Level 4 Finesse

Performance Fundamentals

Performance Fundamentals

Level 4 Finesse is where you take the building blocks id communication, both from Level 3 and from the other three Savvys, and truly achieve excellence.

You will learn the essential components if riding with precision, including the importance of developing "feel" while riding, while also reaching new levels id refinement, skill, and connection with your horse.

This is the culmination of the Parelli Level's Pathway.


Must have tools for your success in Level 4 Finesse

Having the right tools to get you started is essential to your journey. That's why we have curated the 5 Piece Essential Equipment Kit, which includes everything you'll need to start learning the 7 Games and to start training your own horse. In addition, the Horsemanship Book and DVD provides in-depth explanations of horse behavior and psychology. The Digital Horsenality report will give you the tools and strategies to help you identify and understand your horse's unique characteristics.


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Helpful resources for Level 4 Finesse

The Finesse Manual - Linda's exceptional work on making Finesse easier and more fun, and bridging it with the classical dressage principles of gymnastic training.

The Game of Contact addresses several riding issues in a natural way. If your horse has inactive hind legs, tongue displacement, choppy stride, or any number of other issues related to contact, this DVD is an essential addition to your library.

The Precision Box - how to apply psychology and the principles of a true partnership to riding with finesse, contact, and precision, from basic to the most advanced levels.

Finesse Training Sequence - If you've ever found yourself unsure about your progress as you play in Finesse or you're simply interested in learning what Finesse is all about, this 10-part training sequence is the perfect road map for you and your horse.


Get the support you need as you progress through the program



Parelli students look for Parelli Instructors they can trust, who they know are close to Pat and Linda, and are passing on the purest information from the Parelli Program. Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is really important to inspire confidence in the student. When you feel supported and encouraged, you learn more easily and stay motivated.

Most students take lessons, workshops, and clinics to support and accelerate what they learn in the Parelli Levels Program curriculum as a member of the Savvy Club.




Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem you’re experiencing, or you need inspiration, or you simply want to do some extra research, you’ll find thousands of videos and articles right here that include over 35 years of teaching from Pat and Linda, plus new content added weekly to help keep you up-to-date and inspired.

You'll also connect with a community of like-minded horsemen and build friendships with members who share a passion for never-ending self-improvement, to stay inspired and motivated while learning the program.