2024 Parelli Campus Courses

Why Take a Course At a Parelli Campus?

Can you imagine having the whole day, day after day, to focus on your relationship and results with your horse?
How about being surrounded by like-minded people who are supportive, positive, and progressive rather than normal, negative, or critical of what you’re doing, because it’s different from the everyday norm? You know your horse loves and appreciates being treated this way, but it can be hard when the people around you don’t.


Both the Florida and Colorado centers offer a mental, emotional, and physical haven for horses and horse lovers.
It’s a positive environment designed to help you grow as a leader and to strengthen you as you continue to progress.
Think of each day equaling weeks, even months. That means a 10-day course, 7 hours per day is 70 hours, which equals about 30-40 sessions with your horse.
If you ride once a week, that’s 30 weeks worth – to the power of ten, because you’re not learning on your own… You’re getting expert guidance and attention from our faculty.

To find accommodation during your stay at either center, please click HERE.


What do you want to do? How far do you want to go?
We’ve helped thousands of students all over the world become better leaders, better riders, and have happier horses. We’ll take you there.
We can’t wait to see you here and help you Fast-track your journey to your dreams.

 What types of courses do you offer?
Course categories are offered as follows:

 • Mastery, Intern & Protege Programs: These courses are for Parelli Professionals with goals to accelerate their journey.

• Masterclasses: Courses with Pat Parelli

• Progressive Courses: For students who want to increase their knowledge in all 4 Parelli Levels and 4 Savvys

• Special Focus Courses: To learn a specific skill or discipline


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