Black Country Bridle Complete

Black Country Bridle Complete

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Pat Parelli was raised in Northern California and worked on big ranches in Oregon, Nevada and California. Many of the cowboys there, also known as Buckaroos, rode their young horses in a hackamore with the mecate rein, which is a 22-foot rope made of horse hair. Soon, a new trend was started using the mecate rein with a Snaffle Bit. The advantages were that the loop rein stayed on the horse’s neck if you dropped it, unlike when using split reins, and you always had a 22-foot lead rope when you are on the ground fixing fences or doctoring cattle.

Pat was training and showing reining cow horses in the 70’s and early ‘80s. He was one of the first trainers to use this style of rein in Snaffle Bit futurity competitions. At first he used horse hair, but they were expensive and delicate. Once he discovered the benefits of the yachting braid, he quickly adapted this more durable and long-lasting material in the use of his reins.

Something you might not know is that Pat worked in a saddle shop as a young man, and learned the differences in types of leather. This is why you usually see oil-tanned leather such as harness leather or latigo on most of his headstalls because when horses sweat, it easily rots most other kinds of leather.

The reins being 22 feet long, and the fact that the bridle has rein leathers, enables you to use it as a 22-foot ground-training line, or, run them completely out the other way and have a set of ground-training lines. The rein leathers serve as a fulcrum and a counter- weight which slows your hands down but at the same time speeds up the release to the horse which is why horses respond so well to this piece of equipment.

This product comes completely assembled, and you have your choice of three different matching headstalls and rein leathers.


  • Top quality oiled bridle leather
  • 5 1⁄4 sweet iron bit
  • Browband style headstall with double cheek adjustments
  • Brass fittings
  • Matching rein leathers
  • 22-foot horseman’s reins made from yachting braid Parelli logo conchos