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Nice rope

This is a well made rope. I wanted the shorter rope for playing stick to me with my horses, so I don't have to coil my longer rope up so much to do it.

Round Equipment Bag
Jamie Cearley
An OCD love affair. A great aid to those chaotic folks.

My FIL always says, "If you fall out of an airplane, grab ahold of an extension cord. It is bound to get tangled on something." I feel the same about all of my Parelli ropes. Love that this bag keeps them all neat and organized.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Teresa Schwartz-Beyer
Perfect training halter!

Just what I needed!

Love it !

I love the quality , I’m surprised by the weight of it and to learn to work with :)

Snaffle Bridle
Susan D Benacquista
the Snaffle bridle I bought was perfect for my young 🐴

I love Parelli horses staff good price and quality

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Danielle F Griesemer

By and large the best halters I’ve used in my 17 years of horsemanship!

Love my 22 ft lariat! Helping in transitioning to longer lines. 👍

These are excellent snaps to use with horses

It took a while to get these from the US, and the shipping cost meant that I did not purchase quite a number of items in addition to the snaps (and I would have loved to).

I agree with the others in that the snaps are quite expensive, but in talking to others who have them, they seem to last forever (unless you get sand into the turning mechanism, which can completely freeze it and mean you can no longer take the snap off of the halter it is attached to!) We look forward to adding them to our Parelli learning with our mob of horses.

22' Ground Training Line with Popper

Horses are your partner

It was a lot of review for me, but super helpful. The explanations of why you do what you do, where you put your foot to mount and give the horse a chance to stay balanced and connected makes so much sense. Extremely well written and understandable. The explanations give you all the info you need to have a great connection with your horse. It will be another of Pats books in my go-to shelf if I run up against a problem or a great review if I have not ridden for awhile. I’m glad there was an emphasis put on how important it is for a horse to come sideways to you. That can be very useful out on the trail. My horse is my partner because of Parelli natural horsemanship.

Parelli Horse Holster


Expensive But Love Replacement Brass Snap

The replacement brass snap for my Parelli rope is perfect, even though it’s a little pricey in my opinion. I hope that it lasts a long time.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Barbara Young
Pat’s Horseman’s Halter

The Horseman’s Halter is beautiful, well made and my granddaughter can hardly wait to try it!
Unfortunately, she won’t be with us to try it until July10th!
We love all our other Parelli products!
Barbara Young

Great reminders

I’ve been a savvy club member for a long time and the book is full of reminders for me. It’s very easy to understand and knocks me out of complacency.


Are there Andy Publicity Videos abputzen how to Uwe the Hering stick

Green Ball
Tatjana Feuerer

The Ball ist very good

Horseman's Halter

It took quite a while to arrive weeks late 😔 BUT once it did I’ve been using ever since, great product sturdy and reliable🍀🥕 well worth the wait. I recommend parelli products to both of my equine partners

Excellent ptoducts

Great to use the halters and lead rope as well as the stick.

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope

Adult Carrot Stick
Dawn Basini
Terrific tools

Love the carrot stick as well as halters. So do my guys. 🐴

excellent quality bag

Lots of room for all of my Parelli equipment, easy to carry, the zippers are larger and easy to open/close. The quality is excellent!

Bareback Pad
Tom Fitzsimmons

Bareback Pad

Love the alt colors

I have had several people say what a beautiful color my new halter is

Love ❤️ it

An amazing Mother’s Day gift.

Missing parts

Full package purchased but missing parts and very difficult to get fulfillment of the remaining parts from customer service.