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Based on 2214 reviews
12' training rope

Excellent quality as always, love it and it's a great length to start your training

Best Quality Halter for Training

I love Parelli training and have been working Level one for several weeks now. Because I already owned so many different rope halters I decided not to spend the money. The further I got in my training the more results I was getting with my horses so as a reward to myself I thought I would try 2 Parelli halters for each of my horses. Wow! I was completely blown away at the difference in the feel alone and then I started using them. Right away they both fit properly and I will never go back to another halter. Now I’m wondering what else I should invest in because it’s obvious that Parelli gear does not lack in quality or taste. Thank you for making great tack!!

Replacing my 22 foot line that I gave to my daughter. Perfect for ground work.

Green Ball
Jerald L Arlington

Haven't used it yet. In the process of moving back to Ohio so sorta busy getting stuff sold and packed. And I am down to one horse. Least I have owned in 50+ years.

I love the feel of it. It’s strong and not going to frey.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
david Carter
Awesome quality

Best hand made halter in the world. A must for horse owners.

Essential Starter Kit
Kurt Hussey
Great Quality

Great quality equipment. Durable, holds up nice to grit and moisture. Wish there was a better retail option for shipping to Canada.

Super supple 22 ft line

A super supple, light and soft training line. It has a lot of feel and is a great if you want to work towards lighter and subtle "invisible" communication with your horse!

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope

Green Ball
Berkey Barbara C

Horse loves it, using it in my ETS work

Green Ball
Lisa Harmon
Big Green Ball

I always wanted a Big Green Ball. As soon as it arrived I blew it up, reviewed directions, and ran down to the barn. (Note: It does NOT fit through a doorway after inflation. An air compessor blows it up MUCH faster than the included foot pump). The horse I've worked with the most came right up and followed me with it while I rolled it around. My jumpy cataract horse also followed a bit but was tense & ready to run so needs more guided time following the ball. Have not tried my minis yet but I think they can if guided. Such fun!

Best Quality

Parelli tools are undeniably the best in quality, effectiveness and safety.

Absolutely the best for on ground training. I actually purchased this for my trainer, she watched me with it and asked where to buy it. I gave it as a gift. She loves it. Gave her some of my original CD’s, some of your originals. She is viewing now.

Nice quality

Halter hackamore is a nice piece of equipment. I enjoyed using it to help the horse with steering.

Superior material, feel and horse acceptance

The string halter is one of the most important ways you connect with your horse seamlessly. I shopped on Amazon, I looked locally, I tried different alternatives and all were inferior to Pat’s quality workmanship and material. Not a nice to have - it’s a must have.

The Precision Box
Julia Engler

The Precision Box

Nice equipment

I have watched many Parelli videos and I’m excited to try w my 14 month baby.

Level 1 On Line

I really love to learn how to communicate with horses - with Level 1 On Line I have the best basic to learn how to think like a horse and communicate with my horse like a horse, not a human :-) thank you so much, Pat, to share your years of experiences with all of us!!

22' Line with popper

I still have all of my original equipment, purchased over 20 yrs. ago, and, it is still in great shape. The quality of the Parelli equipment is excellent and stands up to years of use. I like having extra equipment so it is handy when needed. The popper on the end comes in handy at times. Ex: I was playing with my horse and was about 10' away from him. I used it to get his attention when he was distracted by some children playing off in the distance. Without moving my feet, I twirled the end of the line and slowly let it out until the end of the popper just barely flicked his nose. His reaction was immediate and polite and his attention was back where it needed to be, on me. :)

Pat's Natural Hackamore
Karen Bainter

Pat's Natural Hackamore

Green Ball
Janet Harrison
Green Ball

Love it

I never received it. When i looked on tracking usps it returned it to you This is the tracing #9449011108435565606711

Bareback Pad
Del Tuff
Really good feel!

I love this pad, it snugs on to my 16plus HH QH and she loves it. I can feel her as if there were no pad and the suede keeps you put! Excellent quality, well worth getting.

I haven’t received it here yet, I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery of this to arrive though