Level 2 FreeStyle

Confidence in the saddle

Confidence in the Saddle

FreeStyle riding is an essential component of any well-rounded horsemanship education. It begins here in Level 2, where you introduce your horse to the Seven Games under saddle.

Here you will learn fundamental techniques that will ensure that your horse is confident and responsive under saddle.


Must have tools for your success in Level 2 FreeStyle

The Parelli Natural Hackamore is widely used for young horses and relaxed riding (Freestyle or on the trail). Made form the same, lovely subtle line as our halters, it's perfect for teaching horses to be soft and confident when riding, starting or re-starting horses that are afraid of the rider's hand or bit.

The Bareback pad will make you feel like you are glued to your horse, yet are thin enough to offer the feel of bareback riding. The pad cinches up as snugly as a saddle and is designed with no stirrups to promote balance and confidence in your riding skills. This Pad will prove invaluable to you as you develop an independent seat.

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Helpful resources for Level 2 FreeStyle

Hit The Trail

Join Pat and Linda as they take you on a trail ride through the stunning Colorado wilderness. You'll learn directly from Pat and Linda all that you need to know before you set out on the trail, then how to put your newfound skills to use on the spot when you need them most. Covers trailering, trail etiquette, natural obstacles, essential groundwork, in saddle preparation, water crossings, jigging, spooky situations, gear selection, and more.


Get the support you need as you progress through the program



Parelli students look for Parelli Instructors they can trust, who they know are close to Pat and Linda, and are passing on the purest information from the Parelli Program. Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is really important to inspire confidence in the student. When you feel supported and encouraged, you learn more easily and stay motivated.

Most students take lessons, workshops, and clinics to support and accelerate what they learn in the Parelli Levels Program curriculum as a member of the Savvy Club.




Whether you are looking for a solution to a problem you’re experiencing, or you need inspiration, or you simply want to do some extra research, you’ll find thousands of videos and articles right here that include over 35 years of teaching from Pat and Linda, plus new content added weekly to help keep you up-to-date and inspired.

You'll also connect with a community of like-minded horsemen and build friendships with members who share a passion for never-ending self-improvement, to stay inspired and motivated while learning the program.