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To help you take the next steps in refining your riding, we've combined 3 of our best Precision Products:

The Finesse Savvy Pack, The Finesse Patterns, and Pat Parelli's Precision Pen Product.

1. The Finesse Savvy Pack teaches you the art of refined riding through demonstrations by Pat Parelli, student lessons with Pat coaching, and pocket guides to take you step-by-step through the task and techniques that will lay a strong foundation for your precision riding.

2. The Finesse Patterns contain both video content of the revolutionary Parelli Patterns applied to Finesse riding and a Finesse Pattern Map to track your progress through the Patterns.

3. Pat Parelli’s Precision Pen teaches everyday riders to decode the complex concept of precision riding into simple, fundamental exercises that every horse and rider, of any age or disciple can learn. You will learn the dimensions and landing points for riding perfect circles and straight lines which then naturally build in complexity and degree of difficulty while remaining enjoyable and rewarding for both horse and rider.

  • 5+ hours of video coaching with Pat Parelli
  • Laminated Cardstock Arena Pocket Diagram in a Leather Covered "wallet-style" case
  • 50-page blank arena diagram pages to take notes and document your patterns and progress plus a signature "Precision Pen" Writing Pen
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Have you ever wanted to be such a good rider that even your horse thought you were excellent? One of the secrets to great riding is first learning how to ride safely and effectively on a loose, casual rein and then progressing into more refined riding with connection, what we like to call Precision Riding. Precision Riding increases the quality of communication between you and your horse by teaching you improved focus, feel, timing and balance.

-The Precision Riding Bundle is perfect for students studying Levels 3 & 4 of the Parelli Levels Program.
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Customer Reviews

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Pat Parelli's Precision Pen

Packed with excellent and comprehensive information. I'm well satisfied with this Parelli product.

Judy Steeve

Haven't gone through it yet. In my Parelli DVD's this was one I didn't have.

Linda Carson
Savvy-Finesse CD's

Love the information I'm learning from the Parelli program!!!!

Amy Tillinger

Have not used it yet . So I have no opinion .

Jamie Hannah

Wish you would do this sale with the other savvy sets