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Feel, Think, Act, and Play Like Horses!


The "PNH" course is our flagship course because it focuses on the core, Levels 1-4 in all Four Savvys. That's right, it doesn't matter what level you are at or your level of experience; if you want to excel in the Parelli Program, this is the course for you. The two-week course will be divided up to accommodate all levels of learners. Each group will be different, so we encourage you to consider this course, come back to the hub, and truly learn the Parelli Level's program because this is the key to a well-rounded horse life. 

In this course, you will learn how to DO the Parelli Program. You will start by building a partnership with your horse and then learn how to develop harmony in and out of the saddle. 

You will learn fundamental skills that will set you up for a lifetime of fun and safety on the trail or in the arena! FreeStyle riding will teach you how to develop an independent seat, influence your horse on loose reins, and get into harmony with his movement. Discover a whole new level of communication by learning how to read your horse’s body language, detect the slightest nuances, and gauge your horse’s ride-ability. All this will propel you to success in the saddle! This course is all about savvy, safety, confidence, harmony, and balance in and out of the saddle, and will help you solve issues with confidence, impulsion, tension, saddling and riding in groups.

The reason Parelli Students become so good with horses, and so confident, is because they learn the basis of horsemanship, which is to understand the habits and skills required to create the ultimate partnership between horse and rider.

The Parelli Program teaches FOUR ways to savvy a horse: On Line – Liberty – FreeStyle – Finesse. With two on the ground (with or without a line) and two in the saddle (with or without contact), this means you are prepared with all the right skills for any goal or situation.

Learn how On Line leads to Liberty, how the Patterns will help your horse become the perfect partner in FreeStyle, and how all of this leads to success with Finesse. You will ride out on the campus, using nature’s own perfect obstacles like creeks, ravines, and hills to develop your horse’s puzzle solving skills.

This course will teach you Pat’s special program that combines bonding, yielding, and obedience exercises, both on the ground and under saddle, to give you higher levels of communication and achieve more success with your horse.

Designed to advance you in every Savvy, THIS is the essence of the Parelli Program. If you’ve always wanted to learn how “to do” the Parelli Program this is the course for you.


Course Topics:

  • Ground Skills
  • Liberty
  • Riding (FreeStyle & Finesse)
  • Rider Position
  • Understanding the power of patterns
  • The 10 Principles, 7 Keys and the 10 Qualities of a Horse-Man put to use
  • Principles to Purpose
  • Imagineering!


Prerequisites: Any Level (official or unofficial). This course is for everyone from beginner to advanced!  General knowledge of the 7 Games and the Parelli program recommended.

Course Fees:

Regular (Non-Member) – $4,800
Member (Bronze/Silver) – $3,000
VIP (Gold Member) – $2,400


** NOTE: Membership discount pricing will be reflected in the cart **

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