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Pat’s Top 6 Product Picks

by Parelli Natural Horsemanship on Mar 30, 2022

Pat’s Top 6 Product Picks

We interviewed Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s founder, Pat Parelli, to get the scoop on his favorite products he uses daily. Here are his top 6 picks!

Spalding Laboratories

Born out of necessity to control pesky flies around horses and livestock, the Spalding Family wanted to manage flies around their horses without chemicals. The fly-fighting parasites that they discovered, now known as Fly Predators, became a grassroots business that quickly caught fire in the horse world. They now serve farm and stable owners with multiple affordable solutions for fly management. 

What Pat says: “I’ve been using Spalding Fly Predators since the mid-80s. I used to use a toxic system that would kill flies by spraying poison over the top of myself, my horses, my staff, and my children in order to control flies. Since I’ve been using Fly Predators - the natural way - I, my family, and my horses have all had a better life.”

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Using fabrics with minerals that emit far-infrared wavelengths that are proven to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, Benefab (aka Beneficial Fabrics) creates wearable items for horses, dogs, and people to feel their best. Benefab’s core mission is to “help heal and relieve pain and soreness with increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks, guaranteed.”

What Pat says: “I was blown away when I was introduced to this beneficial fabric that had 30 lead-free minerals in it. It increased my circulation, reduced my inflammation, and gave me back the mobility that I had lost in my wrist. I’ve been using it on myself, my family, and my horses for the last two years, and I’ve told everybody I can about what a fabulous, natural product Benefab is for horses, humans, and dogs.

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Horse Holster

Horse Holster: For all the phone carriers that exist on the market, there wasn’t a perfect one for horseback riding - until the Horse Holster™. The Horse Holster provides riders with the ability to carry their phones with them without interfering with their riding, while also keeping their phone handy to take a picture or make a call, in case of an emergency.

What Pat says: “Cell phones: they have become a necessary evil when I’m concentrating with my horses and riding with my team. I try not to carry my phone, but I recommend that everyone ride connected when riding alone. The Horse Holster is the perfect solution to carry your cell phone in a handy and useful way in the saddle.

Young Living

Essential oils aren’t just a healthy indulgence at Young Living, they’re a way of life. Because of their commitment to their customers, partners, and the environment, Young Living ensures the highest quality essential oils with their Seed to Seal® guarantee. They also produce unique lines of health products, such as Thieves Home and NingXia Red.

What Pat says: “Young Living essential oils are exactly that - essential. For thousands of years, ancient civilizations knew the medicinal power of strong essential oils. Knowing the power of our olfactory system and the power of smell, essential oils can affect our brain and our overall health. I have experienced and seen amazing results since becoming aware of Young Living essential oils.”

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StripHair: The StripHair Gentle Groomer is a revolutionary tool for grooming horses, dogs, and cats. Designed with all-natural elements with gentleness being just as much a priority as effectiveness, this tool not only removes hair, dirt, dead skin, and other debris, but also increases circulation, massages the muscles, and naturally conditions the coat. 

What Pat says: “StripHair is way more than just a grooming tool or something to strip springtime hair off a horse. The horses love it! It’s a gentle grooming tool that increases circulation, gives them a derma massage, brings out oils, and gets a shine on a horse like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. I love to say, ‘It’s not fair, because I used StripHair,’ because when I started carrying it in my shops and I would play with little foals, by the third session, they were all over me like a cheap suit, just because they loved me to groom them with StripHair.”

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Photonic Health

Photonic Health: The knowledge of Red Light Therapy is increasingly prevalent in the equine community - and rightly so! Photonic Health seeks to make Red Light Therapy more accessible to horse, dog, and cat owners. Their tools can help reduce pain, increase cellular regeneration and healing, reduce inflammation, increase lymphatic drainage, circulation, and more. 

What Pat says: “When I discovered photonic therapy 20 years ago, I was already a believer in the natural power of acupuncture. Then when I discovered that photonic therapy is essentially ‘non-invasive acupuncture in how it works on the meridians and saw the wonders that it works on horses, humans, and dogs that I’ve known and loved, I was amazed. I’m always the first one to tell everyone about this natural wonder.”

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