Level 4

The fundamentals of Performance

On Line

On Line Level 4 is all about refinement - the point where respect, impulsion, and flexion come together.

As you progress, you will continue to test and refine your bond, to the point that your communication cues are nearly invisible. You will incorporate new tools and become very creative with your patters, setting the stage for performance in any discipline.

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In Liberty Level 4, not only will you confidently and creatively play all Seven Games at greater distances, you will learn to play them with a level of elegance and connection that is truly inspiring.

The quality of response you receive from your horse will continue to improve, and your communitaction cues will be nearly invisible to everyone but your horse.

Level 4 Liberty is a thing of beauty, so let's get started!

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Level 4 FreeStyle is where it all comes together for you and your horse. The skills and positive patterns you develop in Level 4 will prepare you for any discipline you choose to participate in, and no matter what you do, the connection between you and your horse will remain strong because of the foundation you have built together.

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Level 4 Finesse is where you take the building blocks id communication, both from Level 3 and from the other three Savvys, and truly achieve excellence.

You will learn the essential components if riding with precision, including the importance of developing "feel" while riding, while also reaching new levels id refinement, skill, and connection with your horse.

This is the culmination of the Parelli Level's Pathway.

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