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Save when you bundle the Four Essential Tools in the Parelli Program. 

The Essential Starter Kit includes the Green Regular Horseman's Halter, 12 ft. White Training Rope, Classic Carrot Stick in orange, and The Premier White Savvy String.

Features & Benefits
  • The Carrot Stick is a fundamental product in the Parelli Program. It acts as an extension of your arm in the saddle and on the ground, giving you a more extended reach for closer communication. It is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals. It is especially valuable on your journey to bridle-less riding.
  • The Savvy String is the little 6-foot string Pat keeps in his back pocket. Because of his martial arts background, Pat came up with the concept of awarding people specific color strings for their achievement in his Horse-man-ship Levels program. Everyone starts in the Parelli Program with a white string, and as you achieve a level, you are awarded a special colored string. Red for Level 1, Blue for Level 2, Green for Level 3, and Black for Level 4.
  • The Parelli Horseman’s Halter is different than any other halter on the market. As Pat traveled worldwide, he used that time years ago to tie the halters himself on the way to clinics to perfect the design. Today Parelli halters are still hand-tied using smooth yachting braid with simple knots that strategically balance on the horse's head. 
  • The Parelli 12-foot Training Rope is perfect for playing the seven games. It is also perfect for an everyday, all-purpose lead rope and training line for developing your feel and your horse's responsiveness and connection. It is easy to hold and glides smoothly through your hands when you need to give your horse more drift. 
More Info
The Essential Starter Kit Tools come in Premier colors only! We also have other fun custom colors that can be ordered when you purchase the tools individually.
Hannah LOVE!!! - 03/19/2021 "Hands down the best equipment I have ever purchased. I got a near IMMEDIATE change in behavior and better communication with my horse when I swapped from a super stiff 4-knot halter, and short 4.5 ft lead to the parelli halter and lead. I will forever swear by parelli and am absolutely obsessed with the quality of the equipment and the amazing course the Savvy Club offers!"
Colleen Wilson Perfect - 10/06/2020 "Great package, halter, rope, stick, and savy string. It is nice to feel a new rope slip into my hand. I did not realize how well used my older ones have gotten over the years because they are still so functional... I also have to admit that this is the first time I've had an official carrot stick, as I had already had a cheaper clinician stick. The Parelli stick is more sturdy, and the savvy string is more refined/lighter. The halters are light and soft, unlike others I have. I'm loving it all."
Jana Ferguson Made a Difference - 09/13/2022 "I received my kit and noticed immediately how light the halter is. I started using it on my mare, and she responded well. Better than my old halter and lead. Thank you!"
Sharon Beal Armendariz The Whole Package - 09/13/2021 "I love the Essential Starter Kit because it has everything I need. All of the equipment is high quality and beautiful to look at. The halter and lead are comfortable for my horse and communicate with all of the subtlety advertised by Mr. Parelli himself!"
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Shannon L Adams
They Enable us to clearly Speak "Horse" Language

Just as Pat has always said, his "tools" are created for communicating with our horses. Once we develop focus, feel, and timing, they allow for instantaneous communication, which is critical for our horses to understand what we are asking them to do. Once a horse realizes that when we stimulate him, we are asking him to do something, he becomes very animated and engaging. He starts wanting to and trying to figure out what we are "saying" to him. Our relationship with him takes off, and we have the opportunity to reach, and even to go beyond what we dreamed we would be doing with him. There's nothing like "Speaking Horse Language!"

Calvin K. Randall Sr.

Have had equipment before was great and is equal or better

Sara Russell

Essential Equipment Bundle

Luc Thériault
Essential equipment kit

This kit is fantastic. So easy tu use. I will certainly buy others items.