12 foot training line for natural horsemanship training

Corde d'entraînement Parelli 12 pieds

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Are you a fan of the Parelli 7 Games? Yes, we are too!

The Parelli 12-foot Training Rope is perfect for playing the seven games. It is also perfect for an everyday, all-purpose lead rope and training line for developing your feel and your horse's responsiveness and connection. 

It is easy to hold and glides smoothly through your hands when you need to give your horse more drift.

Features & Benefits
  • ½-inch diameter smooth yachting braid.
  • It comes with a brass swivel snap and a latigo popper stamped with the Parelli logo.
  • 12-foot long with a loop at the rope's end for quick snap placement
  • The Weighted Snap is an asset to communication because the horse can feel the rope quicker and more subtly. It also provides a counterweight, so it slows pressure and releases sooner.
  • 12-foot length helps keep the handler out of kick range if the horse turns away.
  • 6-inches of rope is run back in at the tail; because of this, the handler can feel the end of the rope without having to look down. The rope run-back and the popper add weight for swinging and straightness when throwing.
  • At 1200 lbs of pressure, our snap will break. The break weight is there, so the snap will break if the horse pulls back, gets tangled, or falls while being tied rather than the horse being severely hurt or killed.
More Info

Pat was inspired by Tom Dorrance's advice that horses need to be able to drift and teeter. During groundwork, your horse needs to be able to move out a bit and have enough room to turn and face you, get control, and then come back. 

For this reason, you should choose a rope that moves through your hands smoothly to avoid jerking your horse. The Parelli rope is smooth, slightly forgiving, and will flow through your hands as your horse needs additional space. 

Instead of dragging your horse from point A to point B, our ropes will allow for drift and teeter. This is because of the material they are made of, the weighted snap, and the length.

Safety Point to Ponder:

A horse should never be left alone with only a halter on. The halter will not break if it catches on something.

Jan Smith Parelli 12' Training Rope - 08/06/2022 "These ropes are an absolute must! I bought my first equipment over 20 years ago and still have that same equipment. It is used pretty much every single day. The quality is second to none and well worth the price. You may want more than one if you have more than one horse and want one handy to get to if your barn is very big. The "feel" you get with this rope and snap makes a huge difference to your horse learning quickly in a kind manner. :)"
Tom Spezze Training rope, lead rope - 07/25/2022 "I have been riding and packing horses in the backcountry of Colorado for over 40 years. I have used Parelli lead ropes almost exclusively for the past 20 years. They are a lead rope, tie up/down rope, and training rope in all weather types. Especially valuable in very wet conditions as these ropes don't sop up water and retain their shapes even when below freezing. And as a tie-up rope, when a set-back horse decides to do so, this is the only rope that does not break with our stout quarter and quarter-draft crosses. My family and I use them with our saddle and pack horses every time we ride. Which is late spring to early winter around Gunnison, CO."
Shirley Nielson 12 Ft Training Rope - 05/02/2022 "Extremely pleased with this training rope. The weight is perfect and the connector is heavy duty. I've wasted money on cheap ropes that come unraveled or the connector breaks. In the long run, I believe it's cheaper to buy a well made product that does not need to be replaced a few months after purchase. I highly recommend this product."
Kim Kinne Parelli 12-foot training rope. "The quality is a perfect weight. The diameter of the rope is small enough I can close my small hands around it. My horse responds to the lightest phase just closing all fingers is enough to get his attention and communicate most of the time. He loves the friendly game with the leather tips scratching him. Thank you."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 358 reviews
Vickie S.
12 ft Training Rope

I really love how soft the Parelli training rope feels in my hand. I have the training halter to match and I am loving them. My horse is responding very well to them. Very well made and worth the wait.

Elizabeth Welman
I had a boarder for 10 years who had a Parelli halter and lead and I was always drawn to the qual...

Quality - no other rope halter compares

Rick Quintanilla
New vs Old

I have not used the new lead rope yet but felt the material and texture difference from the one I have used (and very satisfied with) for over 15 years. Really like the vaquero pattern and snap. I will update review after using it a while.

Emma Franklin
The best!

Love these ropes, great feel!!

Christine Lloyd

Perfect balance of weight, length, texture, and durability for working with my horse