First Rides Instructor Module - Auditor

As Pat says, make the first ride as if he's been ridden a thousand times, and ride your horse for the thousandth time as though it was his first.

Starting horses is the foundation of horsemanship as a whole. Getting the smallest details right is critical to becoming a horseman. Taming and starting colts show you where you fall short quicker than perhaps any other stage you go through with your horse. This isn't colt-breaking. This is colt starting the Parelli way.

The Formula:

  • Accept the Human (as a friend and a leader)
  • Accept the Saddle (placement and wearing it)
  • Accept the Rider (as a passenger then guider)
  • Accept the Bit (wearing, communicating)
  • Confidence and Respect
  • When to Quit
  • Haltering
  • Yielding
  • Horsenality Bareback mounting
  • Saddling
  • Driving
  • Saddle Horses
  • Stepping On
  • Passenger Lessons First Rides
  • Handling Feet
  • Preparing for Tying
  • Guiding
  • Riding Outside
  • Gait Transitions
  • Accepting the Bit

Please Note: This is an Auditor Ticket (NOT a participant fee). 

Tuition to participate is $1,000 (room and board not included) and you must be a Licensed Parelli Professional or a current enrollee in the Externship program. 

Limited participants available, but if you meet the prequisites above, please apply here.


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-Team Parelli

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