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Horsenality Report

Great really helpful love it

Precious book to have!

Parelli Halter

All good, thanks

Love it!

Great shape for sitting on the ground at the barn. Love the handle. No more warm water on a hot day!

Chin strap

Works great!

22' ground rope

A very soft rope with great workmanship.

Bridleless Riding

Awesome lead!

Love love love my 12 foot lead line. Great quality!
I fully expect this one to last as long as the last one -which was 14 years!!!!
I've had the others and they just don't work, feel and last the way Parelli lines do.

Excellent quality Snaffle bridle

I love the supple feel of leather on my new snaffle bridle! The workmanship is obviously very nice. The quick change buds are a nice touch. Just what I was hoping for. I love it!

Burgundy halter and burgundy/red lead rope look great on my grey.

Bridleless Ruding

Really good. I liked that Joseph and Cotton had not done bridleless before the video. Very helpful.

New at the Parelli

So far I am not very coordinated but love the adventure and the possibilities with my 18 year old 18 hand dressage horse. He is big and very anxious but we are both enjoying the work - the 12 foot is enough for me now - until my right and left hand can work well together and separately, I am keeping the 22 ft clean. So far, my 12 foot rope is strong and sturdy!

Love the big green balls !!

Seem to be tuff and It’s always fun to work the horses with something new!! I’ll know more about my review in six months or so!!! 😎🐎

Bridleless Riding

I really like the DVD, I think the price is a little high, but very informational.
I am having a lot of trouble with the DVD, cannot fast forward, stop or restart it.
I checked my computer with another DVD and it worked fine.

Hi I already own one, everyone here used it, so I wanted to have a spare, and the owner of the st...

Should add that my horse heads to the bell especially when playing on the ground on line or at liberty.. if the ball is close she’ll take that few steps over to it!

Pat's Natural Hackamore

22-foot Ground Training Line with Popper

Order hasn’t arrived

I ordered a 6ft string plus a horse halter blk still haven’t received

Parelli Green Ball

This is the second ball I purchased. The last one I bought years ago. I can’t remember when but I still use it. I hope this one lasts as long. They’re great fun to train with and my horses have all seemed to enjoy them.

Green Ball Play

I haven't had a chance to use it as yet.

Love It!

I recently purchased the kids carrot stick and string. I love them both, so much lighter than the adult one and easier for me to manage.

More than you think

Should have done this report a year ago! I kept putting it off because I thought oh I have enough I'm doing good. Nope. The amount of information in the reports is fantastic. They will not disappoint!

Big Green Ball

Love it and the horses love it too!


Great product! Took a bit to get but that was due to being on back order.