Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ Ways to Stay Safe with Horses

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Safety with horses comes from knowing what to do, when to do, and when to quit doing something. Pat Parelli has helped over a million horse lovers find more harmony and enjoyment in their horse life by teaching them how horses feel, think, act, and play. In this book gain over 100 tips and strategies for staying safe with horses in the barn, in the saddle, on the trail, and more!

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The concepts and techniques in this book are expanded in the Parelli Levels Pathway, a train your horse at home program. Scan the many QR codes in this book, visit or call 1-800-642-3335 to continue your journey to developing the ultimate partnership with your horse.

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Parelli has cultivated an acceptance of “natural horsemanship” in the horse industry by showcasing the limitless potential in horse-human relationships through communication, understanding and psychology rather than force, fear, and intimidation. Pat Parelli led the industry with his home study programs just like this one, empowering all horse owners to be involved in their horse’s development.

Barbara Miller Horse Sense and Stable Thinking for every table! - 12/14/2021 "I purchased for gifts but did take a sneak peek and I love the idea of scanning!"
Cynthia Gabriel 12/09/2021 "I received today & looks good BUT I can scan QR code but takes me to picture/website but no info!! Having problems!! Thanks need help"
Irene Great Book!! - 12/08/2021 "My kind of book - just the right kind of reminders of the basics and is helping with problems I never had with some horses but am with horses I have now. I am having a problem with the scan thing. Don't know how to use. What app is the camera app? Would like to see what it is that you get when scanning???"
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Customer Reviews

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Giulia Santucci
A collection of good advises

A light book to read (and read again), full of good advises. I enjoyed the QR’s distributed in the chapters to related videos. A must-have for horse people, but also a nice present for a friend!

Emma Franklin
Love it!

Super cool and interesting book!! And love the picture of my horse colt 45 on the cover ;)

Mary Kay McCabe
Replacement Brass Snap

Despite the problem I continue to have with these snaps, I continue to use them as they are so easy to replace! The problem? The small tacks that hold it together on the snap end (that attaches to the halter) fall out. It would be easy to replace them but I am unable to find the company and purchase just the tacks (small nails?) so I could fix it. Sooo, I have purchased two more so I will have one to replace the one I just attached to my lead rope - it is sooo very easy! Of course they NEVER fall out during the warranty period! The last time the snap broke, the lead fell to the ground, and before it hit the ground my Mustang came to an abrupt halt - what a GOOD Horse!?!!!

Luc Thériault

Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ Ways to Stay Safe with Horses

Essentials for an authentic and safe relationship with your horse

A clear and precise guide about what to do and how to do it when being with your horse. A great compendium to all the other publications by Mr. Parelli.
Thank you very much for the competence and the sensitivity you share Pat, greetings from Italy! - Paola