Level 1 On Line

Essential skills for safety, confidence and fun on the ground

Getting started the right way

Learning how horses think, feel, act, and play allows you to communicate with them through a language they understand. This all happens through the revolutionary Parelli® Seven Games. In Level One, you’ll learn:

  • How to guide horses more naturally—And become their partner.
  • The Seven Games and how they can be applied in every situation with a horse—From diagnosing problems to prescribing solutions for behavioral issues as well as everyday training and exerciseneeds. 
  • How to be safe.
  • Have fun!

Level One in the Parelli Program is the doorway to your future success with horses, no matter how ambitious or humble your goals. Level One is about staying safe with your horse, and developing a language together using the Seven Games so that you and your horse may accomplish your goals.

This Level is practicing the first "Savvy" which is On Line—Meaning, it will teach you how to effectively handle horses on the ground, with the
use of a rope or line
. This is the ideal entry point into the Parelli Program, no matter your level with horses.

Level 1 On Line Essentials

Must have tools for your success in Level 1 On Line

Having the right tools to get you started is essential on your journey to success. That's why we have curated the Essential Equipment Bundle, which has everything you'll need to start learning the Seven Games and to start training your own horse, including a durable carrying bag.

If you would like a deeper dive before beginning, The Digital Horsenality® report will give you both the tools and strategies to help you identify and understand your horse's unique characteristics.

Level 1 On Line Resources

Helpful resources for Level 1 On Line

As you learn to train your own horse, the Parelli Green Ball and the Cow Flavored Barrel Covers are fun ways to simulate things your horse may normally be afraid of. This will help build confidence around objects in motion and sudden movements—Ensuring your horsemanship journey to be safe and fun. You may also enjoy Pat Parelli's newest book, Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ Ways to Stay Safe with Horses.

Level 1 On Line Support

Get the support you need as you progress through the program

Need more support at home?

Have you ever played with your horse, faced a challenge, then quickly searched for a video online to get help? Only to find that there are so many videos to sift through, all with different approaches, and no proven tactics. Designed to support the proven Parelli Levels Program, the Savvy Club was developed for you with that in mind. With over 8,000+ hours worth of content in the Vault, you can easily search for topic-specific videos, tips, articles, and so much more. Additionally, you will be able to develop relationships with like-minded horse lovers from all over the world, attend webinars, ask questions, and get answers. Browsing on your desktop, iOS, or Android devices makes learning easy—Whether at home or at the barn. 

Need additional hands-on support?

If you are a Parelli student (or interested in the Parelli Program) that is looking for someone you can trust who has deep knowledge of the Parelli Program and refined teaching skills, you are in the right place. Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is imperative to inspire confidence in you as a student and empower you to become the best horseman you can be. When you feel supported and encouraged, you feel motivated and learn best. Above all, our Instructors maintain the spirit of Parelli and are committed, as a team, to help us on our mission to make the world a better place for horses and the humans that love them.

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