Parelli Natural West Snaffle Bridle (Complete Set)

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Parelli Natural West Snaffle Bridle Set includes:

  • Parelli Snaffle Bridle Natural West
  • Snaffle Bit
  • Horseman's Reins

  • Parelli bridles and bits are designed to offer you clear communication, a reliable feel, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your horse is comfortable, safe, and totally in tune with you.

    I love the look of two-toned leather. There's something really stylish about it for me. - Pat Parelli

    Features & Benefits
    • They are easy to adjust and resistant to sweat.
    • Each Snaffle Bridle comes together with: a Headstall; Rein Leathers; Chin Strap; Snaffle Bit; Horseman's Reins
    • Made with top-quality oiled bridle leather, top-stitched.
    • Brass buckles and buds instead of screws give security and a nice quick-change feature for your bit.
    • Throatlatch should fit 4 fingers when riding or 2 fingers when driving
    • Must be used with a chin strap so the bit and bridle do not get pulled through the horse's mouth when the reins are activated.
    • 5 ¼' sweet iron bit
    • Browband style headstall with double cheek adjustments.
    • Matching rein leathers
    • Parelli logo conchos
    • This product comes completely assembled, and you have your choice of three different matching headstalls and rein leathers.
    • Also called: Snaffle Bridle; The Horseman's Bridle; Complete Snaffle Bridle; Country Bridle; Parelli Country Bridle
    More Info

    How to safely tie horse using Horseman's Reins-pdf

    How to assemble the bridle set-pdf

    Our Snaffle Bridles are a valuable tool for more sensitive and precise communication with your horse, and are designed to be easy to adjust, to provide long-lasting use, and to be comfortable for your horse.

    Pat was training and showing reining cow horses in the 70's and early 80's. He was one of the first trainers to use this style of rein in Snaffle Bit futurity competitions. At first he used horse hair, but they were expensive and delicate. Once he discovered the benefits of the yachting braid, he quickly adapted this more durable and long-lasting material in the use of his reins.

    Headstall Leather

    You might not know that Pat worked in a saddle shop as a young man and learned the differences in types of leather. This is why you usually see oil-tanned leather such as harness leather or latigo on most of his headstalls because when horses sweat, it easily rots most other kinds of leather.

    Horseman's Reins

    These reins are an adaptation by Pat Parelli of the traditional Spanish Mecate (horse-hair) reins. With an adjustable 8-9" loop rein and 12' lead line, these reins are make for an invaluable and versatile set of rope-reins that are ideal for ground prep, riding, teaching, tying and even long lining! What's really nice about these reins is the way they feel for both horse and human. Especially for use with a snaffle bit, attached by Rein Leathers that match your bridle and offer float and elasticity. Features: ½" yachting braid, 22" long, leather popper on weighted end, tassel. They can be lengthened to a 22" Line or fully extend the loop for driving reins.

    Rein Leathers

    Rein Leathers or Slobber straps are weighted, just like the Hackamore knot, to act as a hinge between the rider's hands and the horse's mouth. This allows for soft and subtle communication. They pre-signal the horse because they feel the leathers move before the bit makes contact, thus improving sensitivity, responsiveness and feel. They slow contact and speed release because of their weight. 

    Sweet Iron Snaffle

    Not too thick or too thin, the 5 1/4" sweet iron snaffle bit is at the center of this bridle, making it a versatile communication tool thanks to the design, which allows the rings to swing without pinching.

    It is a single-jointed, loose-ring snaffle designed for riding on a casual rein (FreeStyle Riding). Made from sweet iron (as opposed to stainless steel) with fine copper inlay (to encourage salivation), it offers the horse a sweet taste. The loose rings allow the horse to adjust the bit position as desired. The snaffle bit is intended for teaching, controlling, reinforcing, and refining lateral flexion and is a great tool for your Porcupine Game when riding. 

    It is to be used mainly with a sideways pull for lateral flexion. It is thin to discourage leaning, designed for control, and used with one rein at a time.

    Chin Strap

    Designed to prevent the snaffle from sliding through a horse’s mouth, should he or she resist, the chin strap is a classic western piece of equipment that you attach to the snaffle. When used with a snaffle, the chin strap is not designed to be a curb  that is tight or applies pressure. 

    Pat Parelli was raised in Northern California and worked on big ranches in Oregon, Nevada, and California. Many of the cowboys there, also known as Buckaroos, rode their young horses in a hackamore with the mecate rein, a 22-foot rope made of horse hair. Soon, a new trend was started using the mecate rein with a Snaffle Bit. The advantages were that the loop rein stayed on the horse’s neck. If you dropped it, unlike when using split reins, you always had a 12-foot lead rope on the ground fixing fences or doctoring cattle.

    Laura Hardin Parelli bridle is both beautiful and high quality - 08/26/2022 "Love this bridle and so does my horse. SO PRETTY! And great on the trail! Very pleased!"
    Dina Koucky Beautiful - 09/12/2021 "I have a smokey black quarter horse and she looks fantastic in this bridle."
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