Carrot Stick Repair Kit

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The Parelli Carrot Sticks are handmade and will last a long time. Sometimes, the leather popper will break due to leather cracking, being stepped on, etc. We have an easy repair kit for your Carrot Stick.

Features & Benefits

The kit includes one adult-sized Carrot Stick popper and wax string.

This kit is only $12.50 for Savvy Club Members. 

You will need to supply: tape, scissors, and clear PVC pipe glue.

More Info

Seven Easy Steps

1.) Make sure the fiberglass shaft does not have any splinters.
2.) Remove the old leather tip.
3.) Slide on the new popper.
4.) Tape down the leather flaps.
5.) Wrap the wax string around the stick. Apply a little bit of "upward" pressure to keep the string nice and tight.
6.) Cut off any excess string.
7.) Apply a layer of clear PVC glue on top of the string.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julie Wichelt
So happy with the kit!

The kit was so easy to use and the sticks look great!

Dick Joyce

A great idea, to save a worn carrot stick with many circling games left in it .
Easy to do and looks as good as the original .

Lorraine Newlyn

Good - it was easier after reviewing the u-tube video

Hendriks, Tony
Last order

Placing orders from You has always been complicated.
Why wouldn’t You include instructions with each order of the leather toppers?
Why if You have a warehouse/ supplier in Canada why can’t I deal with Them directly?
Shipping has always been too expensive
You advertised the big sake earlier this month, unfortunately every-tine I ( on my phone) clicked on the shop now button but was never able to get into the ‘sale’

I’m happy with the quality of the tools tho.

Becky Lawrence
Using the Carrot Stick Repair Kit

It was made easier with the video from the website. That made a huge difference in me deciding to get the repair kit.