Got Ambition?

The overall air of savvy is the only thing you feel at the Parelli Center campus as post-graduate students from all over the world get about the business of learning how to become the ultimate Parelli Professional.

Solid horsemanship is what you expect from students attending the world’s most influential natural horsemanship school. This is the place where the professionals of the future are made.

No aspect of personal development is left to chance. Students do more than just spend hours with horses and their upkeep, they learn about every facet of running a Parelli-oriented business including student support, teaching, psychology (both horse and human), events, customer service, business, facility design and operation, and more.

We are the only academy in the world with our very own school, university, events and corporate structure.

Pre-Professional - Externship Program 12 week Course: 

An intensive, accelerated pathway into the Parelli Professional Program. Candidates are Level 4 graduates with Parelli Professional goals and the educational pathway involves daily activities at Pat’s barn learning to train horses, assisting instructors during courses, involvement in events, time with Linda, and more.

Prerequisites: Level 4 Official Graduate with Professional Goals. Registration upon approval. Contact for more information.