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Pint size yet gallon size tips

LB 🤔🧠: QC codes to scan
RB Pat's 🤠smile on the front cover
Inside is simple enough for kids to understand

Clearance Kidz Stick
Susan Greer-Day

Love it! Just the right size for me to use!. Thanks!

Kidz Stick
Youth carrot stick and string

A great quality product! And it came quickly!

This is the best by far. The format is excellent short and easy.

I have used the 12’ training rope for several years. I love how it last and doesn’t stiffen up. Well worth the price!

Pat's Horseman's Halter - Alternate Colors

Mecate Reins
Dianne Burgess
New reins

Can’t wait to use these, but might wait till he’s a little older he’s young and given any chance will chew on them.

Steven Bush
I Have not received it yet

Its hard to rview somethink I don't have

I love the popper rather than the loop handle

Exchange Halter

waiting for an exchange for a bigger size .

6-foot Savvy String
Sandy Moore
Did not get package

I know I would like the strings if I got them. I have not received them yet or the shirt that I ordered. Can you track the package? Thanks Sandy.

Parelli 12-Foot Training Rope

I haven't receiced the shirt or my strings. Can you track the package?

22' Ground Training Line with Popper

Nate Bowers Driving Bundle
Diana Robinson
driving 101

Nice sound start.
Was a little disappointed that there was no fitting the cart to the horse segment and no segment about getting in and out of the cart safely. Another 20 minutes on the last disc would have given time for that.
Also would be nice to be able to get to his website. I hoped there would be a list of harness makers there.
All in all, pretty nice way to start your driving horse.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Beige McNabb
Great quality

Love this halter! Stays clean and well made

Adult Carrot Stick
Amelia Amelia
Carrot Stick

Just as expected!

Book review

It was a great gift , really appreciated by my friend and the price was awesome as well. Loved your 24 days of Christmas

6-foot Savvy String
Kirith Borsato
Good quality but long

This seems to be a little longer and lighter then my current string and the problem that I have is that while I'm working, it knots itself. Then I have to stand there and undo knots. I'm level 1 so I'm sure it's the way I'm flinging my stick etc, but my other string does not do this. I think I will take my no name brand string and put it on my parelli brand stick which I do like much better. The stick is heavier and a little longer and has a better feel and quality. Maybe as I get better I can put the parelli string back on.

12 foot training rope/halter combo

Very impressed! Super high-quality! Nice to see quality still exists in today’s world. So many products that I got when I was younger are very cheaply made. This is not the case with Parelli products!

Mini Parelli Magic Limited Edition
Cezanne Decristoforo
Love, love, love

My nephews love their mini Magics!

Buckle-End Sport Rein
Paul hebert


I love the idea have all quipment together

I love all the parelli quipment and will keep safe in this bag, and everything will be all together and can just carry out to barn and wherever I'm working with my horse ! I wish the carrot stick was in closed on the bag!

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Briana London
Halter redux

After losing my wonderful Parelli halter of 10 years to a fire, I ordered a new one. I was disappointed to see the diameter of the rope used to construct the halter is thinner and not as strong as the previous versions.