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Pat's Horseman's Halter
Sarah Amadeo
Still haven’t received it

I’m sure we will love it if it every arrives!

Essential Starter Kit
Marie-france Voisine
I did not receive

I did not receive the package
is it possible to know what is going ?

I absolutely love it!!

Too quality lead rope. I thought the extra length would be difficult for me, but I have gotten the hang of it as I have been consistently implementing the Parelli games. The clasp is clever, practical, and easy to use once I figured it out. The material is soft, but weighty adding versatility to its function. Top notch all around!!

Pink Carrot Stick

The pink carrot stick is as good as the orange or any color for that matter. I like the parelli design because it is not as heavy as some so you can use this as an extension of your arm as quick as you could your own. The color doesn’t matter to me. I wish is would have come with a save string like it said in the ad but it didn’t and for that I'm not happy but I’ll live with it.

Pat's Horseman's Halter
roxanne williams

Everything I have purchased from you has been excellent. I have - in a pinch - purchased rope halters from our local tack shop… the knots slip, they don’t stand up to hard use, your halters, leads, and lunge lines are simply, the best. Thank you for the sustained level of quality of all your items.

fun graphic

I love the little graphic and put one on each side of my trailer!

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Blair Bedell

Pat's Horseman's Halter

Horseman Reins
Rebecca Allen
I would love to share my thoughts

I would love to share my thoughts about the product horseman reins however, I have not received them, yet! I could give you a review on customer service and shipping.

Finesse Reins
Diane Reich

Finesse Reins

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Martha Taylor

Pat's Horseman's Halter

Rein Leather
Lucie Bolduc
Cuir de rêne

Super facile à installer et très joli dissigne . Confortable pour le cheval. Merci Pat

Carrot Stick

Great price and is just what I needed. It appears to be well made and shipping time was longer than I had hoped. Great product and recommend it

Pat's Horseman's Halter
Elizabeth Davis
Rope halter

Got this halter for a groundwork clinic I am taking. It’s working great.

Adult Carrot Stick
Ricardo Comas Ramírez

The order has not arrived yet. I think he's still in NJ

It hasn’t arrived yet. Will let you know.
Thanks, Diane

6-foot Savvy String
Susan Greer-Day

The ch

THIS is the Ultimate Training Rope with Precise Heft

Awesome rope! This is the only rope I use. Ever.

Green Ball
Michael Cevette

Really fun for us to play with this with our herd!

Finesse Reins
Rebecca Jenkins
in the box’

These reigns make it so easy to hold my ha da in the box when riding! Plus I am able to maintain a constant pressure/no pressure on the bit bc they aren’t split! I love these!!!

Parelli Horse USB Drive

Very Nice. Individual who received them for Christmas was super happy.

Pint size yet gallon size tips

LB 🤔🧠: QC codes to scan
RB Pat's 🤠smile on the front cover
Inside is simple enough for kids to understand

Clearance Kidz Stick
Susan Greer-Day

Love it! Just the right size for me to use!. Thanks!

Kidz Stick
Youth carrot stick and string

A great quality product! And it came quickly!

This is the best by far. The format is excellent short and easy.

I have used the 12’ training rope for several years. I love how it last and doesn’t stiffen up. Well worth the price!