Level 3

Essential skills for excellence in communication, bridleless riding, and Liberty

On Line

In On Line Level 3, you'll learn to control your energy more effectively while becoming more creative with your tools and obstacles.

Here, the 45ft line is introduced, which will not only improve your connection at greater distances, but will also prepare you for playing at liberty

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In level 3 Liberty, your prerequisites are in place and you're ready to take it to the next level!

Your phases will become clearer, your horse will respond to those phases with more precision, and your ability to confidently play the Seven Games without a halter and lead will. grow in leaps and bounds

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FreeStyle Level 3 is all about impulsion, also known as emotional collection.

The main objective of Level 3 is developing a horse that consistently has its emotions under control, while you continue to develop your own skills and knowledge.

Your repertoire of tools and patterns will expand, as will your confidence as a rider.

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Finesse Level 3 is all about preparation, and ensuring your have a good grasp in the prerequisites for the more advanced maneuvers you'll develop in Level 4.

In Level 3, you will introduce the snaffle and develop an understanding of bits, bridles, and other necessary equipment for Finesse.

Riding with precision starts here.

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