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This product covers the audition fee only.

Auditions are available for Parelli Savvy Club members. They involve using the Seven Games to perform a few required compulsory tasks and are designed to allow you some free flow to use your imagination to show us what you can do with your horse.

Auditioning is one way to earn an official horsemanship certification in the Parelli Program. When all Savvys are passed within a Level, you are then awarded a special colored Savvy String, much like the black-belt system in martial arts:

• Level 1: On Line= Red Savvy String
• Level 2: On Line + Freestyle = Blue Savvy String
• Level 3: On Line + Freestyle + Liberty = Green Savvy String
• Level 4: On Line + Freestyle + Liberty + Finesse = Black Savvy String

To learn more about the audition process and how to complete one, go to:

Once you purchase your audition, you will find it on the home page of your Savvy Club Membership Home Page. It will appear as an additional tab on the left side menu. Please note: Your audition will appear here after midnight of the day you purchase it. Once it’s available on your Savvy Club member page-you will fill out a simple online application form and be able to send your audition to us for scoring.

Please note: Your sales order number is your audition number.

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