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When you are working at the barn or working with your horse, sometimes it helps to have a face covering. Protect yourself from dirt, hay, and shavings flying in your face with this non-medical mask.
Features & Benefits
  • Face Mask / Neck Gaiter / Balaclava / Do rag / cinch your ponytail / and much more.
  • REUSABLE Wash & Quick Dry
  • Seamless Lite Construction - TUBE TECH Fabric > Ultra-Soft Comfortable, Lightweight, Breathable & Moisture wicking: Fabric@130gsm
  • Sun protection, Reduces skin temperature: helps to keep out particulates, wind, and road pollutants.
More Info

It has been designed for a high level of comfort and protection from both hot and cold elements alike.

When you place it over your mouth and nose, this face mask helps block out particulate and wind.  It may also reduce exposure to saliva and respiratory secretions. 

This specialized ultra-soft tech fabric is breathable and provides moisture management to draw sweat away from the skin.

Debra Sherwood Review of Savvy Face Covering - 02/11/2021 "I like the versatility of this scarf. I love that it is stretchy too."
Jeri Blackwell Savvy Face Covering - 08/09/2020 "Great product! I’ve actually gotten compliments on it (twice from my husband!) when wearing it. Quick and easy, and of course love the colors. Thank you!"
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Håll dig smart ansiktsskydd

Håll dig smart ansiktsskydd

Ordinarie pris $9.95
Försäljningspris $9.95 Ordinarie pris $24.95