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I was surprised to find the rope different from what Parelli ropes used to be, but as thick and more slick. Hope the quality will be the same

Pat's Natural Hackamore
Larry Williams
Pat’s natural hackamore

Excellent quality and function.

Still haven’t received my items

Loved the clinic I went to but I still haven’t received my items so I’m a little bummed

12ft training rope

Yes, I use parelli ropes and halters for all my horses, now I have a couple more! They work and made with quality.


I have ordered this before many years ago and still love the one I have ( which is still in great condition). I ordered this one for my daughter’s birthday for her horse. She has seen mine and I have products from other top trainers but color and quality of these are the best.

Horseman Reins
Debra Forbes
Bit, horseman Reins, Leathers and Chin Strap

Happy with my recent purchase!

Horse loves this bridle!

I can tell my horse, Esther, is more relaxed and responsive already. Plus the whole set is great quality and beautiful! It sets off her white mane and palomino coloring nicely. Would recommend!

Best halter and lead rope

I really like the ease of releasing the knot and also the versatility. I can use this lead with many different sized horses with ease. It is fast, efficient and safe. I like the locking connector and feel confident using this halter and lead. My horse lowers his head for it easily because I think it is more comfortable than some scratchy type of ropes. It is smooth and lightweight.

Green Ball
Jo Meyer
44” ball Hmmmm

So I promised my granddaughter $10 if she would blow the green ball up so I could use it the next morning. We read the instructions and per instructions placed a tape on the door at 44” so we knew when it was done. About 40” in, my granddaughter looked at me and asked “how are you going to get a 44” ball through a 36” door. We laughed til we cried.

Kidz Carrot Stick
Bambi Brusco
Kid sticks

I lost my first set in the barn fire.
I use them for bridleless riding in case I need a reinforcement for my cues.
They are much easier for me to handle than the “adult” carrot sticks.
Glad to have my new set!! ❤️

Pat's Natural Hackamore
Judy Wilmarth
Natural Hackamore

I’ve been using Parelli’s natural hackamores for 16 years now . I love them , they are very well made and last . Love the parelli products.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Karen Fowler
I wasn’t sure the halter would hold her!

What a great fit. It took several of my tries to get it secure bc I was unsure. She really loves her halter. It’s not hot as her previous halter was (nylon) and is easily released. I wish I’d known about the Parelli program much earlier! My horse and I are beginning the love affair I wish we’d shared long ago. My main problem remains getting her
Like getting on the trailer without fear. She’s due to foal in Jan. I need to get her vet checked.🥰

Bareback Pad
Linda Henry

Purchased as gift for granddaughter - she waa thrilled!

Green Ball
Kathy Hughes
Green ball

Love it! Great tool/toy with multiple ways to use it

Have been using the halters for 17 years

Parelli Lapel Pin
Linda Threlkeld

I really like these to put on jackets and hats.

Her eyes said, “This is real”

I have an 8 year old pregnant Paint, a rescue, who has never been trailered. I’m following Parelli’s savvy classes, and I can tell the Parelli products are having an effect on her. I’ve always loved on her but never worked with her. Every day is a new day.

Essential Starter Kit
Linda Threlkeld
Have not received it yet. Really taking a long time.

Still don’t have the kit 14 days later.


halter was too small did not see place to order larger but rope is great

Pat's Natural Hackamore
Evergreen Amundson

I like the hackamore and have used them for years. I bought this one for my new horse and it was supposed to be Warmblood size but it was too small. So I compared it to my regular horse one and it was the same size. So that did not make me happy. I had to order a new one, this time in Draft size. Hope that fits.

Cow Flavored Barrel Cover
Jaydean Higgins
very cool

The barrel cover is very cool and my horse is very curious abut them

Parelli Twill Sun Visor
Sharon Smith

Love it!! And thanks for the exceptional service in re-sending parcel that got missed on my end somehow.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Paula MacGillivray
Excellent halter

Fantastic quality and looks great on my boy. He’s just starting his Parelli journey but so far loving it.

Confidence Snaffle Bit
Sarah Graham
This is my 2nd one to buy

I rode English and western. My horse (5 year old mare) loves this bit which I bought over a or two year ago for her western bridle. I finally decided to buy another for her English bridle. I have started and developed her from a yearling and this is the only bit she knows at this point. Been great for her development.

Wonderful Color, great quality

The red is flamboyant and the weight of the hook is perfect.