Ring Trense Bit

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Sometimes simple things are not so simple. 

This Ring Snaffle Bit is beautifully crafted. 

It is not too thick and not too thin. It's just right.

Features & Benefits
  • Single jointed, loose ring designed for riding on a loose (or casual) rein.
  • Made from sweet iron with fine copper inlay to encourage salivation.
  • The loose ring construction allows the horse to adjust the bit position as desired.
  • Great tool to use for your Porcupine Game when riding.
  • Available in 4-inch, 4.5-inch, 5-inch (clearance), 5.25-inch, 5.5-inch (clearance), and 6-inch (clearance) sizes.
More Info

The snaffle bit is intended to be used for teaching, controlling, reinforcing, and refining lateral flexion. It is to be used mainly with a sideways pull for lateral flexion. It's thin enough to discourage leaning, and can also be used with one rein at a time. It is not the type of bit you pull on with both hands at the same time.

Horses enjoy the taste of sweet iron with copper inlay. 

Whenever you use a snaffle bit, use one active rein at a time, either directly or indirectly. Or, use two supporting reins at one time to hold a conversation with your horse about stopping or yielding back. The latter is a matter of holding the reins, not pulling on them to stop the horse.
Kelsey Chlarson Great product - 5/10/2019 "Really like this snaffle, nice quality and very glad they offer different sizes, I can never find 6in anywhere. Also love that this bit isn’t thin but isn’t thick like most snaffles just the right thickness. Highly recommend it!"
Lynee Leonard Ring Snaffle Bit - 06/26/2019 "I could not believe what a difference this bit has made...
1. No leaning of bit
2. No non acceptance of of bit.
3. No tongue going over the bit although quite loose "
Gracie Alvarado De Garcia My horses love this bit!! - 03/16/2020 "My horses were happy to take this bit and took it faster than they ever have the first time that they tried it on and were so happy wearing it. They rode very nicely in it, too, but I’ve ridden in this bit once thus far. One of my horses was trying to put this bit back on while I was cleaning it post-ride. Thank you for making this bit!!!"
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fiona Applegate
Wrong size sent

I ordered a 4.5 inch and was sent a five inch it was exspensive slow shipping for the wrong product not so impressed

Bodey Cifuentes
Smooth snaffle

Mouth piece is nice real smooth. I was hoping for a thinner it when i bought it but I do wish that the rings had some wait in em for a smoother feel.

L Ruth Slipman
Was trying to find snaffle for Haflinger

Finally a snaffle bit that fits my grade Haflinger ! Thanks so much for having this available

Rachel Bunce
Purchase review

Everything is wonderful quality. Love everything!

April Lewis
Need more sizes

I like these bits. I have two. I need 2 more smaller sizes. I bought the 4.5....I need 4" and 3". I wish you would restock and restock in the smaller sizes for ponies.