Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ ways to stay safe with horses

Safety with horses comes from knowing what to do, when to do, and when to quit doing something. Pat Parelli has helped over a million horse lovers find more harmony and enjoyment in their horse life by teaching them how horses feel, think, act, and play. In this book gain over 100 tips and strategies for staying safe with horses in the barn, in the saddle, on the trail, and more!

Parelli has cultivated an acceptance of “natural horsemanship” in the horse industry by showcasing the limitless potential in horse-human relationships through communication, understanding and psychology rather than force, fear, and intimidation. Pat Parelli led the industry with his home study programs just like this one, empowering all horse owners to be involved in their horse’s development.

The concepts and techniques in this book are expanded in the Parelli Levels Pathway, a train your horse at home program. Scan the many QR codes in this book, visit or call 1-800-642-3335 to continue your journey to developing the ultimate partnership with your horse.

Customer Reviews

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Katrina Kelly

A fabulous book filled with practical gems. I am so glad I bought it

Tina Caldwell
Horse sense and stable thinking

I run a veterans horsemanship program for folks that are just learning about horses, and the PNH method. They really like this book. Only feed back is that some of the links on the papers do not work. The ones that do work are fantastic!!

Michele Overas

Horse Sense and Stable Thinking: 100+ ways to stay safe with horses

Angelia Sapp
Pint size yet gallon size tips

LB 🤔🧠: QC codes to scan
RB Pat's 🤠smile on the front cover
Inside is simple enough for kids to understand

Myrlene Frady
Book review

It was a great gift , really appreciated by my friend and the price was awesome as well. Loved your 24 days of Christmas