' as they cause unnecessary discomfort (and all the horses say thank you). The loop for attaching lines hangs below the jaw and acts as a hinge. A heavy or thick halter results in dead weight on the face, which causes the horse to be dull to pressure and can push on nerves. This halter is tied with the horse's facial structure in mind and is the best fit on the market. This halter is for everyday use and teaches your horse to yield instead of lean or push.

Pat Parelli says, "One size fits all unless your horse is too big or too small!" He also shares that the regular-size Horseman’s Halter fits 90% of the horses he’s ever seen.

A few important thoughts to consider:

Do not leave the halter on the horse if it is loose or turned out to pasture; it could get the halter caught on something.

Thin to win - your horse will not be as inclined to lean on this halter, so it will help you win the Porcupine Game and earn your horse's respect.

Do not try to adjust the knots.

Only attach snaps, reins, leads, and ties to the loop below the fiador knot.

Available Colors: Blue, Green, Black, Burgundy, Vaquero.

Please click here for alternate colors, Red and Purple.

*NOTE - White Halters are special order items. Please call to place an order for White Halters.

Ethel Ann Novkov Parelli Halter - 09/06/2022 "I ordered the Arabian size for my 3-month-old Warmblood colt. Your measurement chart is helpful, as this size fits him very well. I love Parelli halters, which I use on my other two horses. They are soft and pliable. I can hang them by the gate for convenience, and they withstand the heat, rain, and humidity in Central Florida without becoming dry and brittle. One of my boarders has FIVE rope halters for her one horse. They are various brands, and they are all gosh-awful!! They are so stiff and difficult to bend that it is difficult to even tie the knot on them. My Parelli Halters are of far superior quality, and they have maintained that “ good as new” quality for many years!!"
Sheralee Smith The best I’ve had - 07/09/2019 "Excellent halter and lead really makes a difference in the responsiveness of my horse. A must-have for the seven games!"
Eliza Stewart Grown-up Halter - 03/23/2022 "My horse has been fitting into his horse-sized halter, but just barely. He is so happy to have his own warmblood size halter. Roomy enough and no sacrifice of connection. We're both thrilled to have him in his new halter. Well made, and it will last forever!
Thank you to the entire Parelli Team!!

roxanne williams Excellence - 01/25/2022 "Everything I have purchased from you has been excellent. I have - in a pinch - purchased rope halters from our local tack shop… the knots slip, they don’t stand up to hard use, but your halters, leads, and lunge lines are simply, the best. Thank you for the sustained level of quality of all your items."
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Some people might say it’s overpriced and they are probably just not looking for good quality items❤️

5 stars

I bought an Arab sized halter and loved seeing the quality of it but it was too small for my Arab. I called customer service and spoke with Jeri (hope I spelled your name right). She was AMAZING! I felt listened to and she was so patient and caring to make sure I got the right size halter. I never paid for shipping it back and I was told to please take my time in deciding whether to take the measurements of my horse for a custom-sized halter or go for the regular size. I went with the regular size and I was TOTALLY SATISFIED with the halter and decided to order one for my gelding who is a hard fit for regular sized halters. I told Jeri this and was assured that I can return- no cost shipping it back if it doesn’t work. I asked if somehow a little larger sized regular halter can be sent. She said they are pre-made. Darn! BUT! When I got it, it fit him beautifully!! It was a little bit larger than the one I got my Arab mare. My gelding must’ve felt my happiness as I stood back and admired his Parelli halter that fit him beautifully. I like to think that Jeri compared a few and saw one a tad bigger than the rest or maybe it was pure luck. Either way, I am so impressed with the consistent customer service I received. Once I called but hung up because another call came that I had to take. Not long after, I got a call from Parelli’s customer service- Jeri returning a call. I was pleasantly surprised. Customer services went beyond call of duty. Class act all the way!!

Gale Johnson



Honestly, I was very disappointed. I first ordered an arab/cob size halter as that is what always fits my filly. Well this thing was tiny. It barely fit over her nose so I had to mail it back for an exchange for a "regular" sized halter. I had to pay to ship it back to them and then they also made me pay for them to send me the exchange. That was an extra $14 on top of the $50+shipping originally charged. I finally got the regular sized halter (it took almost 2 weeks to receive it after I paid the extra shipping charge to get it sent to me). I was really shocked when I put it on my filly and the cheek pieces were uneven which of course also made the crown piece uneven. Maybe I'm being picky but the fact that I am paying $50 for a halter makes me assume it should be perfect. For me to have to loosen and tighten knots in order to make this halter even as it should be is pretty ridiculous. I expect a lot more going straight to this site to buy a product when I could go to so many others that copy this exact rope halter and for a lot less money. The saving grace (and why I gave it two stars and not one) is that the material is exactly what I was hoping for. It is soft, malleable and strong. If it weren't for the material they provide, there is no way I would have exchanged the halter, I would have just returned it.

Horsey fun
Halter and 12ft rope

Excellent worth the investment.