45-foot Ground Training Line

45-foot Ground Training Line
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Pat Parelli's first horse training mentor was Troy Henry from Clovis, California. He shared with Pat the psychological advantages of teaching the horse all of his basic education on the ground in a round corral as well as on line. Troy always used a 45-foot line. You had to be very athletic and handy in order to use this tool. When Pat first started doing his clinics in the early 1980s, it became obvious this was a great tool, but not necessarily a great one to start with, hence the reason for the 12 and 22-foot lines. The difference between the 45-foot training line and the others is the material. The yachting braid is softer on your hands but also heavier, the 45-foot line is made from a triple soft Lariat material and is much lighter but still has the special feel that horses respond positively to.

The reason the 45-foot rope has a psychological effect on horses is because they are great judges of distance and approach, and it blows their minds how you can be so effective and communicative from such a distance. Used correctly, your horse will soon want to connect to you and follow your suggestions even if you drop the rope.

Suggested for solid Level 3 students and above.


  • 45 feet long
  • 3⁄8” diameter nylon rope
  • Soft Hondo for interchanging swivel snap Brass swivel snap
  • Available in right-handed or left-handed.