Adult Karotten-Stick

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The Carrot Stick is a fundamental product in the Parelli Program. It acts as an extension of your arm, both in the saddle and on the ground, providing you with a longer reach for closer communication. It is not a whip. You can stroke, guide, and support your horse while teaching him the Parelli Fundamentals. It is especially valuable on your journey to bridle-less riding.
Features & Benefits
A special molded grip featuring a modern scroll design and the Parelli logo. This Golf Gripa™ handle is a Parelli custom design, and is easy to handle. 4-foot, non-flex fiberglass shaft with a solid core gives flexibility and strength. This flexibility results in a firm pressure, but will not sting when used correctly. 4 feet is the approximate length of the horses leg on the ground which a good safety measurement to stay out of the kick zone. 4 feet is also the approximate length of the horses neck, which makes it a great tool for control and safety when playing OnLine or riding FreeStyle. The extra 4 feet, also, transforms your tall body into a long body so you can effectively communicate with your horse. Savvy string is not included. Limited quantities available, while supplies last. Off-shade (light) orange color.
More Info
If you understand what Pat means by long body logic, having an extension of your arm is an important part of relating to your horse. As Pat says, some people like to get it done with just carrots, while others like to get it done with a whip to show the horse "who is boss". Neither one is right. You need to become an extreme middle of the roadist to be effective and understood. This is why Pat chose this color and called it the carrot stick! It comes carrot-colored to remind you to stay centered. You can build your horse's confidence, support your cues, and stroke your horse with it, both on the ground and while riding.
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Customer Reviews

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Jane Collier
Great Training Tool!

I started using the Parelli tools years ago and this recent order was a replacement item. It is a great way training tool along with the fantastic rope halters and lead ropes. I highly recommend.

Jo Blessing
Adult Carrot Stick

Awesome like always!!!

Carrot Stick

I love the carrot sticks. They are a great aid to use in helping communicate with your horse. I can’t imagine not having them. Understand why they are called “carrot stick”.

DANA Jones
Carrot stick and repair kits for carrot stick

The carrot stick is great. We also ordered a carrot stick repair kit for my husband. Having a video link or instructions for how to use the kit would be great! He called and was sent a video link to Fb in email. The repair went well. Stick is like new again.

Judy Wilmarth
Carrot sticks

I think they are pretty amazing . I bought those sticks for gifts for my lesson students. I am sure I will have all smiles and those sticks will be used to the utmost. 😊