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The Wonder of the Horse: Seven Great Horses from Throughout History

by Parelli Natural Horsemanship on May 14, 2021

The Wonder of the Horse: Seven Great Horses from Throughout History

Eunisse C. De Leon sent in this great blog. Not only is it a fascinating topic, but it’s also an excellent history lesson. Take it away, Eunisse!

Horses have always been symbols of strength and valor. With their sturdy form, amazing stamina, and elegance, it is easy to be in love with these fine creatures. Owing to proper training and care, your horse can build its name as one of the successful horses in history like the following:


Meaning “my treasure” in Hungarian, Kincsem is indeed a fortune to keep. She was first introduced to the world of racing in 1876 when she was still two years old, ran in 10 races, and won all of them. This 19th century mare remained undefeated, with 54 victories all in all. In memory of the most successful racehorse to ever live, a horse-racing venue and life-sized statue was erected for Kincsem.

Black Caviar

Named as Australia’s Horse of the Year twice, Black Caviar is indeed as exquisite as her name. The thoroughbred mare has an unbeaten record of 25 wins, 15 of which were from her Group 1 triumphs. Black Caviar retired recently as a broodmare but her career as a successful sprinter is unparalleled in recent times.


Indeed a king among horses, Kingston had 138 starts and has won a total of 89 competitions, earning himself a well-deserved spot in the United States Racing Hall of Fame. The stallion still holds record of having the most wins, even competing against younger horses at the prime age of 10.


Frankel boasts an extraordinary ability that continues to baffle scientists: this thoroughbred colt can run a mile in just under two minutes. Frankel is owned and bred by none other than Prince Khalid Abdullah, a member of the Saudi royal family. He ran his final race in 2012 but his legacy lives on as many consider him as the greatest horse in British history.


1940s actor Roy Rogers owes part of his success to his famous horse Trigger, who appeared with him in his motion pictures—all 90 of them. This Palomino Stallion first appeared onscreen in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) for a different actor shortly before Rogers saw his potential as his onscreen sidekick.

Buena Vista

Japan’s 2010 Horse of the Year, Buena Vista is not certainly your average mare. Having won a title in the Japan Cup and other prestigious competitions like Tenno Sho and Victoria Mile as a filly, she is the highest-earning horse in history. Buena Vista acquired $12.3 million dollars during her active years—an accomplishment no other horse has ever attained.


Traveling all the way from the Middle East to America, Haleb is commonly known the “Pride of the Desert”. Though lacking in size, this brown and white Arabian Horse was respected for his endurance and exquisite form. Haleb won the Justin Morgan Cup in the year 1907, giving many horse-loving Americans proof that he was one of the greatest horse imports of all time. His career was short but was well-lived.

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