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Pat's Horseman's Halter

Love it!!


Hackamore and reins a different color wanted them to match. Why do they come not matching?

Someone goofed

I have not received the training line. Someone sent me a carrot stick

Love the feel in my hands

Bandana /scarf

I bought it hang up for more savvy reminders. I would love it you made a larger silk style for wearing tied around neck.

Replacement snap on 12 ft rope

The new one works well. This is the 2nd time I've had to replace a snap on a "new" never used rope. Someone needs to check these snaps before sending them out.

RBI Blues

An extremely useful exercise, first to ponder carefully on Blues and then on myself. The report came through almost instantly and I am still wading through the 200 or so pages of information, most of which was spot on for Blues and me.

Very unique, very interesting and very informative. This tool takes you right to the heart of the relationship and essence of companionship between a horse and his human.

Still waiting

Haven't received

Was on back order with no anticipated date to arrive so you refunded me the money

20 yrs summit


Finesse Reins

Pat's Horseman's Halter - Alternate Colors

Was unfamiliar with your sizes. But was very happy with the product

Great information

12-Foot Training Line


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how small it can get. I've been using it with my Mustang and she is so responsive to it. I love the flexibility and amount of detail. It is absolutely perfect for me and my horses!

Even more stunning in person

I live in New Zealand and received this bridle within 10 days! It is of a very high quality and looks lovely on my Pinto boy. I’m very happy with this purchase

Pat's Horseman's Halter

Great trail riding video

Easy to understand explanations on how to prepare before going out on the trail through simulations, work through real trail obstacles, knots, tying your horse, and trail etiquette. Learned a lot and now I’m going to add this into my riding! Love the beep beep game!

I love these posters

This set encompasses everything I wanted to display. Beautiful, nice paper, easy to read. Thank you! <3

A great gift for a good friend.

A couple of years ago Jody Grimm and Dave Ellis started sharing some of the elements of the Finesse Sequence. I bought the series for myself. A friend of mine has a really nice horse and she said she heard about Linda’s Finesse Sequence. I gave her the dvds as a gift and just as I expected she has started to incorporate these into her riding and is very happy with the results.

Fantastic halter and lunge line!

Bought this to learn a lighter connection with my horse while lunging. She responded beautifully, and by the end of our 1st session had learned to move off with the very little movement on my part.