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I really do love the 22 footer, just as much as I love the smaller shorter one. I just hope I don’t formal all over the 22 feet. I’m practicing really hard not to.

Very nice course

Learned a lot, great course, good teachers and interesting content.

Horsemanship Virtual Class

Love it! Great info that really helped me moved further ahead in my relationship with my horse.

Excellent course

I really enjoyed Play Like a Horse. Julie was excellent. I loved how she explained everything and she was so knowledgeable. I got so much out of it. Thank you so much.

I never received a link to watch it. It is still available for me to watch?

Carrot Stick

Parelli’s products are superior to others. I had to buy a new stick after 15 years, it had to work very hard!

Problem Solving

Once again I have not received anything on Problem Solving.


Halter and lead rope.

A absolutely beautiful, sturdy piece of equipment. I’m sure this will last me many years to come.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the DVDs yet, but the virtual class I just took with David was wonderful, so I’m sure the DVDs will be just what I need to fill any holes and keep the information in my head.

Love these visors

These are the best visors. I have some that are close to 15 years old. Very sturdy and attractive.

Very helpful

I am an intermediate rider but still found going over the basics helpful and a good reminder of what I should be doing. I learned a new knot too which was great.

Mastery Lessons DVDs

I just received the package and started watching the DVDs! Never disappointed in the Parelli products and learning constantly!

Great quality

I love the quality and the softness of the halter and lead rope. It’s very soft in the hand and feels good. I think it’s also a very pretty combination.

Very nice halter

I love the softness of the halter and flexibility. Makes it easy to use. Good price for good quality. It is the go to halter for us.

I still have to watch the replay.

I am sure I will be giving this virtual workshop a 5 like all other virtual events that I have participated in. Thank you for the experiences! All events are superb and we sure learn alot!!

Unfavorable changes to Pat Parelli Halter

We are disappointed with our recent purchase. The cord used for the halter has changed - its shiny now and not as thick in diameter and the tie tail is too long.
Not to mention that after only a few uses the loop where the parelli training lead hooks onto is beginning to fray and it’s used on a very placid older horse which indicates it’s not going to last very long... This purchase was paid for by my 15yo daughter for her horse and cost $175 AUD so we are very disappointed

Finesse without stress

So awesome - Ryan is so knowledgeable- loved him coaching other students- I had so many takeaways. Well done Ryan. I only had a technical problem when I went back to finish viewing I couldn’t figure out how to pick up where I left off. Your Tech people sent me a link so I could do this. Thanks so much

Needed Refresher

I have not finished the course at this time due to life getting in the way of plans, but am working on it. So far, it has been a great refresher of the basics of Parelli that I needed to make some decisions about my future with horses at age 65. I have been able to determine that I have some challenges with my current horse and myself that I am willing to tackle. As to future horses, time will tell.

Essential Starter Kit

Problem Solving

Cant review as never got the link to watch sadly....

Play like a horse - no matter how old you are!

I really enjoyed Julie's course "Play like a horse", and I've tried to take as much of it on board as possible. In fact this spring morning after a good grooming session, I look my 28 year old mare in the school to play. She had a great time moving from a LBI into the LBE zone! It brought the foal out in her, high blowing and tail high. It's also made me think about Linda's video and the horsenality chart. Its's a good lecture that makes you think and join the dots with other aspects of natural horsemanship. Well done.

Finesse Without Stress

Can't Review What I don't Have

I can't give it a 1 star, nor can I give it a 5 star when I have never received the product. I have been told their are errors in the system and I will receive it soon. 2 weeks and still waiting. I will happily give another review once I actually receive it. Please don't forget about me!


The conchos are excellent but the fedex fee was unacceptable. I paid triple the cost of the conchos between taxes, duty and FEDEX. Fedex was the most. I think you should change couriers. Thank you

Good but not great

Juli did a great job but I was hoping for more than the basics of horsenality and what each needs. I’m challenged with being interesting for my mild spirit LBE and was hoping for some new ideas. We’re level 3-4 so perhaps this course was targeted to a broader audience.