Finess Tyglar

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Features & Benefits
  • Made of the same high-quality braid as our ground skill lines and Horseman’s Reins.
  • Designed specifically for for a steadier feel.
  • Come in 9-ft., 10-ft., and 11-ft. Lengths.
  • Choose from 6 unique color patterns.
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Want to add a little finesse to your ride?

You’ll love our Snap-End Sport Reins!

James Langley Love these reins - 04/04/2021 "I am a male english rider that prefers a more substantial rein. These reins are perfect for everyday, all around use. They feel great and have enough weight to allow quick release without being too heavy. Overall a great product."
Kathryn Game changer - 05/22/2021 "I’ve bought and tried several reins, split and single. Struggling with keeping them even to smoothly being able to move with them. It seemed like it was a constant battle leaving me with paying more attention to the reins and less on my horse which isn’t good for either one. As a beginner rider it was high anxiety. Parelli Finesse Reins was a real game changer for me. The ease of movement through my hands and finally feeling a comfortable control in my communication with my horse. The quality is great and the feel is amazing. Thank you"
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