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Horseman's halter

I have used these halters for over 20 years and find the quality to be excellent. They are so soft and comfortable for the horse yet, when some pressure is applied, they are quite effective. When using the Parelli halters, you will not find the brace that you will find in the typical leather or nylon halter. Give it a try, you will be glad you did.

1/4" Leather Popper
Dorrie James
Small poppers

I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of my poppers. The leather appeared to be dry and cracking.
Pulling them through the end is the savvy string I wasn’t sure if the popper was going to break before I got it through. I haven’t had that issue in the past when I’ve replaced them.

Beautiful Blue 12' Training Rope!

The 12' training rope is incredibly useful. It to a minute to learn how to handle the length as I was used to a normal lead rope, but now I wouldn't use anything else.

Snap-End Sport Reins
Marjorie Taylor
Nice reins

I like rope reins much better than leather reins, and these are nice. If the snap was silver instead of gold, it would look better with a silver bit.


This is the best little riding pack I've come across. I hook it onto my saddle for the little odds and ends I want to reach easily like lip balm, camera, multi-tool. It's easy, not a big ordeal.

I love my new equipment! 🥰

herding stick

it seems to be quite fragile

Essential Starter Kit
Doreen Brabble
Shipping Issues

I am only giving a 4 star because of how long product took to get out. My barn buddies got all their stuff they ordered when they ordered in August and I ordered my stuff early June. However, product is amazing! Absolutely love it

Parelli rope's

After 25 year's I'm replacing my lead's they are the best ☺️ five stars

Repair Replacement Brass Snap
Clifford Alexander
Repair Replacement Brass Snap

Worked great. Parelli brass snaps are high quality pieces.

Love this Book!

This is a book every horse owner/rider should have & read. It's filled with valuable info. Great gift for a new owner/rider. Highly recommend.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Kathleen Van Winkle
Horse halter

Perfect. Horse likes it

Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ ways to stay safe with horses

Essential Starter Kit
Jana Ferguson
Made a Difference

I received my kit and noticed immediately how light the halter is. I started using it on my mare and she has been responding so well. Better than my old halter and lead. Thank you!

Adult Carrot Stick
Catherine Field
Carrot stick

Perfect length and well-balanced.

Light and easy to use

Love the stick because of its lightness. The only problem I have is there are no instructions on how to attach the flag. I still have not figured it out. Other than that, very happy with the quality as with all other Parelli products.

Snap-End Sport Reins
Tom Fitzsimmons

Snap-End Sport Reins

Stay Savvy Face Covering
Christine Macek
Savvy face covering

Very functional and nice color. I wear it a lot even on my motorcycle.

1/2" Leather Popper
Francis J Sweeney


Kidz Stick
Susan Engle
Love the Kidz Stick

You can do almost everything with the Kidz Stick as you do with the regular carrot stick. It’s so easy to ride with it too. My horses were trained with the carrot stick and react well to direction cues with the Kidz Stick. I use it to tap their hind end etc for movement motivation also. It serves many purposes. I got the blue one and I bet non Parelli people will be jealous. They have no idea. I blend in better in the alien non horsemanship world.

Mecate Reins
E. Wilson
Great reins

These reins are not only nice to look at, they feel wonderful in your hands. Perfect weight, comfortable feel, good for any kind of weather! So happy with them!

Good quality, good value

I haven't had much experience with the Parelli program, but I wanted a clinician stick with a rope like this to use with a young horse. I shopped around and this stick was the best price for a high quality item. So far, I'm impressed with it and would recommend.

The only down side was the extremely slow shipping. But when I emailed customer service, they responded right away with an estimated shipping date. I appreciated that.

Smart seven studded bridke

I love it. Neat..clean..blingy..made very well...I just love it..

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Ethel Ann Novkov
Parelli Halter

I ordered the Arabian size for my 3 month old Warmblood colt. Your measurement-chart is helpful, as this size fits him very well. I love Parelli halters, which I use on my other two horses. They are soft, and pliable. I can hang them by the gate for convenience, and they withstand the heat, rain and humidity in Central Florida without becoming dry and brittle. One of my boarders has FIVE rope halters for her one horse. They are various brands and they are all gosh-aweful!! They are so stiff and difficult to bend that it is difficult to even tie the knot on them. My Parelli Halters are of far superior quality and they have maintained that “ good as new” quality for many years!!

Mecate Reins
Danny Taylor

Mecate Reins