Horse/Human Match Report Digital

Horse/Human Match Report Digital
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If you’ve ever wished your horse came with an owner’s manual that took his quirks and unique personality into account, then prepare to be  thrilled! For the first time in history you can generate a detailed report that reveals your horse’s innate Horsenality™ and gives you specific recommendations for success! This 40+ page personalized report is totally focused on your horse and will detail clear and concise training strategies based on his unique Horsenality™.

Humanality™  is the sum of your human experience compiled in a custom personality report which gives you action strategies that help you be the “best me  that I can be”. By better understanding your Humanality™ around people from the perspective of a psychologist you’ll learn how they reveal your  strengths, core motivations, and reactions to stress.

Developed personally by Linda Parelli, the Match Report will teach you how to flex your natural  tendencies to become the leader your horse needs you to be!

Linda Parelli Explains Horsenality, Humanality & Match Reports: