Reparatur Ersatz Messing Snap

Dieser hochwertige Messingverschluss öffnet sich an beiden Enden und eignet sich perfekt zum Reparieren oder Ersetzen defekter Druckknöpfe an älteren 12-Fuß-Führstricken oder 22-Fuß- und 45-Fuß-Leinen.


  • Wir fertigen unsere Metallklammern und Druckknöpfe aus hochwertigem Messing, aber selbst die besten können hin und wieder ins Stocken geraten. In diesem Sinne führen wir Druckknöpfe, die sowohl als Ersatz als auch einfach als Backup für alle Fälle verwendet werden können. Sie können nie zu vorbereitet sein!

    Klicken Sie hier, um zu sehen, wie Sie einen defekten Druckknopf ersetzen können.

    Bei 1200 Pfund Druck bricht unser Druckknopf. Das Bruchgewicht ist vorhanden, sodass der Druckknopf bricht, wenn sich das Pferd zurückzieht, verheddert oder beim Binden fällt, anstatt dass das Pferd schwer verletzt oder getötet wird.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Lisa M Harris
    These are excellent snaps to use with horses

    It took a while to get these from the US, and the shipping cost meant that I did not purchase quite a number of items in addition to the snaps (and I would have loved to).

    I agree with the others in that the snaps are quite expensive, but in talking to others who have them, they seem to last forever (unless you get sand into the turning mechanism, which can completely freeze it and mean you can no longer take the snap off of the halter it is attached to!) We look forward to adding them to our Parelli learning with our mob of horses.

    Katherine Smart
    Expensive But Love Replacement Brass Snap

    The replacement brass snap for my Parelli rope is perfect, even though it’s a little pricey in my opinion. I hope that it lasts a long time.

    Margaret Urfer

    Hi, thank you for promptly replacing my brass snaps. Sadly due to the current situation (COVID) delivery is proving a challenge. I’ve followed my snaps via the tracker and realised that they have seen more of the world than most people. They went via Tokyo Japan. They were last located in Brisbane Australia. Closer to home, but not even most Australians are allowed in Brisbane at the moment. These errant snaps will surely turn up to their new home soon. 😁

    Carolyn Marshall
    Relatively Easy to Replace

    Replaced one of these once before. The hardest part is pushing the snap ring thru the hole the old snap came out of. I don't have very strong wrists but with a little perseverance. I got it done. Glad I didn't have to buy a whole new 12' line.

    Margo Srich

    The young man that helped me was extremely polite and helpful. He was awesome. I don't remember his name but he was blond (& that day wearing a plaid shirt).