Linea di allenamento a terra di 22 piedi con Popper

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Ready for advanced ground skills?

You’ll be able to expand your horse's confidence and step up the challenge with the 22-foot Ground Training Line. The extra length enables more sensitive or scared horses to drift and allows you to gain respect from greater distances.

This 22-foot line has the same snap featured on our 12-foot line and is the perfect tool for On Line Level 2 skills and Get Ready for Liberty from the Savvy Series.

"Longer lines, greater challenges, more advanced ground skills." Pat Parelli

Features & Benefits
  •  ½-inch smooth yachting braid with easy and quick snap placement loop, swivel snap leather popper, and weighted end.
  • The popper helps with straightness when throwing, assists in horse training, and has a more classic look and feel. 
  • Stamped with the Parelli logo.
  • 6-inches of rope is run back in at the tail; because of this, the handler can feel the end of the rope without having to look down. The rope run-back and the popper add weight for swinging and straightness when throwing.
  • At 1200 lbs of pressure, our snap will break. The break weight is there, so the snap will break if the horse pulls back, gets tangled, or falls while being tied rather than the horse being severely hurt or killed.
  • Suitable for large horses when a 12-foot Line isn't long enough to be out of kick range if the horse turns away (such as a large Warmblood or Draft).
  • Designed for ground skills.
  • Smooth, flexible, and resistant to sweat.
  • Swivel Snap connects to the looped end of the 22-foot Line to allow for replacement.
  • Also referred to as 22-Foot Line, 22-Foot Lead Rope, 22-Foot Training Rope, and 22-Foot Snap-Line.
More Info

In 1987, on Pat's first trip to Australia, he ran into a Horseman Legend, Morris Wright. Morris was the number one proponent of the Jeffery method of taming wild Brumbys (Mustangs). He used a 22-foot rope made of rawhide. When Pat came back to the states, he trialed his now famous yachting braid. Over time it has become one of Pat's most popular products ever produced.

This is an essential tool in your Parelli program journey because horses are great judges of distance and approach. If you only use a 12-foot rope when educating your horse on the ground, your horse will soon become bored, and you will become ineffective. Using the 22-foot rope correctly has a similar psychological effect to what you might expect if you used a round corral.

Anna Hill Makes our ground play so much more fun - 05/13/2019 "Between playing with greater speeds, more distance, and even more refinement, it's super fun to play with my horse on the 22. The quality of the rope makes everything easier, and I know it will last for years and years."
Arthur Bazan Online with 22ft Ground Line - 06/18/2019 "I love this new 22ft ground line. It's part of the Parelli equipment I've purchased to continue learning the Parelli Seven Games. I'm new to horses and new to Parelli. Luckily as I retired two years ago, a friend invited me to play with her horses. Everyone at the barn has Parelli training and has been helping me learn and letting me borrow their equipment. It's way past time I have my own. Having my own Parelli equipment has increased the fun of playing Online."
Susan Roberts 22’ Line - 10/19/2019 "I have two and bought three more for new barn mates! Teaching them how to build confidence in their horses using longer lines, circling vs. lungeing. The weight of these lines is perfect, and I love how soft they stay."
Deirdre Great tool! - 11/20/2019 "I have two and bought three more for new barn mates! Teaching them how to build confidence in their horses using longer lines, circling vs. lungeing. The weight of these lines is perfect, and I love how soft they stay."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Maria Zermeno

22-ft Ground Training Rope

Heather Johnson

Love the rope, made well! It's a must have.

Nancy Richmond
22’ Rope

Different texture, more nylon. Too slippery~ like our original ropes better!

Luc Thériault

Glad to have it. This is a must in our kit

Vaquero Ontario
Nice Rope

What I liked about it: I don't own one yet, I got my hands on one of my client's - I like the length, it allows more versatility, I liked the clip, while a little fussy to do up, it had no protrusions that could catch your hands when working up close, and it had a nice weight and feel to it. I definitely need one for my tool box.