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The Attitude of Gratitude

vid Pat Parelli Oct 18, 2023

The Attitude of Gratitude

By Pat Parelli

The attitude of gratitude. This is where it's at. We should all be grateful horses are in our lives. Gratification is important to every human, and many people get into horses searching for the great feeling they're going to have when this new companion animal becomes their best friend.

However, without the right attitude, knowledge, tools, techniques, time, imagination, and support, the six F’s get a hold of them: fear, frustration, feeling like a failure, lack of fun, and, therefore, lack of funds. There's no way to gratify or justify the time, money, and energy it costs to have a horse if there is fear, frustration, failure and a lack of fun.

My mission is to help simplify things for humans who love horses and help them realize that horsemanship, regardless of their goals, must be the strongest link in their chain. Some people naturally are very good riders, and others learn to ride better, but natural horsemanship is way more than riding.

If we have the attitude of gratitude, we will have the attitude that will lead us to the knowledge, tools, techniques, time, and imagination we need, and even help us find the support necessary to become the best horseman we can be. The attitude of gratitude will also be the leading factor for the great law of attraction: to attract others to us who are positive, progressive, and seeking to be natural. The attitude of gratitude will even spill over into our horses, allowing them to be grateful that we have finally become the horsemen they always needed us to be.

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