Parelli students are so eager to learn and progress, it’s absolutely inspiring. We want to make sure that each of our students has access to the education they want and need, so we offer a wide range of educational DVDs – from introducing the Parelli program all the way up to high-level, topic-specific products, and everything in between – featuring Pat and Linda Parelli and many other world-class horsemen and women.
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Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses Book
Savvy Summit 20 Year DVD Collection
Mastery Lessons 21 - 43
Mastery Lessons 21 - 43
$249.95 $333.27
Finesse Patterns
Finesse Patterns
$98.95 $131.93
Game of Contact
Game of Contact
$199.99 $266.65
Nate Bowers Driving - Part 1 - Preparation for Driving
The Scale of Training Part I
The Scale of Training Part II
Driving Part 2 - Harness, Hitch, and Drive
Driving Part 3 - Training the Driving Horse
UK Celebration 2011 BluRay
The Scale of Training In Action
The Joy of Dressage Part 1: Motivating the Horse
Savvy Mastery Series - OnLine: A Mental Connection w/ Silke
The Joy of Dressage Part 2: Training the Rider
Mental Connection with Silke German English Edition
The Joy of Dressage Part 3: Competitive Success
Savvy Mastery Series - The Projeckt with Michael Wanzenried
Humanality Report Only Digital
Savvy Mastery Series - The Projeckt German Edition
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Humanality Report Only Printed
Savvy Mastery Series - Liberty Outside the Round Pen
58 results
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