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This is the miniature version of the Carrot Stick: shorter, lighter, and more slender. Perfect for kids and for riding. Features a smaller handle, shorter rod (3-foot) and the same leather end as the original Carrot Stick. We have a 4-foot Savvy String (sold separately) that is just the right length for junior horsemen! Also great for adults who want a lighter stick on the ground and for riding.
Features & Benefits
A special molded grip featuring a modern scroll design and the Parelli logo. This Golf Grip™ handle is a Parelli custom design, and is easy to turn in hand and for active use. The leather loop end is traditional, the leather lasts longer and the string tends to swing better. It is perfect for attaching your savvy string or a flag. 3-Foot long non-flex fiberglass shaft with a solid core gives flexibility and strength. If the stick were hollow it could bend or shatter. This flexibility results in a firm pressure but not sting when used correctly. Not only the perfect size for children, but it's also the perfect size for riding. 4-Foot Savvy String sold separately.
More Info
The Mini Carrot Stick acts as an extension of your arm both in the saddle and on the ground, providing you with a longer reach for closer communication. It is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals. It is especially valuable on your journey to bridle-less riding.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marcia Roberts
Mini carrot stick

I love the mini carrot stick! It is light and manageable in the hands.

Dorothy Cerf
The colour;

It’s clearance so I understand it’s the colour not popular!

Sheila Mckenna
Still waiting

I have not received the delivery!

Karen Feder Feder
Love the smaller stick great for arthritic hands

Love the smaller stick great for arthritic hands

Diana Carda
mini carrot stick

I have dwarfism. The hand grip fits my small hands and the length/weight is very comfortable. The length of the stick still keeps me in the safe zones. The carrot stick wont break or splinter like a tree branch would. I am use to carrying a short crop when I ride my older horse. I use it for an extra leg aide. I can see myself riding with the mini carrot stick and using it without losing it. Thanks. Glad you had it on sale so I could fit the price in my budget.