The Parelli Levels Program

What is the Parelli Levels Program?

The Parelli Levels program is your step by step, level by level blueprint for learning how to train your own horse using communication, understanding, and psychology. Join thousands of successful students who are achieving excellence and living their best horse life.

Progressively develop into a well-rounded horseman.

Level One teaches all of the essential Parelli groundwork tasks and techniques and is the first step in developing the habits and skills you need to become a true horseman.

Once you've completed Level One, you will continue your development into a well-rounded horseman by following the Parelli Program into Level 2, Level 3, and finally Level 4. Each Level builds by adding additional Savvys (ways we play with our horses on the ground and riding) while also expanding on the skills you've previously learned by increasing their speed and complexity and improving your level of communication and strength of bond.

Once you reach Level 4, you will have built a solid foundation both on the ground and riding that can lead to the highest level of refinement, precision, and competition. Our Level 4 graduates are on their way to true mastery with horses.

"The Seven games are phenomenal when beginning and continuing a conversation with your horse. Had it not been for finding Parelli Natural Horse-Man-ship after searching other programs, I would not have been fortunate to have had a few of the most amazing animals in my life that I was blessed with. I have grown to be a better individual because of this program besides being able to help my horses and others find a better way. Thank you Pat and some really good Parelli professionals."

- Anna Looper England

Essential skills for safety, confidence and fun on the ground.

It all starts with Level 1

Learning how horses think and knowing how to communicate with them through the language of the revolutionary Parelli Seven Games is where everything starts. In this course, you’ll see how the Seven Games can be applied to decode and deliver in every situation with a horse, from diagnosing problems to prescribing solutions for behavioral issues and everyday training and exercise needs. This first level in the Parelli Program is the doorway to your future success with horses, no matter how ambitious or humble your goals are.

You will learn how to:

Control horses more naturally.
Horse handling on the ground with the use of a rope or line.
Help horses understand humans and develop a language together.
Be safer around horses.
Know how to teach horses anything you want them to learn.

Ready to get started?

Level One in the Parelli Program is the doorway to your future success with horses, no matter how ambitious or humble your goals. Click the link below to purchase Level 1.

Essential skills for confidence, fun, rapport and respect on the ground and riding

Level 2

Level Two On Line is about staying progressive and winning the Seven Games. These Seven Games will ensure that you have a dialogue with your horse. Once you have a mental, emotional and physical connection with your horse, it's time for Liberty! Level Two will prepare you for just that. You will also begin your FreeStyle journey, where you will introduce your horse to the Seven Games under saddle.

You will learn how to:

Improve your connection to your horse at greater distances.
Incorporate more obstacles and tools.
Get better responses while using lighter phases.
Prepare for Liberty.
Learn fundamental techniques that will ensure that your horse is confident and responsive under saddle.

Purchase Levels 1 & 2 Together - Save 5%!

In Level Two, we introduce the 22ft Training Rope which improves the connection to your horse at greater distances. You will, also, learn Freestyle riding which is an essential component to a well-rounded horsemanship education. Click the link below to purchase both levels together at a discounted rate.

Essential skills for excellent communication and balanced impulsion on the ground and riding

Level 3

In On Line Level Three you'll learn to control your energy more effectively while becoming more creative with your tools and obstacles. At Liberty, your phases will become clearer, your horse will respond to those phases with more precision. Your ability to confidently play the Seven Games without a halter and lead will grow in leaps and bounds. FreeStyle Level Three is all about impulsion, also known as emotional collection. You’ll also be introduced to the Fourth Savvy—Finesse—which in this Level is all about preparing you with the prerequisites for the more advanced maneuvers you'll develop in Level 4. Riding with precision starts here.

You will learn how to:

Introduce the 45-foot line and improve connection at greater distances.
Prepare for play at Liberty.
Your repertoire of tools and patterns will expand, as will your confidence as a rider.
Learn about bits, bridles, and other equipment and introduce the snaffle bit.

Levels 1, 2 & 3 - Save 5%!

Get creative, feel connection, and gain harmony. The objective of Level 3 On Line + Freestyle + Liberty is learning to control your energy more effectively while becoming more creative with your tools and obstacles. Click the link below to purchase Levels 1, 2 & 3 together at a discounted rate.

Advanced skills for refinement and precision in all 4 Savvys - the fundamentals of performance

Level 4

On Line Level Four is all about refinement. As you progress, you will continue to test and refine your bond, to the point that your communication cues are nearly invisible. You will incorporate new tools and become very creative with your patterns, setting the stage for performance in any discipline. In Liberty Level Four, not only will you confidently and creatively play all Seven Games at greater distances, you will learn to play them with a level of elegance and connection that is truly inspiring.

Level Four FreeStyle is where it all comes together for you and your horse. The skills and positive patterns you develop in Level Four will prepare you for any discipline you choose to participate in. No matter what you do, the connection between you and your horse will remain strong because of the foundation you have built together. Level Four Finesse is where you take the building blocks of communication and truly achieve excellence. You will learn to develop a “feel” when riding, while also reaching new levels of refinement, skill, and connection with your horse.

This is the culmination of the Parelli Level's Pathway.

You will learn how to:

Confidently and creatively play all Seven Games at greater distances at Liberty.
Refine your bond with your horse to where your cues become invisible.
Learn skills and positive patterns to prepare you for any riding discipline.
Develop a “feel” when riding.
Achieve an unprecedented bond and communication level with your horse.

All 4 Levels - Save 5%!

Where respect, impulsion, rapport, and flexion meet. The objective of Level 4 On Line + Freestyle + Liberty + Finesse is learning to refine your communication techniques and cues. Click the link below to purchase the entire Parelli Levels Program at a discounted rate.

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