Level 2 On Line

Essential skills for safety, confidence and fun on the ground & in the saddle

Winning the Seven Games

The objective of Level 2 On Line is staying progressive and winning the Seven Games. You'll introduce the 11-ft Line, which improves your connection to your horse at greater distances. You will also incorporate more obstacles and tools, and aim to het better responses while using lighter phases.

Includes 2 DVD's with Level-by-Level lessons from Pat Parelli, plus student lessons, troubleshooting with Linda, Savvy Manual, Student Booklet, Pattern maps, and pocket guides.


Must have tools for your success in Level 2 On Line

22ft Ground Training Line - When it's time to expand your horse's confidence and step up the challenge, you'll need a 22-foot line. The extra length enables more sensitive or scared horses to drift, and allows you to gain respect from greater distances in advanced ground skills. Our 22' Ground Training Line has the same snap featured on our 12' Line and is the perfect tool for On Line Level 2 skills and Get Ready for Liberty from the Savvy Series.

22ft Lariat - As you progress, and toward the end of your Level 2 On Line journey, the 22ft Lariat is a good tool to use when you are refining your communication and would like a lighter rope. We don't recommend using this line until you feel confident that you and your horse both have built the communication and have a strong language the the heavier ground training line.

Match Report - The Match report is both profoundly revealing and practically helpful and matches you and your horse based on your unique traits. Because your behavior can bring out different aspects of your horse's behavior, the Match Report will teach you how to flex your natural tendencies to become the leader your horse needs you to be.

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Helpful resources for Level 2 On Line

In this DVD set on the revolutionary concept of Horsenality, Linda Parelli takes you on a fantastic horsemanship journey, showing you how to read horses and discover the keys to bringing out the best in them. There are four main Horsenality types to learn about; from there, you'll determine 'cusps' and 'spirit level,' in order to get a complete picture.

Linda shows you each Horsenality at Liberty in the round corral, pointing out the key characteristics and demonstrating how to use the right energy and strategies, according to the unique horse's needs. Finally, you'll see students with each Horsenality being coached by Linda, both on the ground and in the saddle. Never have a bad horse day again!



Get the support you need as you progress through the program



Parelli students look for Parelli Instructors they can trust, who they know are close to Pat and Linda, and are passing on the purest information from the Parelli Program. Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is really important to inspire confidence in the student. When you feel supported and encouraged, you learn more easily and stay motivated.

Most students take lessons, workshops, and clinics to support and accelerate what they learn in the Parelli Levels Program curriculum as a member of the Savvy Club.




Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem you’re experiencing, or you need inspiration, or you simply want to do some extra research, you’ll find thousands of videos and articles right here that include over 35 years of teaching from Pat and Linda, plus new content added weekly to help keep you up-to-date and inspired.

You'll also connect with a community of like-minded horsemen and build friendships with members who share a passion for never-ending self-improvement, to stay inspired and motivated while learning the program.