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Essential Starter Kit
Rebecca Charette
Wonderful quality

It was everything I had hoped for. Thank you so very much for your wonderful service.


I attended a Parelli Clinic many years ago. The book reinforces what I learned about Natural Horsemanship at that time. It’s a must read for anyone who’s serious about achieving a close relationship with horses.
The autograph by Pat makes it special, thanks!

Orange Carrot Stick and White Savvy String

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope
Heather Opperman

Love the 12 ft training rope! Great weight and feel!


I never had a problem just calling my 2 Arabians from a 25 acre plus pasture for the past 30 years. My 2nd Arabian passed just short of his 41st birthday. After spending time mourning, I recently began working with a friend's Palomino. No way would he let me lead him in from grazing in the pasture during morning hours using his standard halter. Now that I'm using the Parelli halter and training rope, and following Parelli advice, my communication with this beautiful Palomino has improved 100%! I am typically a skeptic, but am so impressed and excited about using the Horseman's Halter and Training rope!

Natural Horsemanship Book
Dianne Burgess
A valuable source of information

Love it


I love the lead rope but the halter doesn’t seem to be fitting as well as I’d hoped. I’m using it and making it work.

Love it!!

I got the pink one and it’s fantastic!

Great tool

The horseman’s halter is a great training tool. It is effective when needed, and very light when there is no message. Great quality.

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope
Elizabeth Gulotta


Gorgeous Parelli Bridle Smart 7

I LOVE this bridle! I have been wanting it for years and missed out getting it at a clinic one year, so am excited to get it AND on SALE!! Wow! Parelli craftsmanship of their leatherwork and tools is top notch. If only I could get this bridle in black I would be complete :) Thanks for the sale $$ Happy Trails!

Green Ball
Linda Hurd
Love the ball

My horse loves the big green ball. Definitely a boredom buster!

Good, but I can't watch the DVD's on my Laptop.

They are great to watch. However I can't watch the DVD's on my laptop which would be nice. They shipped out quickly but cost $36.00 duty on top of the USD. and shipping.

Green Ball
Dale Friesen
Great Product and Quick Delivery

I just received my Parelli Green Ball. My horse loves it, she’s an old hat at playing with balls so she took it for a spin day one. The real test for me is whether it will still be in great shape 5 years from now. It’s a very expensive purchase - my last one (not Parelli product) lasted 7 years, so ask me in 5 years cause that’s all that matters when you pay so much for a product. Thank you for prompt delivery

Horsenality Report Digital

Natural Horsemanship Book
L Ruth Slipman

Excellent book and so happy to have autographed copy!

Cow Flavored Barrel Cover
Christine Tucker
Great Product - So stinking cute!!

This is just what my arena needed. It is right beside a much-traveled road and I was tired of seeing the old barrels in the arena. I painted the barrel lids white and slipped the Cow Flavored Barrel Covers over to complete the look. Very happy with this purchase. There was a small bit of fold over that I put into the barrel before placing the lid on top. I’m sure the covers will stay in place as they fit snuggly, but not tight, over the barrel. My barrels were metal 55 gallon drums. I recommend this product!

I bought the herding stick at least a year ago, the last thing I bought was a green ball and I’m very pleased with it.

Horseman Reins
Keith Hall
High quality equipment

I would appreciate a manual of how to attach the horseman reins...

Hello Keith,

We are emailing you instructions on how to attach the horseman's reins to your snaffle bridle.

A great reference!

A very clear presentation of the early stages of “at liberty” .... good introduction!

Fantastic and perfect size

Actually bought this for myself and I find having a smaller training stick easier for me to handle and give correct cues. Only place I’ve found that does a smaller lunging whip! 10/10 and will recommend to friends.

Aysha Alkooheji
Amazing products : HMS book and DVD+ halter

Started ground work with my mare with the new parelli halter, amazing results she feels very comfortable and happy. The horsemanship book and DvD gave me a good start to understand everything about horsemanship and what to do for the next step, i have joined the savvy program and glad to be a member with so much to offer to learn! Thank you

Horsenality Report Digital
Marycarol White

I didn’t order a digital horsenality report 14 days ago. Please refund my account if you charged me for one!

Essential Starter Kit
Kylie Hallmark-McLain
Love it!

My mom ordered this set and I borrowed it a couple of times and decided to get myself a set for working with horses in college!

6-foot Savvy String
Denise Barlow

Very well made tools to get you and your horse to higher levels.