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Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Jack & Doris Parelli

bij Parelli Natural Horsemanship op Mar 16, 2022

Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Jack & Doris Parelli

By Pat Parelli

“It's all my parent’s fault…”

We've all heard that phrase about a thousand times. People complain about their childhood and how they were raised. Well, I’m the opposite: I give my parents all the credit for giving me a great foundation before the specialization. They taught me to become confident, curious, responsible, and respectful. For them, I will be forever grateful.

Jack and Doris Parelli were not only great parents. They were simply all-around incredible people, too. As this week marks one year since my parent’s passed, I would like to honor them by sharing a little bit about each of them.

The Story of Jack & Doris Parelli

My dad, Jack Parelli, was a natural born salesman with a personality larger than life. He was an unforgettable character, and many students and instructors who had the opportunity to spend time with him at the barn, would say the same thing. (They all knew him as “Grandpa Jack”). Dad was a 2x Golden Gloves Boxing Champion. He won many other boxing championships, also. But more importantly, he built a successful business as a furniture sales rep. As a rep, he built relationships that lasted his lifetime. He was best known for his motto, “You call, we haul”.  He lived by that motto.

My mom, Doris Parelli, was a young bride. She was just barely 18 years old when I was born. She was loved by everyone, a leader in our church, kind—but strong, and the light of my dad’s life. She was the backend of “You call, we haul”. Mom took care of Dad’s business and all the behind-the-scenes: Scheduling, bookkeeping, filing, and more. Dad used to brag on her saying, “In forty-seven years of business, Doris never made one mistake.”

Not only did they shape who I am today, but they were also the biggest fans of Parelli Natural Horsemanship from its inception to what it has become today. This quarter’s returning issue of the Savvy Times was dedicated to them.

They were dearly loved, are greatly missed, and will forever be remembered in our hearts and minds.

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