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Bola verde

La Bola Verde es una fabulosa herramienta de juego para ayudar a construir la confianza de su caballo, al tiempo que fomenta la curiosidad y el enfoque.

Con un diámetro inflado (altura) de 42-44 pulgadas, la bola le permitirá simular cosas que su caballo puede tener miedo y ayudará a construir confianza alrededor de los objetos en movimiento y movimientos repentinos. Rodarlo, rebotar, enseñar a su caballo a empujarlo - la Bola Verde Parelli es una manera divertida de jugar con su caballo mientras construye habilidades valiosas.

"Me encanta tener objetos que estimulen mi imaginación y me ayuden a ser más creativo en mi enseñanza y formación".Pat Parelli


  • Se infla a 42-44 pulgadas de diámetro.
  • Construcción de material de servicio pesado.



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 85 reviews
    Michael Cevette

    Really fun for us to play with this with our herd!

    Judith Small

    Good quality but haven’t had a chance to use yet.

    Jerald L Arlington

    Haven't used it yet. In the process of moving back to Ohio so sorta busy getting stuff sold and packed. And I am down to one horse. Least I have owned in 50+ years.

    Berkey Barbara C

    Horse loves it, using it in my ETS work

    Lisa Harmon
    Big Green Ball

    I always wanted a Big Green Ball. As soon as it arrived I blew it up, reviewed directions, and ran down to the barn. (Note: It does NOT fit through a doorway after inflation. An air compessor blows it up MUCH faster than the included foot pump). The horse I've worked with the most came right up and followed me with it while I rolled it around. My jumpy cataract horse also followed a bit but was tense & ready to run so needs more guided time following the ball. Have not tried my minis yet but I think they can if guided. Such fun!