Here, at last, is Linda's exceptional work on making Finesse easier and more fun, and bridging it with the classical dressage principles of gymnastic training.

You'll love this comprehensive manual if...  

  • You don't know how to start and what to do next
  • Find technical riding too complicated, confusing, and uncomfortable
  • You want to ride well, look good, and feel good to your horse
  • You're struggling to achieve Level 4 in Finesse
  • Your horse has trouble with 'contact' (chomping, tongue issues, tension, rein lameness)
  • You are passionate about dressage and want to use more psychology

Riding with finesse and precision teaches you how to truly develop 'feel,' creating a beautiful harmony between you and your horse. Linda makes the most challenging elements feel easy and has pioneered some of the most important breakthroughs in horse-human communication through contact.

  • Learn how to go from fluidity to a fine position, and turn grace into power -  naturally - Linda makes it so simple and friendly for both horse and rider
  • Understand why finesse is important to the health of your horse
  • Learn why finesse doesn't need to be stressful for the horse
  • Recognize and solve your own problems with posture and horse behavior
  • Look at the manual any time and get something out of it - keep it on your coffee table!

180 pages bursting with information on The Secrets Of Horse Psychology, The Finesse Training Sequence, The Precision Box, Posture & Position, The Art & Psychology Of Contact â, The Bridge From Natural Horsemanship To Dressage 

  • Create a Happier Horse
  • Become a Beautiful Rider
  • Experience Finesse Without Stress!

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