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I haven’t got it yet, it’s still in the custom.

Ring Snaffle Bit

I could not believe what a difference this bit has made...
1. No leaning of bit
2. No non acceptance of of bit.
3. No tongue going over the bit although quite loose

12 Foot Training Line and Halter

Good quality and very nice blue bright colour

Starter kit

Starter kit was overall great quality and delivered to Australia in a week. Very excited to start using them. Halter a little small for my mare, would be great if you offered sizes.

6-foot Savvy String

Great chinstrap

This is the second one of these chinstraps I have bought. They are light weight and ideal for my horses. Now, I just need to remember where I left the tying instructions........

Have not received?????????

Can’t live without these halters and leads

There’s nothing like a Parelli halter and lead rope for horse communication, riding and training. These are all inside and I insist that my boarders have the same equipment.

Lead line and Arabian halter

The 12 ft. Lead line is perfect
The Arabian halter is a disappointment. It is much too small to my surprise as my mares head is very small. Will need to exchange for a horse size. Hoping you will provide a return shipping label and even exchange. Lmk please and thank you !


Great visor! So happy to see these for sale again!

45ft Training Line

Used it for the first time and did not get tangled up. It was so light and manageable and easy to recoil back into position.



Parelli Stadium Seat

Great Product!

Pat's Horseman's Halter

It was a gift for someone else

Nine foot Fitness Reins

I like the feel of these reins. They are smooth in my hand and give gentle control. I also use them as an easy 9 foot lead rope.

Halter review

I used this halter for the first time at a TREC clinic. It fit well under the Micklem bridle so it was very easy to shift from in hand to under saddle. It seemed to be very comfortable for my horse. Huge thumbs up

Best halter ever

Only use these rope halter at my barn. EZ to both knot and untie. Great color coding for students option as a plus for me




I have not put them to use as of yet but I will be soon. As I am sure they are just what I want. I love and recommend all Parelli equipment to all my clients. Thank you

Parelli Hackamore - great quality, thoroughly recommend getting one!

This Hackamore fits my Percheron/Clydesdale/Quarterhorse cross really well and makes training at level 1 so much easier. I have a happy horse = happy owner.
Delivery to New Zealand was fast and without any problems.

Love it!

I love the style and look for fall and winter

Very Pleased

I traded in my stiff rope halter and prior lead rope after seeing the difference training 2 young nurse mare foals through other methods and using my prior rope halter. I have 1 right brain introvert and 1 left brain extrovert. Having the right tools truly is amazing and has made a difference in my journey training polar opposite young horses. The difference in applying pressure ONLY when it needs to be versus having pressure applied just by wearing a halter has made a huge difference.

Great book!